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  1. No accent. I've lived in Vermont... Eugene, Oregon... Boston area.. Atlanta... and Houston.
  2. Lots of lurkers. (Yes, there is a smiley for almost any occasion.) _________ Wow, 2006 has been a spectacular year!! Nice work Robert, and everyone else who made it happen.
  3. I'm game for anything that involves travel. It's been a few months since I've been out of town.
  4. Why are they called cupcakes? They should be called yumcakes.
  5. Hmm... I am due for some CEU's. Not sure if I'll have the time, money, or opportunity either... but it sure looks like fun! I'd definitely consider it.
  6. Unless one is cursed with such incredibly huge breasts that it's much more uncomfortable to go without a bra than it is to wear one. Just wanted to add... an improperly fitted bra will do nothing to prevent sag. In fact, it's likely to contribute to the sag factor because it pushes the breasts out of shape and every which way... and will quite possibly screw up the posture and cause back pain. (For the record, those trendy push-up bras with the gel inserts and other nonsense generally qualify as "improperly fitted" and not recommended for daily use.) If it doesn't fit right, throw it in the trash.
  7. I had hummus on Christmas too! Yours looks way better than mine did, though. I got this crazy idea to add some parsley or cilantro, and it turned the whole thing an obnoxious shade of green. Of course, this didn't stop me from eating it all myself. Nice hummus. Nice stir-fry. Nice family. Nice dog. Nice crotch.
  8. Diablo II looks like fun, but I'm one of those weirdos that gets motion sickness playing any game with a lot of graphics for more than a short while. (Of course, I was known to take a couple dramamine and fire up Doom back in the day...) I'm sufficiently addicted to the old-style text-based online MUD games, though. (Yes, I am a certified geek.)
  9. So should I get the currect copy? or just wait a bit until the new edition comes out?
  10. I've concluded that tofu should only be made in an extremely cold room.
  11. Is this offer open to anybody ? Yes, of course. But, it requires a sworn affidavit that you are in fact a lazy bastard, both too lazy and too cheap to make/buy your own. Gosh! There's always a friggin' catch! Right after I openly admit to the entire forum that I am not, in fact, too lazy to make my own brownies and have made them in the past, you throw in this stipulation!
  12. The best brownie I ever had was wheat-free, vegan and had sweet potato puree in it. (From simpletreats.com) No joke!
  13. They make it with Setian too? I've only had tofu. It's made that way in my kitchen.
  14. I'm still training for my before pictures. My training routine includes cookies, pie, cupcakes, seitan & dumplings, vegan chocolate bars, and general tso's seitan.. in no particular order. Yum yum!
  15. Michelle


    Welcome. Nice work getting some vegan options in your school's cafeteria! I'm sure that all of the vegetarians and vegans on campus, as well as some of the omnis, will appreciate your efforts.
  16. I'll definitely have to check that place out. So very cool that they have a buffet - I can sample a bit of everything and find out if I like Indian food. My first (and only) experience with Indian food was horrible. My random choice from the menu turned out to be something I didn't like at all, and I forced myself to eat it, just to be polite. (bad idea) Since everyone I know raves about Indian food, I keep thinking that maybe I just happened to get unlucky that one day and that if I try something else I might like it, but I've still been timid about trying Indian food again.
  17. This is great news! I can't wait to see communities like this in our country. I especially liked this line, from the photo caption: "Many of the houses produce more energy than they use. "
  18. Welcome Ani, and welcome Ani's goodies.
  19. Maybe I'll try boiling it first next time, then. I think it was the weird sticky goo on the inside that I didn't like.
  20. We've been to a couple 24 hour fitness gyms, and didn't like it for the same reasons you mentioned. Too much of a "singles club" atmosphere, with everyone standing around checking each other out.. and the whole high-pressure used-car-salesman approach to selling memberships. Glad to know it's not just me who thinks so. (Also glad I found a more family-oriented gym that's open 24hrs.) I've been watching the official Bigbwii bodyweight exercise video collection (keep 'em coming!) and trying to do some of it. They are a lot more challenging than you make it look.
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