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  1. That's just gross. Why would anyone, vegan or not, want to smear little bits of dead cow all over themselves in the shower?
  2. The stuff that you don't like the texture of can be added to a smoothie. I dislike peaches for the same reason (fuzz on fruit? what the heck is that? and the squish!) and the only way I can eat them is as a smoothie ingredient... and really only if they're not the dominant flavor. You might also find that your tastes change a bit over time. A year ago, I hated onions, mushrooms, and tomato chunks, and I wouldn't eat anything that they were in. Since then, something weird has happened to me, and I actually like onions now. I still don't like mushrooms or tomatoes much, but I can tolerate them now if they're chopped up small enough. I've also found that I'm really enjoying certain fruits & veggies now that I used to be indifferent about.
  3. Well, they take a big hammer and whack you over the lower part of your leg. If it doesn't break they whack a little harder. This keeps on until they break your bone. Then they measure the whacks with a Richter-scale-o-meter. Then they multiply the result with pi x 0.18 and the result is then scaled on the infamous whacko-bone-meter. It's a scale from 1 to ten but to make things more exciting they have legendary fictional characters instead of numbers. 1 is princess Peach and 10 is Morgoth. 9nines score is just in between Shrek and Pippi Longstockings wich have to be considered a good result. Or maybe someone else could answere the question.... I think I'll sign right up for that! LOL!
  4. Which restaurant? http://www.ziggyshealthygrill.com/ Has the sweet potato fries. Now that I think of it, Tien Ren does some delicious things with sweet potatoes, too. (Hey, did I meet you there once?)
  5. Not only is it a good aerobic working, but it's (usually) a low-impact one. It's convenient, because it can be done anywhere, whether you have access to a gym or not, and the use of special equipment to enhance your workout is completely optional. While there are no competitions that I'm aware of, I have heard that some people have even found a way to make this a team sport. If you said it's not cardio, you're definitely not doing it right and I would advise finding a qualified trainer to help you learn to get the most out of your workout.
  6. I love sweet potatoes. One of my favorite restaurants serves sweet potato french fries... which is probably the very reason that the place is one of my favorite restaurants. They are good baked, with a little cinnamon and sugar or just naked. I like them boiled, too. Actually, I could probably eat sweet potatoes every day and never get sick of them. Next thing I'm trying is a recipe I found for sweet potatoes that includes pineapple and coconut. Raw, eh? I'll have to try that, too.
  7. Out of curiosity, how is bone density measured?
  8. Awesome photos! I've gotta get one of those tshirts, too - that's just too cute.
  9. I hadn't really thought about it, but my job as a massage therapist is vegan. I bring my own oils and supplies, so I know those are purely the good stuff. No idea about the stuff the other workers use (I probably don't want to know) but I don't participate in their jobs anyway. The day spa where I work puts bowls of hershey kisses and other non-vegan treats in various places in the facility, but I don't have to eat them, recommend them, give them to anyone, or keep any in my treatment room. If anyone has a good recommendation on individually-wrapped vegan chocolates or candies to keep in my room, PM me? My other role as a professional geek (computers/networking/etc) is also vegan, to the best of my knowledge.
  10. Oh, cool. Just when I was thinking about maybe ordering some bars, you throw in a bit more temptation. Will do later today... How might I convince some of the local health food stores to start carrying Vega? I haven't seen them anywhere in Houston - yet.
  11. So, what's the 27th letter?
  12. I don't care how stupid that movie is, it's one of my favorites. Apparently "Uncle Rico" is vegan, and if you watch carefully, you can see him spit out his bite of steak on camera.
  13. Today, I woke up at 9:30, stayed up for about 10 minutes, realized I have no appointments at work today, and then went back to sleep until 12:30pm. Do those last three hours count as a nap? Twelve hours of sleep, woohoo! Normally, I don't take naps unless I've stayed up too late the night before, I don't feel good, or I've have had an especially strenuous day.
  14. At first, I thought that was a random set of records. Then I read it again and realized that not only was it all the same guy, but that the guy also had polio as a child. Wow, that's impressive.
  15. I thought they were hilarious! I would've said so earlier, but you were on a roll and I didn't want to interrupt.
  16. I got mine in the mail today too! Gonna watch it in a while. The Vega bar is already gone, though - YUM!
  17. Check it out: http://www.cityrating.com/cityweather.asp?City=Flagstaff Chances are higher that balls will be frozen off, rather than sweated off. Flagstaff has 209 days per year with temperatures below freezing and only 3 days per year above 90 degrees farenheit. I never realized Flagstaff was so different from the rest of Arizona.
  18. Welcome to the site, Deanna! Your screen name brings up good memories. I was born in Vermont, lived there for a lot of years and did a fair amount of hiking while I was there. I miss the hiking. Cool to see another homeschool parent on here, too.
  19. Welcome, Neil. Nice avatar. Looks like we share some views on obnoxiously large SUV's. If they get too much bigger, they'll be rated by "gallons per mile" instead of mpg.
  20. Welcome flowerdale. Not sure what exactly causes it, but you're not the only one. I had some headaches, congestion and other random symptoms for the first few weeks, too. I even had a couple days of flu-like achiness. What helped for me was eliminating bread/rice/pasta/cereal temporarily. Also, lots of water and naps helped with the detox. Do you find yourself wanting to eat like eight meals a day? That happened to me at first and I'd get headaches if I didn't eat as soon as I got hungry. I was seriously freaking everyone out with how much I was eating, and not gaining any weight. No clue why - maybe it was just my body adjusting to real food vs. the fast food and crap I'd been eating previously, and craving nutrition. I'm back to a normal meal schedule now and feeling good overall, but that first month was crazy.
  21. We saw Joe Satriani in concert with Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple in 04. Absolutely amazing!! The two teenage guitar-playing freaks that live with me (also known as my kids) loved the show just as much as I did. I like Steve Vai, too. And let's not forget about John Petrucci.
  22. I've always wondered why the Silk soymilk was in the dairy case, and all the other soy/almond/oat/whatever milks were hidden in other random parts of the grocery store. One mystery solved, thanks. I'm fairly sure that there are a LOT of people walking around right now, with happy bellies full of soymilk that wouldn't have even tried it, if it wasn't in the dairy case with the cow milk. I think that's a good thing, regardless of whatever else that company does.
  23. I think prisons would be much more peaceful places if they served only vegan food.
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