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  1. Does this work with non-chocolate cake mixes, like a white or yellow cake mix, with a fruit-flavored carbonated beverage?
  2. My mom introduced me to nutritional yeast last week. I popped some popcorn in coconut oil, then we sprinkled nutritional yeast flakes on it. Instant "cheese" popcorn! sinisterkungfu, you must post your cheese substitute recipe. Cheese has proven to be my biggest challenge in the transition to being vegan.
  3. I love it when people who excel are recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Congrats!
  4. We have two cats living in our home, and they eat commercial pet food. The most recent variety was something made of venison and green pea, rather than factory farming byproducts. I can't afford specialty vegan cat food for them, nor am I convinced that an animal that is naturally carnivorous/omnivorous should be completely denied meat. A truly natural diet for them would involve rodents, but we don't have any of those. It could be argued that I should be acquiring rodents for them to hunt and eat, but that's not very practical. Both kitties are curious and will sometimes eat some of what I'm eating. They both like corn chips, potato chips, crackers french fries, cheese, vegan cheese, and bread. The younger one will try some veggies, including green peppers, as long as they are at room temperature. She was loving the leftover tofurkey last night, too. The older one likes to eat the back yard. He was obese for a while (25 lbs is NOT healthy for a cat) and was always begging to get outside. I figured there was no harm, since he was too fat to really climb the fence and get into danger, and finally let him out. He started eating grass (we don't use pesticides or a gas mower on the lawn) and weeds every day and has slimmed down. He's still huge, but mostly solid.
  5. Blowing stereotypes is a very good thing. Fun, isn't it? Congrats on the new job!
  6. I'm willing to help with the planning. Maybe I can actually put that "travel and tourism" diploma I earned when I was living in Eugene to use, for once. It feels like we've got all the time in the world, but we don't actually have an entire year - we have somewhere between seven and nine months, depending upon the dates chosen. We've got lots of time to plan activities, but dates, location and costs should be established fairly soon so that everyone who wants to attend can plan accordingly.
  7. That might have been me. I've led by example, and only informed when I've been asked questions or challenged. I don't feel that people truly listen to a message that they are not ready to hear. You are correct, though. I have influenced several people to try or at least consider going veg.
  8. Your suggestion would end the nonsense right there, if they were well-informed enough and/or open-minded enough to understand that we don't need to eat animals. When I first decided to try veganism, I actually had a friend recommend that if I'm going to pursue a vegan lifestyle, I should really consider eating a cheeseburger or something once a week, as insurance to make sure I get my nutrition. I thought he was teasing at first, but he seriously believes that humans simply must eat other animals, as a matter of survival. (Apparently, some of us are still brainwashed from the food pyramid in school.) No, I did not take his advice, but I'm actually glad he gave it. The discussion spawned some research on my part, in an effort to disprove him, that further solidified my decision not to eat meat.
  9. Agreed. It depends more on what you eat and how you combine your foods, rather than whether or not your diet includes meat. If anything, I think it's worse for meat eaters, because of meat's tendency to putrefy in the digestive system. If flatulence is a huge problem, proper food combining or mono meals and sensible portions should help. Excessive flatulence can also a symptom of intestinal parasites, and remedies are available for that. Personally, I haven't noticed any major difference in the transition.
  10. I was thinking the same thing, except it didn't look all that interpretive, no matter how many times I looked at it. Robert, I thought you must've been REALLY hungry and REALLY tired, and maybe a little bit nuts. Still, I wouldn't have minded if you were standing in my living room with some ornaments, and surrounded by presents. I could just imagine explaining it to guests, though. "Oh, I didn't feel like getting a tree this year, so instead I got a crazy vegan bodybuilder. Isn't he nice?" A conversation piece that's also good conversation. (I do see the tree, now that you explained the jargon. Excellent!)
  11. Depends on the location. If I'm at the dinner table, out in public, or some other inappropriate situation I try to hold it or excuse myself. If I'm at home relaxing, I let it fly then blame it on someone else. Or let it fly then leave the room, as necessary. A related quote from my house the other night: "Hey mom, what was that sound? It sounded just like an elephant!" Heh... oops?
  12. I start feeling lazy if I don't go to the gym for a while. And I start craving more junk food and less healthy stuff. Then the junk food makes me depressed and irritable. It's a vicious cycle.
  13. My thoughts exactly. Kill a bird because it knocked over their toys? Come on...
  14. I agree with this. We can set an example, we can educate, we can encourage, and we can be supportive - and we absolutely should do all these things. Unless something is against the law and we have legal recourse, that's the best that we can do. Being judgemental serves no purpose for anyone involved. Reality is that the majority of people in our societies right now eat animals and think that it's OK. Reality is that most of us were part of that majority at some point in our lives, some of us more recently than others. So why judge those who aren't there yet, have had a lapse, or who have simply changed their minds for whatever reason? Maybe 100 years from now, killing animals for food will be illegal, everyone will be vegan, and we'll be on here discussing the issue of whether animals should be allowed to vote. That sounds absurd, I know, but if all species are of the same value and should have the same rights, it's completely logical. Reality is, that to someone completely immersed in the omnivore lifestyle right now, the idea that animals shouldn't be food sounds as far-fetched as the idea that animals should vote. It's going to take time to raise awareness. I've actually had that happen several times already, and it sucks. Getting back to the original issue- Did the former vegan friend mention why she chose to go back to being vegetarian? She's obviously got the awareness and values, if she's been vegan before. Being vegan in a carnivore world isn't always easy. Maybe she lacks a supportive environment? Maybe it was too much of a lifestyle change for her? Maybe it really is an addiction to cheese? I'm curious.
  15. I think poop time is the reason that wireless internet was invented. Guess what I'm doing right now?!?
  16. My avatar represents whatever photo I happened to find on my hard drive. I'm a little camera-shy, so there aren't really that many photos of me anyway... but I probably should change it now and then for some variety, eh?
  17. Without a doubt, you would have. Excellent work!
  18. I think it's entirely possible. I lost 17 pounds (135lbs to 118lbs) in one week, when I was in my late teens. I had just come back from several weeks visiting relatives, where all we really had to do was sit around (I think I knitted an entire sweater during one of those weeks of the visit) and eat and eat all day long. And it wasn't healthy food, either... it was cinnamon rolls, cookies, and a bunch of fried crap. When I got home, I rode my bicycle a lot, and ate considerably less. Within a week, I'd lost a bunch... and I didn't feel like I'd starved or overworked myself. Although - I was an invincible teenager still.
  19. I almost never get nicknames, I just get called by my name, or something generic like "dude" Chelle - I get this one once in a while, not often at all Shelly - used only by people who want to annoy me, because I don't like it. Einsteiner - an old co-worker gave me this one (my last name is steiner) when I was working as a computer tech, because he seemed to think I had all the answers.
  20. What fruits & veggies are high in riboflavin?
  21. Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub, once or twice a week. On the other days, plain old hot water and a washcloth.
  22. Sounds like when I lived in Oregon, and mentioned that I'd been born in Vermont. I'd get the "Isn't that up in Washington somewhere?" question. What the heck? Then I moved back to Vermont, and talked with someone who thought that Oregon was in the midwest somewhere. (At least they knew it was a state!)
  23. I wonder if this is why I start craving spicy chinese food when I'm feeling run-down and susceptible to illness? Cool article, thanks for sharing.
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