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  1. I wouldn't even go to a superbowl party if there was mean tofu.
  2. English. In high school, I studied Spanish for 4 years and French for 2 years, but can't speak either. I can understand quite a bit of spoken spanish as long as it's not Tex-Mex (oddly, I can understand someone from say Spain or Columbia, but I can't understand my next-door neighbors) and a tiny bit of French. My comprehension is better with reading, sometimes I can actually read enough to understand yahoo news articles in other languages. Someday, I really want to go spend a couple months in a foreign country so I can become proficient in another language. Actually, I'd like to do that about three or four times.
  3. It's a little bit of a hike from Englewood, but check out V.G. Burgers. Fast food, 100% vegan, and mostly organic. It's at the top of my list of places to check out, if I ever make it to Denver.
  4. Ok, false alarm, no Austin for me today. Looks like I'm stuck at home for the weekend, attending a class and getting ready for a houseguest next week. I'll try again in a few weeks, and hopefully we can put a small meetup together.
  5. I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but http://www.pandora.com is awesome. Nightwish - Planet Hell
  6. I eat slow. Can I make a four-hour movie and then speed it up?
  7. Dude, you have to be there! 100%!! You're on my kitchen team, remember?
  8. I'm cool with sharing rooms and/or beds. If we run out of space and someone doesn't mind a firm, narrow sleeping space... I will have my massage table with me. Disclaimer: I tend to snore loudly, and sometimes I drool. You've been warned!
  9. All the more motivation for me to get in swimsuit shape by summer, I suppose.
  10. Me too, and let me show you why: http://www.seahavenrentals.com/puffins_26.jpg That's a really nice privacy fence around that hot tub.
  11. Hey, that's a solution! Offer everyone a complimentary double-dose of aromatherapy, and turn up the nature sounds CD.
  12. You don't need Whole Foods! If you can get dates and coconut, you can make them yourself. I just made some, because Whole Foods Market is closed for the night and I've been drooling over the pics in this thread for hours now. I grabbed a small handful of dates, smashed them in my hands for a few minutes like a stress ball, then shaped and rolled in coconut. I also found a slightly more high-tech set of instructions here. I would've posted a photo but quite honestly, mine ended up looking like a turd rolled in coconut. A very tasty one, though.
  13. If I wasn't already roadtripping and didn't live so far from the rest of you, I'd be all for the train idea. I've always wanted to ride in one.
  14. For me, gas is an occupational hazard. Try holding back gas while performing an hour-long deep tissue massage. Yikes!
  15. I booked it! We'll be sailing to Jamaica, Grand Cayman Island, and Cozumel on Royal Caribbean's Rhapsody of the Seas. I can't wait!!
  16. mono meals Also check out the fart thread
  17. I love those!!! I like dates, but I find I'm quite satisfied after eating only a handful of them and don't enjoy any more after that. Probably a good thing, as I don't exactly need to gain any weight right now.
  18. If you're thinking of coming to VV07, now is the time to start looking for flights. The airlines have frequent price wars, so if you watch for them there are often exceptional deals to be had. Here are a few links for cheap airfare: http://www.travelocity.com This is my personal favorite. Register on this site, add Portland to your fare watcher alerts, and travelocity will email you when the fare goes down. If your travel dates are flexible, you can save a bunch of cash. (Last year I flew round-trip to Connecticut from Houston for $115/person, as an example.) http://www.expedia.com Another site, which is very similar. I usually don't find anything that's a huge savings from travelocity, but it's worth looking at. http://www.orbitz.com Orbitz has a really cool search feature, and I haven't used it in a while but I believe you can set it up to notify you by email when the fare changes. http://www.studentuniverse.com/ Cheap tickets for college students and faculty. That's at least one-fourth of us, it seems. http://www.cheaptickets.com/ I haven't used this site, but it also appears to have a "price alerts" feature. **note** For any of the above sites, after you've found a fare you like, be sure to check the same itinerary on that particular airline's website. It's often a few dollars cheaper, and most airlines offer bonus frequent flier miles for booking online. http://www.hotwire.com http://www.priceline.com If you're OK with choosing your travel dates but not your flight times, hotwire and priceline can save some $$. http://www.southwest.com Travelocity, expedia, and most of the others don't search Southwest's database, as far as I can tell, so be sure to search here too. Other modes of travel: http://www.amtrak.com Amtrak has a station in Portland. http://www.greyhound.com If you have a bit of free time, a bus can be a lot cheaper than flying and allow more nap time than driving. If anyone has any personal favorites travel sites that I didn't mention... let me know and I'll add them to the list.
  19. Some days, I'd really like to move my map dot.
  20. random birthdate-related trivia: I'm 3 hours and 23 minutes older than David Wolfe.
  21. When I finally cut out cheese, I got rid of a mild sinus problem that I didn't really realize I had, so I concur with the previous posters who said dairy. The fact that you mention the overuse of antibiotics also makes me think she may be having issues with candida, which can create a lot of congestion and other issues too. I found a checklist here that she might want to take a look at. Supplementing with acidophilus and eliminating refined carbs like bread/pasta/rice/cake/cookies/crackers/etc could help with that. Doesn't like vegetables? Seems like a lot of the people who claim not to like vegetables just haven't had them prepared well.
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