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  1. Robert, you looked good last summer, but you look even better now. Don't cut the hair! LOL. I could make a really raw joke, but I will pass Whatever it was, I can tell I really like your sense of humor.
  2. Richard, you are one funny dude. The woman from merriam-webster is funny too, but I'm not sure she knows.
  3. It told me I would be younger if I owned a dog and ate fish.
  4. There is also a vegan radio show in Houston, every Monday at 10am Central time on KPFT 90.1FM. (they also broadcast on the internet) http://www.govegantexas.org/
  5. What I've been pointing out to people about this article is that there would be more recalls and more news articles like this, if they didn't just routinely dump infected meat into the school lunch program. (this is mentioned in Robbin's book, Diet for a New America) There have been some horrified stares... for sure.
  6. Almost totally left-brained, it seems. I had to watch her a long time before I could see her spin clockwise at all.
  7. No type or amount of spice is going to change the texture of your vegetables... if they are too mushy, you will need to cook them differently or for less time. You might also try eating some of them raw. If you can give some examples of how you're cooking and seasoning specific veggies, we might be able to offer some suggestions to make them tastier.
  8. Let me tell you a little story about what not to eat before bed. Last night, I got home somewhere between midnight and 1am, exhausted, hungry, and with an evil craving for diner-style food. I sliced up an onion (yes, a whole one) and browned it up in a cast iron pan. While that was cooking, I got two slices of rye bread and two vegan "cheese" slices. Then I heated up a boca burger. Next, I assembled everything into a patty melt and fried it in a bit of earth balance. The only moderately redeeming quality about that entire meal was the fact that the onion was organic. It was quite satisfying and I slept well, but I'd be lying if I said I felt really good this morning. So basically, ANYTHING would be better than that to eat before bed. I don't think I'm going to do that again...
  9. Whey is always irritating to see in the ingredients list. Also, other dairy ingredients (casein, etc.) that get added to soy cheeses. How much sense does that make? Honey is another one. I've sent about a dozen letters to companies asking them to consider a different sweetener for their products. Strangely, most of them were marketing to the "health food store" consumer.. you'd think they'd be more aware and make the effort to be more vegan-friendly.
  10. Aaron! 1440 Builder bars?? That's just... amazing. I would've liked to see that mighty stash. I love Clif bars, Builder bars, Vega bars, and most of the other vegan food bars, but try not to eat them every day or more than one a day. (Yesterday was an exception - I was working somewhere for 8 hrs and that was the only practical thing to take along on short notice, so I ate two or three.) They do seem to dehydrate me if I eat too many. They are great to carry around in my purse or backpack since they don't spoil or bruise like bananas do. I almost always have one with me in case I get hungry and the only vegan food around is total junk food. When I do get the urge for junk food, the chocolatey/chewy bars satisfy the craving nicely without being completely unhealthy.
  11. About seven years ago, I was incredibly ill - some days I was so weak and fatigued that I had to lie down and rest for a half hour after taking my morning shower because I'd become too exhausted by that simple act to have the strength to even get dressed. Also, pardon my being graphic, but my digestion was so poor that I was recognizing most of my food on the way out the other end but I was still somehow gaining weight like crazy. There were other symptoms, but those were the most alarming. Any old idiot who spent a day with me would've agreed that I was very ill. Apparently my doctor was a special kind of idiot, because when my blood tests came back very close to normal, she deemed me perfectly healthy and encouraged me to come back for a checkup in three months if I still wasn't feeling well. WTF?? One of the limitations of Western medicine, as you and I have discovered, is the inability for doctors to recognize a patient as unhealthy if their symptoms don't fit neatly into any particular disease diagnosis and their blood tests come back as normal or near-normal. I feel your frustration. I'm not even going to try to guess what might be causing your symptoms or suggest anything to try. Besides heredity, the factors that affect our health (or lack of it) are what we eat and drink, how we exercise, rest, and breathe, as well as what we think. Environmental factors (lack of regular sunlight, exposure to molds, etc) can also come into play. It looks like you're very conscientious about what you eat, so that's probably not where I'd look first for a solution. It doesn't sound like your doctor is going to be very helpful. You might get a 2nd opinion from another doctor, but unfortunately you may get the same expensive blood tests and same meaningless response. If you can find a medical doctor who is also trained as a naturopathic doctor, they seem to take a little more time and be willing to do more than just write a prescription to treat whatever they find. Don't discount "weird" alternative medicine in your quest for health - I have a chiropractor and an iridologist here that I'd honestly visit before a regular doctor if I started having unusual symptoms. I've also made incredible progress after having some energy work done.
  12. Are they just durian flavored? or flavored AND scented?
  13. It actually is chocolate stuff - I think she called it a raw chocolate mousse. Avocado, raw cacao, and some sort of sweetener - don't remember if it was agave or dates or what. Scored very high on the yum scale.
  14. Here are a few photos from my raw vegan potluck on Feb. 1st. We had Paul Nison join us and give a presentation. He's super nice and full of energy and knowledge - if you get a chance to see him, definitely do. Sorry some of these are a bit blurry and weird - my excuse is that I couldn't find my camera and was borrowing one. And no, this is big fancy room is not my living room - it's the clubhouse at my apartments. http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b14/purplekoala/vbb/DSCF1660.jpg http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b14/purplekoala/vbb/DSCF1659.jpg http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b14/purplekoala/vbb/DSCF1663.jpg http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b14/purplekoala/vbb/DSCF1664.jpg http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b14/purplekoala/vbb/DSCF1667.jpg http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b14/purplekoala/vbb/DSCF1662.jpg http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b14/purplekoala/vbb/DSCF1661.jpg
  15. When I first discovered coconut water, that's about all I drank for two weeks. Does that make me a vampire?
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