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  1. for example yesterday i did about 40 minutes of jumprope in several spurts as fast as i could, doing different moves, double-unders and HIIT and a mile jog back to my house. Then in the afternoon i did about 2 hours of really hard calisthenics which were: Warm-up (about 10 minutes of pull-ups/push ups) Pulling 3x13 back pull-ups 3x12 sets of wide 3x12 regular pull-ups 3x10 pull-ups with hands together Pushing 2x25 really wide push-ups 2x25 regular push-ups 2x25 Diamond push-ups All of these are done with very strict form or they don't count and only about 1:30-2:00 minutes rests between sets and after i rode my bike to a friend's house about 2 miles roundtrip. I am 18 5'6 and weight 150
  2. How exactly do you know how many calories will be enough to burn fat but not send your body into catabolic mode?? The reason i asked is because it happened to me some time ago i started losing weight, and losing more and more until i was too skinny and my BMR just plunged down. I got to the point of not etaing more than 1000 calories a day and exercising 3 hours, so it was basically anorexia. Now i am eating a lotttt more but i have gained weight because my body is not used to having so much energy, so i would like to know what would be a good amount to not burn off all the muscle like i did before but not gain/lose the little fat i have gained and not be hungry all the time
  3. Ok so i got the nutrition good as veganmaster and others have greatly helped me. Now i have a question concerning the exercise itself i am not sure what would be best to do 3 sets of 15-16 of each exercise or about 5 sets of 5-10 using a weigthed vest with ehough weight to make it hard but not lose perfect form to do bodyweight such as pull up variation, muscle ups, climb up, push ups, etc. Also what about combining both doing perhaps two sets of 15-16reps and then a set of 5-10 with ther vest?
  4. I think you kind of did without knowing lol. What i was trying to say is lets put myself as an example i am 5'6, 135 lbs or around there with about 10% since i can see my upper abs but with not a lot of definition. According to the calculation at t-nation and other sites i have a BMR of about 1575-1600 kcal sometimes more like 1700 and some kcal. On the weekends i try to rest, doing at least something light like cardio for 45 minutes, calisthenics or some form of exercise, so my question is lets say that my BMR is the mentioned 1700kcal, if i consume less than this amount would my body recognize this input as starvation since i am not covering the amount for neccessary body functions? or if i factored in the calories from the exercise, would consuming a small surplus of calories consisting of pro+carbo create the effect you have mentioned (metabolizing fat/increase of metabolism/storage of net protein?)
  5. Lol it really is a shame that most people don't get interested in nutrition, metabolism and the such as it is what occurs in their organism and what could solve the majority if not all the problems that are present today concerning obesity and realted illnesses. One last question lol sorry but i love to learn as much as i can about things that affect me and my performance. I have noticed than lower amount of kcals than maintenance level consumed in a day lead to both fat and lbm loss, if the intake is increased to cover the maintenance level accompanied with exercise and the dietary guidelines would this facilitate the metabolization of fat as the body would believe it is in starvation mode?
  6. again veganmaster thank you so much for that, and i gotta say those studies and results they showed are incrdible and very convincing, as well as totally doable and enjoyable rather than being a hassle
  7. veganmaster would a high carbo, moderate protein and minimum fat result in maintenance of muscle and loss of fat if it was a lets say a 1,500 calorie with about less than 10g of fat as you mentioned?
  8. I think that a low fat and high carb/protein diet is not only better for health but it is also more enjoyable (at least for me), all those oats....bananas....and low fat soymilk.....
  9. holy crap.....how much money do you guys spend on all of them products......I am gonna have to start stripping during the nights to build myself a proper counter
  10. I found it, those are some very impressive results of the juice fasting. I'm your man i am gfonna ask you the same question i asked Lean and Green, can i put any kind of fruits veggies on the shakes i make? Can i also add some oatmeal or other grain/protein powder to my shakes or can i use soy milk other fruit juices as the base? What i plan to do is replace at least one meal a day with a shake, especially dinner and breakfast some days or lunch, would that work or does it have to be no food at all because that would be a problem due to my parents.
  11. That actually sounds like a grat idea I'myourman, specially for dinner where i tend to not know what to eat and just eat a lot and plus i love making myself a papaya smoothie with just frozen papaya and water. Also i can try other fruits, and about the sweetener is just for my oatmeal but i got some agave nectar which i actually liked a lot. As i don't plan to bake that much , i will just do as you said which sounds much better, i got two questions though (sorry for being a pain) can i just mix any fruit in my smoothie/juice and the other one, where do i find your blog or lean and green's??
  12. veganmaster but wouldn't the fasting slow the metabolism??
  13. Veganmaster i have made changes in my diet so that i have complex carbs in every meal of my day with the least amount of fats possible and some protein for example today i have had so far: Breakfast -Oatmeal with raisins, 1/4 apple, soymilk, and a very small amount of a;lmonds and pecans with a tsp of evaporated cane juice Meal 2 -Clif bar and a small amount of raw oats again with raisins Meal3 -I am having brown basmati rice with sweet peas, corn, carrots and broccoli
  14. I'm your man do you have any healthy suggestion to sweeten my oatmeal, home-made bread?
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