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  1. My oils of choice are coconut oil and olive oil, both virgin and cold-pressed whenever possible. I've found nothing but very positive information about coconut and olive oils. I also use sesame, but not often. The surfing that I did a couple years ago in regards to Canola oil turned up a lot of conflicting information as well. From what I can remember, the sites that said it was safe and healthy wanted me to buy Canola oil and the sites that said it was unhealthy wanted to be the authority on long lists of all that's evil in the grocery store. I don't particularly trust either motive. So, lacking enough conclusive evidence one way or the other, I do use Canola sometimes, but I don't use it often at all. (Usually for things like french fries or donuts, since it requires so much oil and canola is so cheap.)
  2. Pardon me, while I go look for a "drooling" emoticon. My favorites from this bunch are the one in front of the door and the orange cutting ones. I'd say dress rehearsal went well, you're definitely on the right track now.
  3. I like this topic. Fruit is so yummy. For a long time, the only fruits I really ate frequently were bananas, granny smith apples, and oranges. I've been trying to incorporate more variety, and also to sample some of the fruits that I've never tried before or in the case of my recent trip to the asian grocery store, never heard of before. It's been a flavorful journey. The only thing so far that I've completely disliked was avocado, most other fruits I've enjoyed to some degree. Lately, I've been seeing these "horned melons" in the grocery store: http://www.swiftsubtropicals.com/images/hornedmelon.jpg I've never had one. They look really exciting and colorful, but I wouldn't know how to eat it if I bought it and I definitely don't know what to expect. Anyone ever try one?
  4. My favorite raw dinner so far was a raw stir-fry based loosely on this thread at rawfoodtalk.com (Yes, it tastes as good as it looks in the photos.) Actually, that's the only raw main dish I've made so far; all of the other raw concoctions I've tried have been snacks and desserts. Honestly I expected that a bowl of raw veggies was just going to end up tasting like a salad, no matter what I did with it, and I'm really not a huge fan of salads. The flavor was more like a spicy stir-fry, and I was quite pleasantly surprised. So was my son, who had a second helping.
  5. Wow, I didn't think I'd be participating in this thread, but it's 31°F here right now (feels like 23°F according to weather.com) and we've got freezing rain, which is not exactly typical weather for Houston, Texas, even in January. Just to keep things exciting, we've also got a flood warning in effect. I fully anticipate that schools will be closing tomorrow, and my kids will be stuck listening to stories all day long about how I used to have to walk a mile in the snow every morning to catch the school bus, uphill both ways, carrying 50 pounds of books, in subzero temperatures wearing cheap canvas sneakers.
  6. You should probably do some new photos with the contest in mind, but here's my feedback on what you've posted: Sitting on the swing: This is a good one, but lose the hat... it hides too much. In front of VegNews booth: The vegnews booth is entirely too distracting, and I don't think the angle of your head is the best to show off your face, but otherwise I like the outfit and the pose. Flexing in Sponge Bob underwear: This is actually one of my favorite flexing photos of you, and the facial expression is good. Replace the spongebob and pants with a towel and add some wet hair, maybe? (and most definitely come out of the restroom!) Out in the garden: I'm loving the whole garden thing, and the pose is good too, but I don't think this one is as flattering to your face as some of the others. (Maybe you were squinting in the sun?) Another one just like this, but at a slightly different angle or different lighting would get my vote. Face with messy hair: So sexy, but at such an oddball angle. I agree with Crystal on this one, the facial hair looks quite good on you. Park bench with blue shirt: I voted park bench! This one totally says "Come sit on this bench with me, so we can hug for a while." Chicks dig that. I like that it looks completely relaxed and natural, not like you were putting effort into posing for a photo. It could be even better if it showed off your eye color (like the face w/messy hair one does) and if you could get rid of some of the shadows in your face. B&W Full Body Flexing: Terrific photo, but wrong purpose. Hey, is it just me, or do the hands on the VegNews cover look like they're reaching for your butt?
  7. Congratulations Meggy! note: I split these posts from the other thread, just because this news is too terrific to be hidden away in a mac & cheese recipe thread.
  8. Hey, I have this one. I found it at some discount book store for $4.49. About half of the recipes contain some sort of dairy, but the rest are vegan. I didn't know she had a cooking show, though. (I really don't watch TV... at all.)
  9. Maybe that's where I need to go. Being particular about the fit of my shoes, I really have to try them on before I buy them, so online ordering doesn't work well for me. Any other retail stores that usually carry vegan shoes?
  10. This is what I found: http://www.swimmodest.com/images/ammonswimshirt2.jpg
  11. They do. The men's version is a tshirt and swim trunks. Modesty is required by both sexes, but moreso for the females. The beliefs of less extreme religious groups would allow women to wear "normal" swimwear, but it'd have to be a much more modest choice, like the Coca Cola girl's suit that I posted. Definitely no cleavage-revealing suits or string bikinis.
  12. The swimsuits or the girls? The swimsuits... especially the colors of the swimsuits, though. They take the modesty thing to the extreme, but sometimes slightly modest is more alluring than a barely-there suit. But then, I think the Gibson-girl style swimsuits are cool, too. http://giam.typepad.com/100_years_of_illustration/images/cdg_00.gif And pinup-style stuff. I would actually wear this one: http://www.americanartarchives.com/elvgren_coke_beach.jpg
  13. Now that you mention it, that may be the case for me, as well. The caffeine in chocolate doesn't have the same effect for me either. Plus, I started craving diet coke the day after I had some Fresca (which contains aspartame, but no caffeine) with dinner at a restaurant.
  14. Me too! Coffee has never tasted or even smelled good to me. Ever gotten a gorgeous piece of chocolate pie or other chocolate-oriented dessert, take your first really big bite of it, and then SURPRISE! Someone has slipped some coffee into it? They claim that (a) it makes it taste better and that (b) you can barely taste the coffee. Blech! I avoided coffee specifically, but not caffeine. And I haven't completely gotten over the temptation of diet coke... yet.
  15. What the heck? Not sure how much I like photobucket anymore.
  16. I don't suppose there's a 20+ bedroom cabin with an extremely large kitchen and a fully-equipped gym for rent anywhere?
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