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    Welcome, Joe!
  2. Wow... those all look so good. Now I really want to make cupcakes...
  3. Isn't that weird? A few months after I went veg, what other people were eating didn't really bother me. It's like my brain registered what they were eating as food, but as food that I chose not to eat. I even went out with a group of friends and sat across the table from a guy who was eating a huge bloody rare steak and it honestly didn't bother me at all. At some point, maybe a year after that, I was in a restaurant, walked through the dining room on my way to the ladies' room, and casually noticed what was on other people's plates... wow, I got really ed. The feeling kind of took me by surprise, since I'd previously not been bothered much by other people's choices, especially that of strangers. Now, I mostly go to vegeterian/vegan restaurants and I've kind of surrounded myself with mostly other vegans socially, so eating any kind of animal product seems really foreign to me now. Like, I'll be at the grocery store, see someone with a cart full of flesh and think "why would they even buy that?" I try to always be non-judgemental, because I realize that everyone comes to veganism (or not) at their own pace, and some people simply aren't there yet, but still... it really grosses me out sometimes. The shift in consciousness has been really interesting, for sure.
  4. That place looks perfect! Nice find, Jessi. Now I'm *really* looking forward to VV.
  5. I haven't tried it yet, but one of my clients has been talking about how great it is for months now. He and his wife have both made impressive progress on it, so it definitely does work. Based solely on the changes I've seen in their bodies, I would recommend it. From what I was told, the nutritional plan does have some vegetarian options, but not necessarily vegan ones. The menu is based on whole foods, rather than the processed crap that the average person eats. It doesn't seem like it'd be a big deal to substitute tofu, tempeh, or whatever for the animal items in the recipes.
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