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  1. Raven, the ice cream maker is an electric one but uses rock salt & ice. I saw it at Amazon for about $35 & was going to order it. Then I went to my local Ace hardware for nails & they had the same one for $29 so I got it. I'll let you know when I make something.
  2. Welcome kat! Cool that you've been a veggie all your life!
  3. ***You Are 38% Evil*** A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well. In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil. I'm not surprised to see that not believing in G-d is an indicator of evil. Holy shit.
  4. Another Artistic Career Type here.
  5. We have some of the best recycling in Boulder county! Most garbage collection companies offer curb side recycling which is sooooooo nice! There are other facilities that take hard-to-recycle items, including the #5 plastic, styrofoam (always offered after Christmas!), hazardous wastes, building materials, all sorts of amazing things. However, the consumer has to drop these items off at the facility & being not-for-profit I'm certain they will not pay shipping. If you have any sort of recycling center near you, call & ask if they can recommend a place that will take #5. It's great that so many more containers are recyclable, but it is really only recyclable if you have a place to drop it off.
  6. Not to mention the cruelty of restraining her in a rape rack & artificially inseminating her to keep her pregnant & 'nursing' for most of her adult life. When she is spent, off to the slaughterhouse with her. People have no fucking clue what goes on in the dairy industry. Sadly, even if they did, most would rationalize this henious behavior to avoid the inconvenience of changing their life style.
  7. Ohhhhhh, yum!! That looks delish! And such a charming photo with the flowers. So, guess what I bought yesterday? http://pic4.picturetrail.com/VOL728/2745263/9507627/149386385.jpg I see more aerobics in my future!
  8. Welcome David! My husband & I have both noticed that our hair grows faster & thicker since taking up inversion. We have a nifty inversion table.
  9. CrispyQ


    Do you have photos?
  10. Smile!! That's the best advice yet!!
  11. CrispyQ


    Ohh a ballerina! I have very fond memories of ballet class when I was a girl. Welcome Alexandra!!
  12. A friend & I debate this frequently. She says no way they help. I don't see why they wouldn't work - although I don't do any! There are devices you can purchase that supposedly target specific muscles in the face. Here are some before/after shots of women who used one of those devices: http://www.biof.com/onlinestore/facialflexbefore&after.asp Google "facial exercies" & "facial toning device" for more links.
  13. Welcome gcharles! I have a gay veggie friend whose parents feel the same way! And ditto on the veggie dogs at the stadium!
  14. Welcome back & congrats on the wedding. Wow! That sounds like one rockin' honeymoon! I would love to tour the US. We have such a beautiful country.
  15. Welcome Dorothy! I like weeds too! Great Grandma, "why are you so fat if you only eat veggies?" That cracked me up!!
  16. A young comedian once asked why we call that bottom drawer in your fridge a crisper. "Any time I put something in there it rots. They should call it a rotter." 1) your garlic - in a dark cupboard 2) potatoes - If I'm going to use them within a day or so I leave them out. Otherwise in the bottom drawer of the fridge. 3) green leafies - First I wash them, then spin them dry, then pat them dry & store in a plastic container in the fridge. I'm very particular about my greens! 4) tomatoes - on the counter unless they are getting soft - then the fridge. Generally I dice them when they are ripe & store the dice in the fridge. 5) kiwis - retch 6) mushrooms - I toss them onto a dry dish towel, wrap them up, put the towel in a plastic bag & put the bag in the fridge. Keep the plastic bag loosely open -- don't twist or tie it shut. They don't get slimy this way. 7) avocados -- on the counter to ripen. In the fridge once sliced. mangoes - never had one - can you believe it? 9) bananas - on the counter unless they are getting too ripe, then in the fridge I think you have to consider your local temperature & humidity when storing things in the open. I live in a semi-arrid area & only have to worry about things in the summer when it gets very hot. BTW, you can scrub those spout things off your spuds. I think garlic likes to be in the dark. I've had yellow onions & garlic sprout. Plants are so cool. Good thread!
  17. I should also tell you that I didn't add the seasoning salt. 3 tablespoons sounded like alot & I don't like salt much anyway, so I left it completely out.
  18. We love garlic & onions, too. I'll definitely try it your way next time.
  19. I've only seen the Ener-G stuff at health food stores.
  20. Good article. The list of foods you eat has more variety than most meat eaters, I'll bet.
  21. I tried the Silk vanilla yesterday & it's really good. If you like adding granola/fruit/etc to your yoghurt this would be a good one to add to.
  22. This recipe was a combo of two different stuffed shroom recipes I had tried before. Definitely modify next time you make them! I've always greased the shrooms individually, but as long as the pan is greased that should work. As for the 4 T Earth Balance, try cutting it out or perhaps halving it. Glad you liked these. Post any mods you make in the future, ok?
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