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  1. Sounds like millennium is the way to go then. I have a feeling this is going to be a week of eating. We're in the same town, nearly, by the way. I'm at rutgers in new brunswick. thanks for the help.
  2. I'm going to San Francisco mid-March, besides the main attractions (golden gate, etc) what shouldn't be missed? Looking for the best vegan restaurants, good hiking/outdoors, great photos, etc. I'll be using public transportation, but am happy to travel an hour on the rail to get to a great spot. Thanks.
  3. i agree, kind of. a little too narrow, but since there are still a bunch of people on 1024/768, i'd go with 900, or so. i dont intend to be a nay-sayer -- the new site is nice -- but if easy updating and a modern look is the goal, i really would have gone the wordpress direction.
  4. well im at least as tan, but her chest is probably still larger.
  5. p.s., ed, you're the only one i'll save if drowning, now.
  6. thanks, ed. i always knew you were the only one who cared about me. why mom, why did you always neglect me????
  7. eh dear fellow forum users, although many of you probably assumed i fell off a cliff and died on impact, i'm actually alive. sort of. i'm on the mufuckin' beach patrol so i never go on the internets or to the gym cause i don't have time, and i work out in the morning. i'm kind of sad i havent touched a weight in a month, but at least i work out 5 days a week on the beach. i've probably lost a couple pounds, which sucks too, cause i want that shit back. anyway, i might be around once a week or so. probably not. otherwise, hang in there, i know my existence is an integral part to a functioning world, but it'll be ok in the end. your pal, pharmakon
  8. what section of the store did you find those in? all of the bars are located together near the pharmacy section, weight loss, etc. you won't find them with the food stuff. i've run into one or two targets that dont stock them, if the first doesnt have them im sure the next will.
  9. it's obvious they make miniature condoms and force rabbits to have sex. i've never actually heard of this, but i'm sure you're right, there's never any shortage of tests they will inflict in the name of "science." all i know is that most condoms are not vegan cause they have milk derivatives in them to make them stretchy. dependence on animals is so central to our lifestyles it's hard to get away from this shit, sadly.
  10. because if you drink seawater, jellyfish might grow inside of you, and then sting your intestinal tract.
  11. i just started buying it. it's pretty good, i eat it with peanut sauce. amaranth too.
  12. shitty chinese restaurants are awful with that. that's happened a bunch of times. my girlfriend has a worse problem, though. we'll order some kind of vegan crap and it'll end up tasting like meat so she'll get worried it's real (even though it's almost definitely not).
  13. i think you would need to pose, not sleep. you'll need to take some decent before and after photos, and then try to get some feedback. regardless, i wouldnt expect any great results in less than a few months.
  14. wannalift -- what is the ideal amount of protein per meal? i often eat much more per meal than i can digest, i think.
  15. I'll second wrestling. I've both wrestled and swam in the past, each are great workouts. Swimming promotes general fitness, wrestling is more intense. Leaving swim practice, you'll feel exhausted -- sore triceps, lats, shoulders, abs, legs. Leaving wrestling you'll feel like you just got your ass kicked. because you probably did. live wrestling will target more neglected muscles like your neck, forearms and grip, back, etc. I might start club wrestling again next year because it's such a great workout, but you should just ask yourself exactly what you're looking to gain and achieve.
  16. Blankets? Maybe jakes story is not so much made up. No, maybe some of us can't make it across 3 states after already being up for 17 hours and need to sleep. Ed, why are you so hesitant to reveal our relationship to our fellow forum members? You promised we'd be together forever when you gave me the other have of the friendship ring.
  17. fuck, i have bad circulation, too! it's a pandemic!
  18. Thanks, i appreciate it. I'll still be trying to gain weight for a while. I wish it were a mac book pro, it's actually an ibook g4 in need of an update. I'm gonna get a 20" imac when the next model comes out, unless steve jobs publicly declares his alignment with the devil, which would not shock me. yeah, we had a good time, he was scared to let the world know we made out. Potter, we were actually going to ride tandem on the razor scooter, but ed broke the back wheel off it, so we had to take the taurus.
  19. yes, i will be moving out tomorrow. thank you jebus. regarding my blog: Attention Publishers! Act Now! Enter a 5-year contact with Jake and get a 6th year at 1/2 price! No offers under $100k/year will be considered. Large quantities of vegan beef jerky may substitute for cash.
  20. oh yeah. sorry, i confused parts of tonight with parts of gone with the wind, i think.
  21. Correct! Ed and I decided part two, particularly the ritualistic slaughtering of goats, was too graphic for the general public. oh, plus the wild orgies, those too.
  22. Me and ed got together today. We made out a little, explored some really shitty town, and then he took me to the arcade to show me his dance dance revolution skills. I'll let Ed fill you in on this. Ed ate some tofu. I tasted it, it was ok. Anyway, we went back to the shittiest college campus ever erected, snapped some photos, and then Ed rode a horse off into the sunset. These photos suck a little, that's cause Ed's camera sucks a little, too. Anyway, here they are. == == == Awesome, eh? Did you know I just ordered a pizza? I did it because I'm hungry. There's spinach on that shit, yo. I hope it arrives before 2am.
  23. i now know why those marshmallows tasted so good! damn it. the best part is probably that on the ingredients list, if i recall correctly, it said "vegan gelatin" and i said to myself "shouldn't they produce a more detailed list?" that was about 2-3 years ago.
  24. I agree. I'm not an expert on ancient greek culture, but I did some research last year while writing on pedophilia and androphilia and found nothing to suggest pederasty was limited to any city-state. In fact, it's even possible it started in Sparta. You're right, a single movie won't change the world. Yet, a single person being vegan doesn't change the world either. I like to think, however, individual acts either reinforce a culture, or challenge it. And the more prevalent a certain ideological undertone is, the greater political and cultural force it has.
  25. good job. looks like good muscle development. what was your weight at contest time?
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