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  1. Thanks for the replies. I rememered the all-day buffet with all of the fruits, and expected to be visiting it several times a day. I love fruit, especially when i don't have to chop it up myself. I had forgotten all about the all-day pizza, though... it's vegan? Pizza may be either helpful or dangerous, depending on how you look at it. I can put away a whole lot of pizza.. especially with a neverending supply. Any tips for the dining room? I'll be calling the cruise line beforehand as suggested and will introduce myself in the dining room before the first dinner time rolls around, so it won't be a big surprise for the waiter. From what I've seen, they have plenty of vegetarian options but not too many vegan ones. Do they ever put something together that's not listed on the menu? Should I show up armed with recipes (and extra tips) or just assume I'll be hitting the all-day buffet and pizza a lot? I was not veg. on my previous cruises, so I didn't pay attention to such things. Divadolce, that would be a fun coincidence if you end up singing on my cruise! I really hope you do.
  2. Oh, I'm familiar with the feeling! A few years ago, I left a successful (at least, I think it was) career in computers/networking/etc, to pursue a much less lucrative one in the healing arts.. massage therapy. I'd like to think I've been successful at my current career, even if I'm not anywhere near rich. I'm a total geek, so I did enjoy the techie world a lot, but I didn't go home from that job feeling nearly as good about my day as I do now. I really enjoy not being stuck in the whole 9-5 corporate routine. Until a few months ago, I was completely self-employed; it had been six years since I'd had a boss.... and since I'm an independent contractor, I still technically don't have one. They say that most people today end up with three or more careers in their lifetime, so you're definitely not stuck with the first thing you try. Sometimes I think the best strategy is to get into an extremely well-paying career when you're young, save and invest all of your money, then be semi-retired early and do whatever the heck you want to after that... without worrying about survival.
  3. When I'm feeling down, I like to listen to some Rob Zombie or something similar... or else some happy disco music, depending on my mood. Too much Boys II Men would probably make me homicidal.
  4. I quit watching TV in about 1993, because I got tired of looking at all the ads. We don't have cable, nor do we have an antenna hooked up for local stations. We still have a TV, but all it gets used for is DVD's.
  5. I've lost about 20 lbs over the past year, and still losing. My bodyfat has also gone down.
  6. Straight from the package, mixed with peanut butter, in a peanut butter sandwich... or even better, in a peanut butter and banana sandwich. YUM! I've been eating rolled oats like that since I was a kid.
  7. Congratulations Robert! You look really happy! I'm expecting to have nightmares over that bouquet, though. Holycrap!
  8. That I'm a pathetic nerd? Yeah, I'm quite aware...
  9. It started as something to rant about with whatever was going on with your day, but ended up becomming an off topic conversation somehow, I don't want to read it again, to be honest. I'll wait until Cliff's Notes comes out with the summary. Shall I build a chat room for you?
  10. What the heck is this thread about?
  11. Strongman contests are about the only sport I'd consider watching. They make me want to go push cars around or something.
  12. Was the chef annoyed, or interested? Very interested. He gave me a business card (I didn't know chefs had those?) and told me to let him know what sort of things to make, and he'd make something not on the menu for me the next time. That was one awesome chef.
  13. I don't really like asking the waiter a million questions before ordering, especially if the restaurant is really busy. If it's something that they make in their kitchen, like the sauce in a tofu dish, or bread if they bake it themselves, then I will ask what's in it and verify that there are no eggs/milk/chicken stock/whatever in it. If it's something that they don't prepare on premises but that I'm 98% sure is vegan (like a burger bun) I don't send the waiter off to do research... I just don't worry about it. Sometimes when I ask questions in a restaurant, they are obviously annoyed and would rather I go find myself somewhere else to eat. Other times, I've had the chef come out to my table with a printed list of ingredients in his hand, asking a bunch of questions about veganism.
  14. I've noticed though that since becomming a moderator you've been a lot more active on here. Which coincidentally happened about the time I became officially single...
  15. I'm not in any rush. So, michaelhobson, when are you guys gonna deliver the 500 cupcakes?!? I'm a hungry nerd.
  16. Well, I'm up for pinball, Tekken, or archaic text-based adventure games and I somehow doubt anyone else is.
  17. Do you instant message and email one another, when you're in the same room?
  18. Congrats on your de-lurk-ification. Oh, welcome, too.
  19. That's insane. I'll watch.. and maybe hold a camera while the rest of you partake, but will refrain from personally jumping from one rooftop to the next. _________________ My censored list: Shop at Food Fight! Visit Pirate's Tavern Visit the coast Go out dancing Visit Blossoming Lotus Finally meet a bunch of you Most important thing, of course, is that last item.
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