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  1. Prick & dick are every bit as derogatory as pussy. With the exception of Dick Cheney, I try not to use any of these words as descriptives.
  2. I read this yesterday & was saddened beyond belief. "There is no global warming & even if there is it is not caused by human activity."
  3. I think Evolution offers vegan dog food: http://www.vegancats.com/pages/1001/Ordering-Product_Info.htm
  4. I'd use maple syrup. I love the stuff!
  5. CrispyQ


    Welcome Brian!
  6. That is The Best Description Ever of brussel sprouts.
  7. Holy Steep Hill People! What a great workout!! Bet she had fun!!
  8. I have no problem with referring to the private parts of a woman as her pussy. However, it is exactly because of this close connection of the word to women, that when the word is used as a way to put down someone, it perpetrates the association of adjectives, such as weak, helpless, powerless, with women. Nat said: LOL -- you crack me up!
  9. When I get in a little better shape, I'm gonna try going up in lunges. Yowza!
  10. I have only ever seen the small brown ones. The one in your pic looks like some type of alien.
  11. Generally this is how I look at it. There are a few companies that I try not to support with any product purchases at all. Proctor & Gamble is one.
  12. Welcome Bienvenido! Mexican culture has contributed some fine things to my life!! Excellent food, good beer & Acuapolo Gold!
  13. Welcome Christianna! Now that the blinders are off, your journey will never be the same. The only perfect vegan is a dead vegan. Most vegans see veganism as a journey not a destination. We realize we live in an imperfect world where animal exploitation permeates every aspect of our culture. When it comes to choosing what we eat, wear, put on our faces, take for our headaches, etc. we try to choose things that cause the least amount of harm possible. My point is, don't kick yourself if you don't always make the best choices. Just do better next time.
  14. Hi Lizzy. Good for you, making a commitment to a more compassionate lifestyle. The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen is a great cookbook with recipes based on whole foods, of which most ingredients should be available to you. Check it out. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1557883599/ref=pd_bxgy_text_b/104-4550177-3714357?%5Fencoding=UTF8
  15. I've found a lovely hill that has become my favorite workout. It is about a 1/3 of a mile long. It starts out fairly steep for the first third of the hill. Then it eases off somewhat for the second third, but still goes upwards. The last third is steeper than all get-out! The sidewalk is very wide. It is landscaped with lovely trees & tons of flowery shrubs. There are lots of birds & a few squirrels. And, it gets hardly any foot or bike traffic at all! I get into a sort of Zen state going up & down & up & down & up & down . . . Yesterday I read in a Shape magazine that while walking up a steep hill, to use your butt more, take longer, slower strides. Today I tried it & holy gluteus maximus, they were right! The whole workout was harder. I really felt it in my butt & legs & I was breathing much harder at the top of the hill.
  16. Agreed. No matter how they try to cover or diffuse it, there is an underlying stench in & around the meat department. Have you read Fast Food Nation? He has an entire chapter on smell of food. He visited a company that specializes in scent. They took him to a room, blindfolded him & then brought out various items for him to identify by scent only. He said he smelled the most tantalizing French fries, lucious strawberries, grilled burgers. When they took the blindfold off, in front of him were little strips of paper that had been scented with their product.
  17. What a lovely design & beautiful work! Is that your arm?
  18. I know other vegans who switched life style for health & eventually became animal adovcates. Welcome mm!
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