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  1. Hello, neighbor. I'm in Houston, TX as well. Welcome!
  2. Lately, it's been whatever random stuff the gym's music video channel is playing, so I'd say about 10% of it is awesome, 80% is stuff I'll tolerate, and 10% is "WTF?" If I could choose, it'd be Rob Zombie, Slipknot, AC/DC, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Powerman 5000, etc. If I really want to zone out and do a lot of cardio, "Eon - the void dweller" is my favorite album for that, or something similar.
  3. This may be an ignorant question, but what happens when the tree grows and the trunk that you've built around gets thicker? Does the house need to modified, to accomodate growth of the tree? Also, is there a way to protect against lightning damage?
  4. He looks like the grown-up version of a puppy we fostered earlier this year. Actually, sounds like him, too. We had a lot of fun with that one, during the three or four weeks that we had him before someone adopted him, but he had wayyyy too much energy for my household or for a full night's sleep.
  5. McDonald's: fruit & walnut salad (skip the yogurt dressing) Chik-fil-A: fruit cup Wendy's: baked potato with broccoli (skip the butter & cheese) or salad. When I've been to restaurants, fast food or otherwise, that don't offer enough vegan/vegetarian items or any at all on their menu, I leave feedback on the company's website later or hit planetfeedback to make the suggestion. I think more people would go vegan, if it wasn't so difficult for them to do so and continue enjoying restaurants with their friends and families.
  6. I've never seen a tree house like that before! I've only seen the little tree houses my friends had when we were kids, you know, the ones just big enough for three or four kids to sit down and tell ghost stories. Those photos are amazing!
  7. I made this up when I was half asleep this morning and trying to figure out what to make with the chocolate rice milk that my kids don't like, so no photos yet, and the measurements may not be precise. 1 1/2 bananas, cut into 1" pieces and frozen 1 cup chocolate rice milk (or soy, almond, whatever) 1/4 cup hemp seed heaping spoonful carob powder vegan sweetener of choice, to taste (I didn't use any) Put hemp seed and part of rice milk in blender, liquefy. Add remainder of rice milk, the carob powder, and the frozen banana chunks. Blend until it looks like a chocolate shake. Enjoy, like a chocolate shake.
  8. My daughter and I were trying to figure out how to make fried bananas (fried in coconut oil, add a little maple syrup and cinnamon... YUM!) one afternoon. It took quite a few tries and a second trip the the grocery store to get it quite right. Of course we had to sample each attempt along the way. By the time we were done, I think I probably ate about six bananas that afternoon, plus the one I'd eaten for breakfast. My stomach HURT afterwards! I don't know how you guys can eat a dozen in a day.
  9. I had my first artichoke last week! I was in a restaurant and it was part of a big plate o'veggies I was working on, so I got brave and tried it. It's not my favorite vegetable of all time, but I'd be willing to eat it again, for sure. It was unique. Avocados scare me, though. They're so... green... like someone sneezed. I don't even like looking at them, especially as guacamole. What do they taste like?
  10. There is no such thing as ideal, and the "perfect parent" simply does not exist. I'm a parent, and I'm not perfect. My parents weren't perfect, and I'm thankful for that fact, because it's made me a much stronger person. The goal of a parent should be to raise a young adult who makes good decisions, is responsible, knows how to learn from their mistakes, and can take care of themselves and manage their future. That's it, really. The details of how they get to that point are inconsequential, as is the family composition, living situation, and financial situation.
  11. A friend ate half of a raw pineapple for breakfast every morning, on his final (and very successful!) attempt to quit a longterm smoking habit. He said the process was mostly effortless and comfortable, unlike the struggles I'd seen him and other friends go through quitting. I have no idea why he chose to eat the pineapple (don't think he did either, really) but it seemed to help quite a bit. Wonder if the bromelain assisted with the detoxification symptoms?
  12. The widespread recycling is something I seriously miss about Oregon. (I lived near Eugene from age 5 to age 12, then again for a year when I turned 18.) I remember in grade school, we had newspaper drives a couple times a year. The classes who collected the most papers would get a prize and recognition, and we'd collect literally tons of newspaper to be recycled. (Ironically, the fundraisers that I've seen the schools here in Texas having are for gift wrap, cookie dough, and useless trinkets... exactly the opposite lesson, I think.) Do the schools still do newspaper drives out there? I remember when I went with my parents to the trash collection facility, we'd have to drive through a big maze of recycling bins (newspaper, paper, green glass, clear glass, aluminum, etc, etc) before we got to the area to dump off the bags of trash. The fee was per bag and there were also discounts offered if you recycled. Basically, they made it inconvenient and more expensive NOT to recycle. I think that's the way it ought to be. The deposits/returns on bottles and cans really make a lot of sense. I can't figure out why other states (like the one I live in now!) wouldn't adopt the same policy. At the time, I thought Oregon's high priority on recycling and conservation was "normal" and that it would be the same everywhere else. Guess I was a naive little kid, because it's definitely not.
  13. Actually, I have no idea which things I'm allergic to, I never took the time to investigate. I just know that I tend to have a reaction at the same times that others are walking around cursing their own allergies. It may even be the Houston pollution that affects me, as I tend to have a reaction when I return from being out of town. (Yes, moving is on my to-do list...) With very few exceptions, I've been able to avoid the over the counter (and prescription) medications completely for the past several years. I use diet modification, bodywork (massage, chiropractic), and natural supplements (such as bromelain) to keep myself healthy. For allergies and random sniffles, I usually load up on Vit C, take bromelain, and avoid bread/pasta/sugar as much as possible.
  14. Wow, I didn't know bromelain was good for sore muscles! I'm going to try that. I can attest that it's great for "common cold" and allergy type congestion.
  15. Compassionategirl, you and I need to find some high-tech sci-fi freaky friday star-trek-esque body swapping thingamajig... trade bodies on my arm day and your back day, just for an hour or two... You work my arms, I'll work your back. Problem solved.
  16. I'm just the opposite. My back is my most favorite part to work and arms/shoulders are my least favorite parts to work.
  17. The sit ups, I can do 100 in one day, no problem. Pushups, I can do about five or ten before I have to stop because it's hurting in places it's not supposed to hurt, like my lower back. Pullups, I can't even do one. But I've been using the assisted pullup machine at the gym. Right now, I could pretty much kick ass on pullups, if I only weighed 70lbs.
  18. http://www.VegSpace.com/Michelle
  19. It doesn't really sound typical, unless she's had recurrent infections or some health condtion (such as diabetes) that makes her more prone to yeast infections. Not anymore, but I had a big problem with it a few years ago. Taking an acidophilus pill daily or mixing some acidophilus in a smoothie (it also comes in a liquid form) is a good preventive measure. If fact, it may even be better than the yogurt, since most yogurt (unless it's plain) is heavily sweetened, and sugar encourages yeast growth. If the preventive measures don't work and a yeast infection happens, the liquid acidophilus can also be applied at the affected area. For me, watching my diet (avoiding too much sugar and bread) and lifestyle (getting adequate rest, managing stress, and drinking enough water) also played a big part in preventing yeast infections. A google search for "candida albicans" will give lots more info.
  20. Found it online somewhere... can't remember where right now. I think this cute kitty cat may also be a ninja: http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b14/purplekoala/cat5im.jpg
  21. http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b14/purplekoala/ninjabum8vl.jpg
  22. Wow, he's making really good time! The last time I drove cross-country, I drove from Enterprise, OR (had family living there) to Rapid City, SD in one day... and that's roughly the same distance, I think. It can totally be done in one day, but it'll be a long day. Is Montana still virtually without a speed limit on the highways, I wonder? (aka Montanabahn)
  23. I've lived in Vermont, Oregon, and Georgia previously... but I'm in Houston currently. Welcome
  24. This weekend, I had some vegan chinese food. Guess what? I discovered that all those times in chinese restaurants I had eaten sweet & sour chicken, it was really the sweet & sour sauce I liked. (And the pineapples... LOL!) I actually liked the vegan version better. Apparently, someone else in my house thought so, too. When I woke up the next morning, my leftovers had vanished.
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