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  1. I knew someone from the vegan police would comment. Nat, once the girl said there was no meat in the dish I would not have challenged her. If I had any doubt that she had checked or was being truthful I would have ordered something else. The responsibility of eating totally vegan is ours, not the waitstaffs, not even if we ask them with a 'pretty please.' Eating out is one of the trickest events for vegans. Your best defense for eating out is familiarity with the place you are eating at & the people who work there. If you have time, a call ahead works wonders, too. Fortunately, I hardly ever eat out & I am a great cook.
  2. Welcome NFMS! I'll be looking for some of your creations over on the recipe forum!
  3. Welcome Liz! Great work on the weight loss & the committment to fitness!
  4. Courtney, thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures of your special day! The very best to you & Thomas! "If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you." -Winnie the Pooh
  5. Very nice! When I look at the vastness of space I don't feel small & insignificant. Instead, I feel endless potential & possibilities. And that July 2 shot may not be of the cosmos, but it is fantastic!
  6. We rarely go out to eat. Remember Fight Club? I try to eat as vegan as possible when I go out, but frequently settle for the most vegetarian item on the menu. Call me a vegan slackard, but I'd rather end up eating a bit of whey or milk product in a vegetarian dish than pissing off my waitstaff to the point where they add some kind of totally icky non-vegan "ingredient" to my dinner. Sounds paranoid, I know, but many, many years ago I dated a cook & the stories he told about what they did to the food of people that pissed them off, well . . . I also assume the great sounding veggie soup is animal based. Funny how so many people do not see broth as a meat item.
  7. Vegdad, I'm glad you liked this. I think this stuff is fantastic! If you search VegWeb for "Dragonfly" she has posted other great recipes. I wanted to update how I make this. I use my $20 Krups spice grinder to grind the cashews. It makes a perfect powder! It takes a bit more time cuz the grinder doesn't hold very much, but when I used my food processor the cashews were grainy & when I used my Vitamix it went from grainy to butter in about 2 whirrs. I dump the cashew powder into a bowl, add the nutritional yeast & onion & garlic granules & mix well with a pastry blender. Sometimes, for a richer taste I use 1/2 cup less of the nutritional yeast. I've made great nachos with this. I also made a good "enchilada" dish. First, I added a small can of green chiles to the cheese sauce. I spread a corn tortilla (the soft kind) with a spicy TVP mixture, then smothered with the cheese sauce & bake. Top with lettuce & tomato & Yum! I also added some vegan parmesan cheese to make a respectable Alfredo sauce. I get about 12 cups of cheese sauce out of the mix. This stuff is very versatile & delicious!
  8. They both just taste salty to me. I buy low sodium tamari. It's a bit off topic, but I have a hard time finding vegan egg roll wrappers. Any suggestions, anyone?
  9. ROFL -- any new love that didn't like my animals would be out on their keester. BadCharlie was returned because "this cat meows too much." He was the most vocal cat I've ever known! Booyah was returned because a child developed allergies to him. It is sad that people do not take their committments to their animals seriously. To get a dog or cat with the attitude that "if it doesn't work out I can take him to the pound" is just wrong. Makes me wonder how many would take their children to the 'pound' if it were as easy.
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    Welcome to VBB, Chris!
  11. CrispyQ

    Hi, there!

    Welcome, tdog! Great screen name.
  12. Happy Birthday, Nat!!! I hope someone baked you some of these! http://pic4.picturetrail.com/VOL728/2745263/9507627/160979032.jpg
  13. Corn. And just about anything made with corn. Corn chips, polenta, corn on the cob, cream of corn soup, corn fritters, corn bread.
  14. I love to hear ACV testomonials. It has so many uses!!
  15. These look really good, VeganBunny! Thanks for sharing.
  16. Oh, Finn, I'm so sorry about Indy. I believe putting a pet down in one of the hardest decisions we can make. Nicole, that tatto is beautiful!
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