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  1. Hi Dan, Thanks Was on the south coast, but moved near to Reading late last year... loving the countryside! Lisa
  2. anyone know vegan activist and nutritionist James Gorman (Mr James) from the UK? he was a friend of mine and I have lost contact since moving. if anyone knows his Profile or email address, please reply or pass on my details to him in health, Lisa
  3. thanks guys for a warm welcome and thanks for the links to Profiles of Wholefood Vegans... very interesting reading from what I've had time to go through so far. am at the end of an exam paper this week, but will take a thorough look in the weeks and months to come. cheers from the UK, Lisa
  4. thanks Robert, that's my business name. this forum and the website looks like it's got lots of information! i'm mainly interested in vegans who live a 'wholefood/natural' diet, without protein powders/shakes/soya supplements etc. if anyone can point me in that direction i'd love to read more profiles and case histories. ciao for now, Lisa
  5. am excited to be on here and learn more about how people build their bodies on a vegan diet. look forward to getting to know people. in health and happiness, Lisa
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