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  1. Hey Robert I too not won a sword but I want one lol Great going Denise only upwards from now on. ROBBIExxxx
  2. Cheer,s Pazios sorry about the dur that was bad of me blame on the comp diet . ROBBIEx 4weeks out from the Mr Universe
  3. If there is a protein shake in your stomach, it wouldnt be empty. but serously are we talking empty stomach or not taking in solid foods. If it is an empty stomach, then I can only say that for 20 years I have not ever seen a significant difference in any perrson I have trained. saying that an empty stomach has not had a seen advantage over having ingested some fruits and greens before a workout. you may run the risk of going hypoglycemic if you trian too hard at the onset of exercise, with a truly empty stomach. marcina I am with you the only time I wake up is when I am hungry. Where is that food food food After your cardio you take the protein shake "DUR",then 90min,s later solid meal,and yes empty stomach =burn fat,also 30mins of cardio is plenty at 125 to 130brm nice and steady[that,s how I do it for comps see pic,s of me in comp condition it works] For a workout with wt,s an hour before a good solid meal or a high gram protein/fat[if trying cut fat if bulking add carb,s] shake. ROBBIEx
  4. Yes empty stomach after protien drink 90mins later solid meal ROBBIEx
  5. As Denise know,s same for me maybe I have a few more hater,s lol. ROBBIEx 4 week,s out from the Mr Universe
  6. Happy Birthday Babe have a great one ROBBIExxxxx
  7. Cheer,s All Big Hug,s/Kiss,s to Denise for puting pic,s up your the best. Been comfirmed in 7th place wow wee 2 places up. ROBBIEx
  8. Cheers all back from the World,s see Mr World thread. Big hug,s and kisss,s to Denise for putting photos up. ROBBIEx
  9. Hi All back from the World,s what a show over 300 competitor,s from 20 odd countries have a great time all class,s very high standard my class well tougth waiting to be comfirmed for 9th place happy with that as said before competing to get in top ten will be good. Photos to come via Denise[when she gets some time] ROBBIExxx
  10. Hi All did it won the Mr United Kingdom today[sunday] invite to the Mr World,s 6th to 8th June in Greece[Athen,s] am I doing it hell yeah. Photos later if my best girl will upload them for me. ROBBIEx [On a "MASSIVE" high]
  11. Link to more pic,s http://www.veganbodybuilding.org/epf-mrbritain2008.htm ROBBIEx
  12. Beat you to it true so fast that girl. Hardcore training in Vegas get ready for pain my friend what gym shall we hit there is so many in Vegas we could do a body part in each one lol. ROBBIEx
  13. Thank you all really does mean alot to me all your post,s. Big thank you to Denise[32 days to comp] for uploading the photos one day I will shock you and do it myself lol yeah right I will. ROBBIEx
  14. Cheer,s all Mr UK next weekend let,s hope I can do the double,then Mr Universe on the 27th of July in Las Vegas. I am 53 years young lol. ROBBIEx
  15. Hi nearer the time for me to be in Vegas I will post, it will be great to meet up with you all that are in Vegas and hit Ronald,s. ROBBIEx
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