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  1. I like these... they would actually make people think for a minute.
  2. Unix eh? I ran multiple flavors of linux for years. I just switched back to windblows for gaming purposes. Solaris, FreeBSD, and almost a dozen different GNU/Linux distros, at various times over the past 10 years. I'm such a geek.
  3. Here's the previous thread: http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=8721
  4. I saw that one too, but the snow scared me.
  5. But, if we're all there... who is going to be online to read our posts?
  6. I've taken a few online classes, with mixed experience. Some of the classes were great... mostly self-paced with quizzes taken from home, a reasonable amount of assignments and proctored (or not) exams, and instructors who really knew how to work online classes. Others have been a nightmare... with instructors who wait until after the course starts to let me know there's a mandatory weekly chat session (scheduled for a time that I work, of course), who assign a lot of busywork-type assignments, and who give very rigid windows of time to take proctored exams in. Overall, you can expect to take about as much time in an online class as you'd spend for a traditional classroom course... difference being that you don't waste your time with commuting or have to conform to a rigid schedule. Another thing you might consider if you're looking to graduate quickly are CLEP and other forms of credity-by-exam. If you have the self-discipline to learn the material on your own and don't mind taking tests, it's a good way to get some credits out of the way. I didn't realize this until I attended a lecture on the subject at a homeschooling convention, but there are some schools that will grant credit for life experience and independent study, which will let you finish your degree faster as well. I can't remember right now which ones they are, but if you're interested I'll dig up the information I have. Also, I'd recommend the book Accelerated Distance Learning if you can get a copy.
  7. I picked "total capacity for guests" as I believe we can squeeze in a few more than the recommended number of vacationers... but trying to squeeze in 2x or more the recommended number might not work out too well. Another consideration... kitchen. It doesn't need to be glamorous, but it needs to be sufficiently big and equpped enough to prepare food for thirty.
  8. Here it is, dates for vegan vacation revisited, complete with poll. Most vacation rentals rent from Sunday to Saturday, as far as I'm aware, so that's what I based these dates on. I may be wrong, as I often am, but this will at least give Robert a good guideline to work with when booking the location. Should be safe to assume that some will be hanging out in Portland for several days both before AND after the official vacation dates, but pick what works best for you.
  9. Plus we can sleep in shifts. When the early risers get up, the nightowls can crash. Yes, I'm kidding... mostly.
  10. Those dates could work, but a bit (like a week or maybe two) earlier would be much better for me so that I'll have enough time to get back home (I'm roadtripping, with a stop to make after Oregon) when I need to be back. Anything later than those dates probably won't work for me at all. Can we turn this into a poll, maybe?
  11. Two kitchens and seven bedrooms!! (And I dare not mention the large soaking tub with two shower heads. Wait, I just did...) At a glance, this looks the best so far. I'll try to harness the almighty powers of google and see what I find, too.
  12. I don't know enough about the process to have an opinion. Does anyone have a link to a site explaining how this stuff is grown in a lab?
  13. Wanna know what I'm waiting for? The Official Veganmadre full-pictorial vegan cookbook to hit the shelves at my local bookstore. I intend to be the very first in line to buy one. (And I want it autographed too, dammit!) Seriously, I think about veganmadre every time I go cookbook shopping, which is often lately. I've probably bought about ten vegan cookbooks over the course of the past three or four months. (almost an addiction, at this point...) Anyway... every time, I think "Gee, this cookbook doesn't have enough photos." and immediately after that I think "Gee, I know who would write an awesome cookbook that could kick all of these other silly black-and-white cookbooks' collective asses. veganmadre could, because she kicks ass." And I bet I'm not the only person who thinks that, when at the bookstore! So, I ultimately end up buying a cookbook with not enough pictures. The only cookbook that even comes close to having enough pictures is "vegan cupcakes take over the world"... and I wish it had more pictures. So, whaddaya say?
  14. The member of your target audience who lives in my house is too busy studying/sleeping to come look at photos, so you're stuck with my opinion. My vote is for either a shave or a nice neat trim. The moustache/goatee thing looks good on you, but a bit less of it would look better.
  15. Whoa! Ash! 18 upper-level credits? In one semester? That's rather ambitious of you! That's fantastic if you've got the discipline to keep up with it all.. I know I couldn't do it. Especially not going to school AND working... that'd be way too much. Only you know what's best. If you think you need to lighten the load, it's OK to drop a class (or two) and repeat them later on. If you come up wth a study schedule that you think will get you through the semester passing all 18 credits and that you can stick with until the end of the semester, that's good too. If there's any way you can get by without a job (student loans? savings? something?) for the semester so you can focus 100% on school, that might help a lot. We'll support you all we can, whatever you decide. -Michelle Designated Slacker of Spring'07 semester
  16. I had a burrito tonight, but I forgot to take a photo of it. This was a very generic burrito - one flour tortilla, one giant scoop of refried beans. In fact, it was barely a burrito, it wouldn't close it was so full of beans.
  17. If you get the opportunity to see it, don't pass it up! We (my kids and I) went to see this a while back. We weren't sure how much we'd like it, as we were expecting dead bodies to be just a bit gross or scary. It wasn't at all! The whole exhibit was fantastic and fascinating, especially the displays of healthy vs. diseased parts.
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