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  1. LOL. A friend once asked me how a vegan can be overweight. Oh, those poor meaters simply can't imagine all the wonderful vegan food there is. Welcome DV!!
  2. Congrats, Robert. I've never heard of the Hippocrates Health Institute before. They have some amazing testamonials on their site. Makes me shake my head that most people eat junk & wonder at their health woes.
  3. I like this part: But can laser coding and beautiful fruit bowls coexist? "Anything that permanently changes the fruit is going to be a hard sell," Mr. Harris said, "especially to buyers of organic produce." Students of still-life painting might agree. "For literally hundreds of years, artists have immersed themselves in the color and curvature of the perfect peach or apple," said Joseph Rishel, a curator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art who specializes in Cézanne. "So a tattoo sounds like a desecration." "But then again," Mr. Rishel said, "there are those who say that Cézanne himself used artificial fruit."
  4. Welcome Isaac! Have you tried soy yoghurt? Silk's vanilla is pretty good.
  5. Welcome veganpotter! I love your sig line, especially the cauliflower one!!
  6. Check out VegWeb's new homepage! http://vegweb.com/
  7. I know a woman who has been on Atkins for a couple of years. She lost about 40 pounds & has kept it off, & her figure is great. But her skin is awful - & she used to have very nice skin. Also her hair is falling out. She says it's coming out in clumps, which is probably an exageration but her hair is looking skank. She is seeing a doctor who is doing all sorts of tests. He knows she's on Atkins, yet he never suggests her diet might be the problem.
  8. How many head of cattle will big-agra be allowed to cover with one ID device? I don't defend any part of the meat business but big-agra should not get special legislation to protect their business! This legislation is shit.
  9. Those are some great compost bins, jjaj! Compost intimidates me.
  10. CrispyQ


    Welcome Ian! CollegeB, love your new photo!
  11. Interestingly, I've had better results with raw apple cider vinegar than lemon juice. To make buttermilk for baking, pour 2 Tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar into the bottom of a one cup measure. Top with milk. Stir. Let sit for approx 3-5 minutes.
  12. Great pics! Sounds interesting! What did your folks say when you told them the ingredients?
  13. Thanks for the great info, SeaSiren! When I switched to using 'buttermilk' with my biscuits instead of plain milk I had much better biscuits. Now I know why I make the best biscuits ever. As for salt: http://www.progressivebaker.com/resources/tips_effects_of_salt.shtm Excellent questions, Nat!!
  14. Welcome Meg! We just adopted a dog from the shelter. He is a joy! I've loved every dog I've ever had but this guy is just so special! And he loves me back. I hope your parents are as happy with their dog.
  15. Ohhhh, another cookbook to get! Welcome Liz! Great photo of the dogs!
  16. I'm so sorry to read this sad news. I will hope for the best for you & your family & hold you close in my thoughts during this difficult time.
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