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    I have... and it's not nearly as difficult as it sounds. I've tried several recipes, some have come out better than others, but none have come out poorly thus far. If I remember which ones I used, I'll post them.
  2. I second the kale wrapped around a banana thing. Sounds weird, but it's delicious. I like steamed kale... topped with some olive oil and garlic... or a bit of marinara sauce.
  3. Oh man, I suck so bad at pool, I even miss the cue ball. You could probably sleep through me playing... it'd be OK.
  4. Foosball?!?!?? How did I miss that??
  5. Great link! The recipes and photos on that site look delicious. The Shiny Happy Hummus on that blog is going directly to my list of yummy things to try.
  6. I can touch mine. Yay! I've noticed that cyclists and drummers have the same flexibility issues. I had wondered why... How'd you get past the floor?
  7. Woohoo!!! Hottub... errrrr... Oregon Coast here we come!! Four or five days sounds good to me. Of course, my vote goes to five, but I'm happy either way. Anyone who is thinking of coming, head over to this thread right now and leave a deposit via paypal, so Robert can reserve the place! I sent mine like a week ago.
  8. I don't think it's too late to join. If it makes you feel any better, I mostly sat on my ass until today... so we'll really be starting at the same time.
  9. Oh my... those are some sexy cupcakes.
  10. That sounds like a vote in favor, to me.
  11. I've done the Master Cleanser several times and I believe that the longest was fourteen days. That's great that you're doing the fast with your friend. I had the most success doing it with someone else, it's really hard without that support. Fasting didn't restrict my activities at all, in fact I found I had more energy and stamina than I'd had in a long time. Aside from a couple of days when I was really cleansing a lot, I never felt weak at all. If you find that you need more calories than the juice provides, you can add more maple syrup to it or have more servings per day. Personally, I had enough stored fat to get me through a couple weeks of fasting just fine.
  12. Berry flavor is my favorite. I don't think it's particularly tasty mixed with just water like the directions on the package say to do, though. Maybe after you get used to the taste, but not as an introduction. I put mine in the blender with a banana, a few strawberries, crushed ice, and some rice milk or water. My daughter puts agave nectar in hers and says it's really good, but I don't like it that sweet. Chocolate flavor is good with bananas (especially frozen banana!) and some almond milk.
  13. I agree with this, mostly. I ask some questions, but I like to ask just a couple questions..... not so many questions that they start thinking vegans are just a pain in the butt and close their mind to the whole thing.
  14. Since the announcement has been made, I'll go ahead and lock this discussion/poll.
  15. I think you would've won! (you do look much better than Borat, though)
  16. Don't do this immediately after waxing or it'll just irritate, but the following day (or the day after that, if you're tender) start scrubbing with a loofah or hemp washcloth daily. It's helpful if you are prone to ingrowns after shaving, as well.
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