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  1. My mom used to have one of those fold-up kind with the hydraulics, which I tried quite a few times and I've used the concept II rowers at the gym. There's a huge difference. Sort of like the difference between jump roping with a piece of string and using a nice jump rope with the heavy rope and comfortable wood handles. Sure, you get a workout, but it doesn't feel the same at all. The kind with the hydraulics that I used felt flimsy and wobbly, and the handles were just a bit too long for me, so my shoulders didn't feel like they were in the right position. After a few short and frustrating workouts, I wasn't interested in using it anymore. (I believe she sold it for about fifteen bucks...) One of my friends has a Concept II rower in his apartment, and I ask to use that thing almost every time I go visit. It feels comfortable every time, and I feel like I'm getting a decent workout. I'd get one (or something similar) for myself, if I had a good place in my house to set it up. Oh, and if the gym wasn't three miles away and stocked with several of them. Check out rowers at epinions.com to get a better idea of what models are best.
  2. Congratulations!! That'll be a fun place, and good experience. Enjoy.
  3. I liked this article: http://www.fruittreefoundation.org/themanwhoplanted.htm
  4. Ever notice how the mom in Lizzie McGuire is always in the kitchen making something? Lizzie McGuire set = official veganmadre test kitchen?
  5. All of my photos look like definite "before" pictures, and I have no "after" photos to go with them yet.
  6. I understand what you mean, when you say that your vote "does not count" Right after I turned 18, I registered to vote and participated in my first election a few months later. I was all proud of myself, too. At least, I was until I actually got to the polls. I only recognized a few of the names (the presidential candidates, plus a couple of the others) but the ballot was huge. Half the stuff, I'd never even heard of, but I made my selections anyway, because I'd been convinced by everyone around me that I should vote, whether I had any interest in it or not, and that I wasn't a responsible citizen if I didn't. Well, filling out that ballot felt like taking a multiple choice style exam for a class I'd never attended. I realized, as I was leaving, that as I started to get bored in there, I'd been selecting candidates based on which name I liked better. I didn't know anything about the people, what their views are, or even what the positions were that they were running for, I just felt like I had to perform my civic duty and fill out the entire ballot. I decided at that moment that not only did my vote not really count, because there was no understanding or informed decision behind it, but that until I took an interest in following politics, it was actually irresponsible for me to vote. I haven't voted since then. However, since a friend enlightened me that I don't have to vote on every single ballot item, just the items I have an opinion on... I registered to vote again. I'm still not interested in politics at all, but there are some issues (environmental issues, animal rights, homeschooling laws, personal freedom, etc) that are important to me. I will be heading to the polls when those issues are at stake and need my input, but I still dislike politics and most politicians.
  7. Look what I can do! http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b14/purplekoala/p3.jpg For some reason, as soon as I read this post, I thought of Stuart from MadTV and couldn't stop laughing. And yes, I do realize that makes me a nerd. I tried it. I can sort of wiggle my ears. On that link you posted, I can move my ears with the muscles labeled #3 fairly well, but not at all with #1 or #2 yet.
  8. Thanks for all these raw recipes! Especially those pies... yum! I've been trying to incorporate more raw into my diet, but haven't very successful because the most (un)creative ideas I came up with on my own were green salad, fruit salad, and smoothie. Now I'm equipped with recipes and ready to put that blender to work!! Where would I find Psyllium Powder?
  9. This is going to sound like a dumb question, but... If I want to use fresh pumpkin instead of canned, how would I do that?
  10. I'm definitely interested, as long as the trip isn't too expensive. (I'm a single mom and college student!) With enough advance notice, I can work my schedule around just about anything, so anytime until mid-August when fall semester starts should work for me.
  11. That photo was truly frightening. veganmadre, you've probably already heard about it, but you might like this movie: http://www.walmartmovie.com/ (sorry for the hijack...)
  12. I was 100% against steroids before reading this post. Now I'm more like 200% against it. (I can make up any numbers I want!!) A few years of looking good isn't worth a potential lifetime of dysfunction, in my opinion.
  13. Think the binge could be a hormonal thing? I have a pre-menstrual binge just about every month that lasts a few days. No matter how much I eat, no matter how full I am, I'm still ravenous. I could easily eat every hour on the hour. It's definitely worse if I have chips, chocolate, pizza, and other junk food around. I especially crave chinese food. YUM! My strategy: A huge bowl of steamed veggies or some oatmeal with lots of cinnamon and only a bit of sweetener will usually satisfy enough to slow me down and keep the calories somewhat under control. (only somewhat!) I don't worry about it too much, since I usually have a few days a month where I'm just not that hungry and could easily make it through the day on just a couple pieces of fruit and feel just fine. Probably, it all balances out in the end.
  14. It does sound too good to be true, but it's delicious! I made this for our non-vegan dinner guests last Friday night and the pie was very well liked. It would've been all gone in about five minutes, if it wasn't competing with the yummy fried bananas w/cinnamon that my daughter was making.
  15. UPDATE: This statement is no longer true. Since I posted my introduction, I've gone from being a "standard american diet" carnivore girl to an "almost vegan" vegetarian girl. Between the support I've gotten from my son (he's 13, and decided to make the switch with me) and all the knowledge and support I've found on this board, it's actually been a fairly easy transition. Oh yeah, and I've been working out and lifting, lots! Thanks, everyone!
  16. Economic Left/Right: -3.88 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.51
  17. Signed. Also check this out: https://community.hsus.org/campaign/pets_act_house/
  18. I haven't had any problems with this site, thus far, using firefox. Some of the main site displays kind of weird, but the forum is fine. I've also had intermittent problems with some other sites. Here's a couple fixes I can think of off the top of my head: Check the Firefox site to see if there's a newer version than what you're currently using. It may be an issue that's been fixed. Clear out your internet cache. (Within firefox, go to tools --> options, you'll see a button to clear the cache) Windows disk cleanup. (Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools -->Disk Cleanup. Too many temporary files can bog down the system and keep things from displaying properly. Should do this now and then anyway, to keep Windows running optimally.
  19. "No thanks, I don't eat any animal products or refined sugar" - simple, direct, and to the point. Spares them the rejection (some people really do feel rejected if someone refuses their food!) and me the aggravation of being offered every day, hopefully.
  20. This is the first I've heard of it... but it sounds awesome. Actually, I'd also like to hear about any drug-free vegan communities, anywhere.
  21. LOL! Richard, you almost made chocolate pie shoot out my nose. It wouldn't have been pretty. trivia: I've never seen any of the Rocky movies. (not sure why...)
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