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  1. When I was a little kid, I saw "Night of the Living Dead" (which isn't even *that* scary, is it?) and had occassional nightmares about it for several years. That scene where the hands come up out of the ground was what did it. I dislike horror movies. I also dislike anything with gratuitious amounts of blood and violence. That means a lot of "action" movies are out for me, too. Being frightened, freaked out, or grossed out just isn't entertaining for me, it's uncomfortable. Since I tend to think about movies (and often dream about them) a lot after I watch them, I really don't want to be storing all that negativity and discomfort in my head to replay later. In fact, I don't even want to overhear bits and pieces. My daughter loves horror movies. I'll rent them for her, but she has to watch them when I'm not in the house. The Sixth Sense was good, but even that pushed my limits a bit. I basically tolerated the "scary" scenes because the story was so good and the supernatural aspects were interesting.
  2. I get the green stuff (whatever it's called) once in a while, especially if I plan to be eating on the run. Haven't tried many of their other flavors. Like most pre-packaged juices, these tend to be entirely too sweet for my taste. I've been known to make them into a slushy with a bunch of crushed ice and a few fresh berries, though.
  3. That loss of potential sex time is a decent reason to go veg, really.
  4. Have you had any respiratory infections recently? I had a particularly long and vicious bout of bronchitis (and maybe pneumonia, not really sure) earlier this year, bad enough that I went to the doctor's for the first time in five years and got sent home with antibiotics/hardcore cough syrup, and an inhaler. I had exercise-induced asthma for about two months afterwards. My first post-illness workout, I could barely breathe after about five minutes of cardio then had to use the inhaler, it sucked. I don't have a history of asthma, and each time I worked out, I could make it a bit longer before I'd start wheezing, so I'm thinking that my lungs just needed extra time to heal. I'm still not 100%, I carry my inhaler and still and end up using it about twice a month. I hate medication of any kind, so I hope I can throw this thing away soon. Another thing to consider is diet. My daughter started developing asthma when she was six years old. Her father has chronic/severe asthma, and we were told it can be hereditary, so it wasn't really a huge surprise when she'd been running around playing, then started wheezing. The doctor sent us home with multiple inhalers and a bunch of other medication, which neither she or I were very happy about. At my suggestion (and of her own volition!) she ate nothing but vegetables, mostly raw, for about the next three or four days. The symptoms subsided. We also switched to soymilk after that. That round of medications expired before they were used up, and she never needed any of the refills. Ever. Anytime she's started feeling a little bit "wheezy" she just cuts out bread/sugar and loads up on veggies for a few days.
  5. Oh, gross. I think I'll stick with supplements.
  6. Wouldn't it be cool if the opera had fur-free performances? If not all performances, then at least selected dates/times. Same with the ballet. If rock concerts can disallow my purse and restaurants can require a suit/tie... then why not?
  7. Now that you put it that way, I'm in. Totally. I have so much room for improvement.
  8. You might inform the shopping mall of your ethical dilemma and ask if they can substitute cash instead for the prize... or offer a suitable substitution of similar value. It's worth a try, anyway. In the US, we're expected to pay taxes on the value of prizes... if it's like that where you are, I suppose you could also refuse the prize and have them give it to an alternate winner. It would suck to have to pay taxes on something you don't even want. If it were me, I would probably sell it or else give it away to someone who needed something warm to wear or donate to a battered woman's shelter. (I'm assuming it's like a warm coat or something, anyway)
  9. When I'm minding my own business and a stranger interrupts my day to tell me what's wrong with what I'm eating/believing/wearing/saying/etc... I'm generally too pissed off about the fact that they are imposing their unsolicited ideas on me to really give a crap about what they have to say. It doesn't matter how important or valid their message is, I'm not really going to hear it, delivered in that manner. I'm not going to come away from the conversation thinking "Wow, I sure am glad that person pointed my faults out to me, I'm changing my life right now".. I'm going to come away thinking "Wow, that person was an asshole!" and nothing else. Therefore, no, I wouldn't say anything to a random stranger wearing a fur coat, either comments made directly to them or comments made obviously for them to overhear. I'm not saying they don't deserve that and more... just that it's not something I feel is particularly effective or that I would feel comfortable doing. On the other hand, if someone tries to sell me fur, buy fur for me, or ask me what I think of their fur, I'd consider that an open invitation to share my thoughts with them... and I will happily subject them to my full commentary on the subject.
  10. Is she going straight from omni to vegan? Any cravings that I had at first turned out not to be cravings for the actual flesh, but cravings for the preparation. For example, I wasn't craving chicken itself, I was craving the General Tso's sauce on something chewy, and some tofu or seitan prepared in similar fashion would satisfy that craving quite nicely for me. Actually, it satisfied even better, because I didn't feel like crap afterwards. If she's craving shrimp, suggest that she try making tofu or seitan scampi-style, or deep fried/breaded and dipped in some sort of vegan cocktail sauce, or whatever manner of shrimp she's craving. If it's salmon smothered in herbs she's craving, the same herbs on a pile of steamed veggies might even do the trick. Oh yeah, and I've been told that shrimp are cockroaches of the sea. That helps to put the whole shrimp issue into perspective. If you want to go beyond constructive suggestions and just plain gross her out, you can tell her that too.
  11. I wasn't veg when I lived in Atlanta, so I don't have restaurant recommendations. I can tell you about transportation, though. I remember a lot of traffic jams, particularly certain areas at certain times of day. Public transportation in Atlanta is fairly good, though, and the trains come right to the airport. http://www.itsmarta.com/ Hope this helps some.
  12. Sweet Onion Inn looks awesome. Vermont is one of the prettiest places I've lived or visited, especially in winter, so I know you'll both enjoy it. My mom lives near there (in Proctor, VT) and her expertise is in art framing.. in the course of job hunting, she's become familiar with a lot of what's in the area. If you want suggestions for art galleries and such to check out, let me know, and I'll ask her if she has any recommendations.
  13. Kale is awesome. I added it to some soup last week, along with some carrots, beans, lentils and other nutritious stuff. YUM! Years ago, when I worked at a Wendy's, we used kale to decorate the salad bar. It went on top of the ice and between the crocks of food. I thought it was much prettier than anything else on the salad bar, and I'd nibble on it sometimes. I asked someone why we didn't serve it too, and they told me "No, you don't eat kale. It's just for decoration." How absurd is that? Serve the iceberg lettuce, grated cheese, and cold pasta, then use the kale as decoration? Ha! Glad I know better now.
  14. I just tried some of the chocolate mint flavor. It's tasty, it's interesting, and it's incredibly sweet. Too sweet, I think. It looks like a drink, but I'm thirstier now than I was before I drank it, so is it still considered a drink? So perplexing. I've never had chocolate-mint nog before, so I can't comment on how realistic it tastes. Now that I think about it, it's probably been 20 years since I've had the traditional flavor of homemade egg nog, and I've never made it past the first sip of the prepackaged stuff, so I don't even know if it has a noggish sort of flavor. Potter, how much rum should I add to make it palatable? About half and half?
  15. Thanks, Richard. I've now used this advice a few times. If the person is just making polite conversation and not that interested, they are satisfied with my short answer, which is that I became vegan for health reasons, but remain vegan for both health and ethical reasons. If they are truly interested, the short answer usually prompts them to ask for a longer answer, and generally spawns a good discussion. Maybe I'm weird, but I really don't understand the concept of making polite conversation. Talking should be the sharing of ideas, not just idle jaw-flapping. If I ask a question, it's because I genuinely want to know the answer. If I don't want to discuss a topic, I think of something else to talk about and ask about that. I don't get why someone would ask a question and not want a complete (in this case, long) answer... but, whatever. I'll just give the short answer until they ask for the long one.
  16. Only thing I care to collect is good memories. I seem to have inadvertently amassed a collection of old computer equipment, though. I'm just a geek like that.
  17. Oh, wow. I didn't realize they were making that book into a movie. I'm now looking forward to that one coming out.
  18. I heard the same thing. Here's a link: http://www.slipups.com/items/27571.html Personally, I like how the chicken farm and cow shooting scenes were done in Napoleon Dynamite. It was presented without any agenda, it was simply "here's reality, draw your own conclusions" and the reality sucked. That makes people think; it makes them question their beliefs. It was surely too graphic to ignore. It's refreshing to see a dose of reality in the mainstream, instead of farm animals being depicted as happy little creatures who spend their days singing, dancing in chorus lines, and running around freely in the sunshine. We know that's not what life is really like for them, why candy-coat it? Why protect people from having to make the mental connection between their steak and a dead cow? So, as far as presenting a powerful message, I think those scenes were fantastic. As far as me keeping my tofu in my stomach instead of spewing it everywhere, it didn't score quite so high with me. random trivia: An omnivore I watched Napoleon Dynamite with couldn't stand to eat eggs anymore, after the egg-drinking scene. Months later, I think he's now evolved all the way to vegetarian.
  19. I think it must be time for me to hit the grocery store. Everyone's kitchen counters look much more exciting than mine. Contents of my kitchen counter: A half-eaten black-bean burrito on hemp tortilla and a few dirty dishes. (I couldn't finish it...)
  20. If you consider Houston a vacation destination, you're welcome here. Also check out this site that I just discovered last weekend via a myspace friend: http://www.couchsurfing.com Awesome site!! Search for keyword "vegan" or check out the vegan/vegetarian groups on there, free accomodations worldwide. My plans for next summer, if all goes as planned, involve a nice long roadtrip. I plan to move out of town for school next summer anyway - so I'll probably take the trip after I move out of my current place and before I move into the new one, so I'll be homeless with no bills. No set itinerary yet, but I know I'll be hitting the California/Oregon coast, Eugene, OR and Vancouver, BC to visit friends/family. I can't wait - I'm overdue for some travelling!
  21. If you feel rested and you can wake up when the alarm goes off (instead of hitting the snooze button multiple times) and you don't need caffeine to get through the day, then you're probably getting enough sleep. I've found that the amount of sleep I need is directly related to my lifestyle. My sleep requirements have ranged from 9hrs+ when i was lazy and eating a lot of crap to about 6hrs, when I was doing a juice fast and keeping moderately active. Lots of stress or exertion will make me want to sleep a little extra. Normally, I need between 7 and 8 hours, though. I think the amount of sleep one needs varies from month to month and from person to person. If you listen to what your body says, you should be fine.
  22. Not sure if this will be helpful at all... but my feet/ankles tend to swell on long car trips.
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