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  1. metal-85% mainstream rock-65% classic rock-60% Indie-55% ska-50% Punk-50% grunge-45% Pop Punk-35% Emo-30% reggae-25% industrial-20% rap-20% Pop-15% country-15% If this quiz is so scientific, I wonder how "mainstream" scored so high and "industrial" so low?
  2. I hope he joins the forum so he can tell us all about stair training. That sounds like fun.
  3. Welcome, badinia! I intend to steal your cookies when I come to Portland, in order to be supportive of your fitness goals.
  4. I hadn't forgotten you at all Welcome back!
  5. Well, Robert.. good news is, with all this research you've done, next years' will be much easier to plan.
  6. Yeah! The Whole Watermelon Eater's club. I joined it last night! At least, that's how I kicked off the evening feast... there were a few bananas and huge handful of chocolate covered almonds after that. (It was an insanely strenuous night at work and I'd come home ravenous.) Robert, I like the idea of more contests... they're fun!
  7. I haven't voted yet. I'm having a REALLY hard time choosing.
  8. Seriously, when Tiffany cooks, screw raw foodism. I'm not completely raw anymore anyways, doesn't work for me. I am now just on cooked legumes, and the rest raw. about 80-90% raw with some cooked legumes. Do cupcakes count as legumes? Just wondering... Like everyone else, I'm very much looking forward to having Tiffaney in the VV07 kitchen.
  9. I'd just like to point out that August 6th is my birthday.
  10. I'm sorry, but if you do that I'll puke. I just laughed so hard, I almost wet my pants.
  11. Robert, I could totally see you wearing these shorts with your "lick me, i'm vegan" tshirt: http://www.banyanfoods.com/images/wear_tagline1.gif Before you get too excited, that is the back view of the shorts. Sold by this company here in Houston: Banyan Foods who, incidentally, make fantastic tofu and vegan eggrolls.
  12. This is probably not good advice... but I like to have a huge bean burrito and a beer after a workout.
  13. Massage is great for getting the lactic acid out of your muscles and speeding recovery time.
  14. Depending on how my road trip works out, I may attend this event.
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