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  1. Good work dude!! Hope you can get out of bed tomorrow morning!
  2. Richard, your expressions crack me up! It's always fun to read your posts!
  3. CrispyQ


    I worry for my sister & her husband, who are in hock up to the tip of their ears! I doubt they have any equity in their house as they refinance every year or so. They have so much frickin' stuff you can hardly walk through the house. Their cars are parked out front cuz the garage is packed full of stuff. Holy crap, & I do mean crap!! She bragged to me one day about her house being worth more than mine. I just smiled & let her go on. She doesn't own her house -- the bank does! And at the rate they are going, they will always be 1 year into a 30 year loan. So sad. Credit is a good thing if you can resist the temptation. Unfortunately, our culture does not encourage living within your means, it encourages keeping up with the mythical Joneses. BTW, I love, love, love my VISA card that takes the charge right out of my checking account. I don't leave home without it!
  4. Welcome James! Wow -- from 160 - 225! I'm impressed!
  5. That sounds really good! Thanks for deciding to not keep it a secret!
  6. Damn! I love this cookbook more with each recipe I make. I am now officially hooked on homemade pesto thanks to this book! Last weekend I made the Tempeh Sausage Crumbles. It is not as authentic as GimmeLean's sausage, but it is very good & so much less processed! These could be used in so many ways. She suggests pizza & I'll bet that would be really good! I then took the crumbles & made the White Bean & Tempeh Sausage Gravy. This stuff was lip smackin' good! Again, it is not quite as authentic as GimmeLean sausage gravy, but I find it to be a wonderful replacement for such a processed product. On another board, a friend made these two items & served to her meat eating boyfriend. Before tasting it he teased her saying, "You've got to be kidding me -- sausage tempeh?" He's asked her to make it two more times since! I also made the Orange Glazed Beets. Other than the fact that I like my beets very soft & had to cook them forever (next time I'll use my pressure cooker) these were really good! I've eaten them as a side & also sliced a few up in salad. Very nice! Today I'm going to make the pesto & the tofu ricotta. I'm going to mix them together & add some cooked pasta to it, put in a casserole dish, top with spaghetti sauce & bake. I will let you know how it turns out. Sort of a lasagna casserole. If you don't have this cookbook, I highly recommend it.
  7. Here's my lentil loaf recipe. It's a bit more work than lots of other similar recipes, but it's very good. Lentil Loaf 1½ cups cooked lentils Mixture 1 16 oz Gimme Lean, either flavor (fake ground round -- don't cook, don't fry, just use out of the package.) 1 onion, diced fine 2 stalks celery, diced fine 1/2 cup shredded carrot 2 cloves garlic, minced or pressed 1 cup dry bread crumbs Mixture 2 2 egg replacement (I use Ener-G) 1/4 cup tomato paste (I use half of a 6 oz can) 1/2 cup nut butter or tahini 1 Tbls veggie Worcestershire 1 Tbls olive oil 1 tsp dry mustard 1/2 tsp salt Option Mixture 3 OPTIONAL TOPPING 1/2 can of tomato paste (the remaining ½ can of tomato paste from above) 1/8 cup molasses 1/8 cup Dijon 2 tsp veggie Worcestershire sauce Assembly: Combine all of Mixture 1 in a large bowl. Mush together -- best with hands. Add Mixture 2 & mix well, again, best with your hands. Add the cooked lentils - & fold in gently! Press into a loaf pan. Spoon the Optional Topping (Mixture 3) onto top of loaf. Bake, covered w/foil at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Uncover & bake 15 mins more till top begins to brown. (I stick a knife in it to make sure it's not soggy in the middle.) This is a lot of work, but very good. Serve with traditional potatoes & gravy type dinner, or as “meat loaf” sandwiches. One friend wrote & told me she mixed a couple of slices into pasta sauce -- she broke them apart with a fork & said it was delish.
  8. Thanks for sharing! If there's anything I love more than Vegenaise & nutritional yeast, I'm not sure what it would be. I would never have thought of mixing the two!
  9. Welcome Yogita Chiquita! Great screen name. And who is the beautiful dog in your avatar?
  10. CrispyQ


    Welcome Drummer! You've found the right place for that!! I like that! I will make that my mantra while working out. BTW, Gorilla, you're avatar rocks!
  11. Welcome wnddrrwmnn & RawFigure! So glad you both found this great community. I recently chatted with a woman who runs a mostly vegetarian cooking school & she said they call a raw foods diet a "living foods diet." Have either of you heard that term? BTW, I love Vegas, but only for about 48 hours, then I gotta get out. One of the characters on CSI said, "Vegas is the most artificial place in the world." I've got to agree. But I do enjoy playing blackjack!
  12. Welcome VirgoKitten. You're in the right place for both goals!
  13. Sea Siren: Over a 100 pound squat???? Jay: I can't wait to learn your secret to constant motivation! Jonathan: I don't know much about strongman events. How are they cardio? Will: Is that Hell's Gym where you can "feel the burn"? 9nines: I'm envious! Exercise has always been drudgery for me. Offense: Do you teach dance or work in dance? Curious how you get so many hours in. I think dancing is a great way to exercise. Kathryn: Wow! What a comprehensive workout routine! I aspire to that but am happy if I get 3 cardios & 3 strengths in per week. QuestEngine: Great advice on the 'one rep' motivation. I've found that works well for me too. Tell myself I only have to do a few minutes & if I still don't want to I can stop. I have never stopped! Great responses! Thanks guys! Lot's to consider here.
  14. This is sort of a mult-question poll. I'm curious about your workout habits. Also, I'm in a rut & could use some inspiration. Sometimes just reading about others workouts helps get me back into the groove. So . . . >>How many hours a week do you devote to working out? >>What percentage of that time do you allocate to strength? cardio? stretching? >>Which type of workout do you like best? Any particular exercise or routine you like best? >>Do you like working out alone or with others? >>When you get in a slump, how do you motivate yourself or do just apply sheer discipline to continue?
  15. Thanks Raven. My sister has an ice cream maker so maybe I will borrow hers. I will post something when I try it, although it will probably be closer to summer.
  16. Grrrr.... Sorry to hear about your experience, wannalift. It really is more about who you know than what you know. If you fit in, poor performance is frequently overlooked. If you don't fit in, but your performance is stellar, it won't matter. If they don't like you, they'll find a way to oust you. Just my cynical view of the corporate world.
  17. Oh Raven, this sounds awesome! It also looks way healthier than regular ice cream. However, I don't have an ice cream maker -- how important is that? Can I just place it in the freezer or will it affect the outcome? The mint choco-chip sounds really good too!
  18. Welcome Matt! We look forward to getting to know you!
  19. That brings a smile to my face too! I love when companies like McD's get a little payback.
  20. If someone was there I would give it away. However, it would not go home to my kitchen/fridge while waiting to find someone to give it to. But like I said, that's my perspective. Regardless, it makes me glad to have people on this planet like you who even consider such issues! So many times that has happened! Usually with a product that has many ingredients, which I try to avoid, but it still happens.
  21. I appreciate taking values & beleifs seriously -- hell, I take my vegan values seriously & I do not like people poking fun of something that I think is a very solemn, ethical issue. But to become violent because of it? To kill someone because of it? My convictions are not so fragile that I cannot tolerate another's criticisim or mockery of them. And they are especially not so fragile that I would violate them simply to retaliate.
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