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  1. Ok Crash, I checked out some ice cream makers online yesterday. Amazon has reviews of the ice cream makers they sell so I got some of my info there & some from other sellers. The more common & usually cheaper varieties (under $100), have a bowl that comes out & you have to freeze the bowl overnight in the freezer. You mix all your ingredients, pour into the bowl & then put it in the machine to mix. Everyone says it makes more of a soft serve type ice cream - which I love. If you want it harder, you put it in the freezer overnight. There are other makers where you don't need to freeze the bowl. I was surprised to see there are makers that cost $500!! I'm thinking about the 2 quart Cuisinart I saw at Amazon. It's approx $70 & one of the reviewers said she likes the 2 quart bowl over the 1.5 quart bowl cuz some recipes say they are good for 1.5 but are really to the brim & it makes a mess. This also makes yoghurt & sorbet. I LOVE sorbet! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0006ONQOC/qid=1147357424/sr=8-2/ref=pd_bbs_2/104-4550177-3714357?%5Fencoding=UTF8&v=glance&n=284507 One of the reviewers warns that this appliance could be dangerous to your waistline. Yesterday afternoon all I could think of was a root beer float with homemade vegan very, very vanilla ice cream!
  2. I'm sure they'd love to do that & eventually they will. To those in charge, the corporations & their human minions, the masses are nothing more than another resource to be managed & manipulated. As for the cows without legs, I am once again shocked at the inhumanity of humanity. It's interesting to listen to people argue that what we do to animals is ok because "they have no soul." Our behavior signifies that we are the ones without a soul.
  3. Do you - or anyone for that matter - have suggestions for what kind of ice cream maker to get? Some of the recipes say to place the ice cream maker in the freezer first. ???? What is the point of that? I really want to make Raven's peppermint stick ice cream & am thinking about getting an ice cream machine.
  4. Really? The noodles cook completely? Would this also work for lasgana & stuffed shells, do you think?
  5. Lovely girls! And you're looking great too, btw! Nice to see you back! Makes mental note to self: Vegan Madre is back -- check the recipe section!
  6. You are a kind soul to take on 4 kittens. Me? I would be worried I keep them all. Good luck finding them homes when they are ready. Not sure you will be able to take that furry cutie from your little cuite's arms, though! Great shot!
  7. George Carlin says that America is a country afraid of germs & that we're pansies cuz of all the anti-bacterial this & that which we rub onto ourselves & spray into our environment. He says he builds his immunity by not washing his hands after going to the bathroom. What amazes me even more is how many people do not wash their hands before eating. And I won't even go into how many sandwich shops the person making the sandwich takes your money & then goes on to make another sandwich. Money is filthy! Years ago I worked as a clerk & when I would wash my hands the water was grey with filth. I would watch co-workers eat their lunch with dirty hands. ~~retch
  8. I don't see any Smurf blue frosting. Maybe they would customize that fudge cake for you?
  9. CrispyQ

    Hi from NH!

    Welcome Pam! There are a few of us who want to drop a few pounds. I've found calorie reduction without cutting out my favorite foods is the best diet for me. Otherwise I start to feel deprived & then fall off the wagon hard! I also allow myself one treat day a week -- usually Friday. I frequently buy what my husband has come to call the "comfort doughnut." Friday morning I walk to the store, get a couple pieces of fruit, a small bit of granola, SILK yogurt & a doughnut. For the past 6 weeks, the doughnut is still sitting on the counter come Sunday. It's old, stale & dried out, but it helped me to know it was there if I wanted it. Silly I know, but little things like that can really help you mentally. You'll find lots of inspiration here. If I don't feel like working out, I log on, visit this site & before you know it, I'm up off my butt doing something.
  10. Welcome libbyblue! Can't wait to read your recipes!
  11. Welcome MontanaVegan! I have fond memories of summers spent in Montana & Idaho. Beautiful country!
  12. Ahhhhhh . . . Randall Flagg. The Walkin' Man. The Crow. ~snort . . . I LOVED "The Stand"!! I started it one night, read till 3am or so & called in sick the next two days to finish it. (yeah, I'm a slow reader, but I asorb it.) And Heinlein . . . "Stranger In a Strange Land" was my first Heinlein. His "Cat" book was one I remember. As for Vonnegut, words cannot express . . . Many of the classic sci fi authors I read 20 - 25 years ago. I'm always interested in other people's sci fi reading suggestions. On some forum (was it this one?????) there was a discussion about "Contact" the book vs. "Contact" the movie. Have you seen & read "Contact"?
  13. I'm a sci fi junkie. I can deal with some fantasy but some of it is a bit over the top. CS Friedman's Coldfire triology was great & "The Madness Season" is one of the best group mind books I've ever read. Although now that I think of it, "Ender's Game " & "Speaker for the Dead" were also good group mind stories, Speaker having the additional attraction of the AI, Jane, in it. Gibson's Sprawl series is classic. And I cannot forget to give tribute to my first sci fi love, Isaac Asimov. As for horror, "It" was the only horror book to really scare me. To this day I will not walk close to a sewer grate. Pennywise has to be one of the all time great horror characters.
  14. Brandon, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I will certainly remember her in my thoughts & hope the best for her & your family. Hugs.
  15. Welcome Diver. I'm sorry to hear about your ferret friend Rorty. I have had several different types of animal friends in my life, but never a ferret. The loss of every animal I've ever had has been very painful, but yes, there are some that you become especially attached to. They are sure cute little creatures. Thanks for telling us about them. Me too. Sadly I don't have much hope or love for my species. I know some outstanding individuals, but as a collective, we suck. Nat said: You rock, Nat! What a great story! Nat said: Definitely not illiterate, but frequently hilarious!
  16. Holy sweet tooth, Raven! I'm going to have to try that pecan ice cream & praline recipe soon! Some of my favorite things: pecans, maple syrup, dates. Yum. That choco pudding recipe sounds intriguing. And it's a good day to buy avacados with it being Cinco de Mayo.
  17. Just wait till Thanksgiving when your dear old Gram starts to harp on you to eat turkey. To paraphrase a great orator, you are the decider of what you eat & also if you want to discuss your diet or not. If you choose to discuss your vegan-ness you would do well to arm yourself with knowledge & be prepared for the typical type of retorts you will hear. Such as: Where do you get your protein? Where do you get your calcium? Humans were meant to eat meat. You can't be healthy if you don't eat meat. G-d gave us the animals to do with what we want. Millions of bugs get killed in the harvesting of vegetables so how is that vegan? And on & on & on & on. I also frequent a liberal board where I am stunned how un-liberal most of the members are on the issue of vegetarianism. You will meet resistance with almost everyone you mention it to & your family will probably be the worst. Here is a site with many, many informative articles on veganism that will help you when you encounter those "neanderthal brainwashed zombie counterparts." http://www.vegsource.com/ And finally, the best way to open people's minds about veganism is to treat them to delish vegan food. Consider making something really scrumptious & taking it into work.
  18. Welcome Wayne. Head over to the recipes forum for some great tasting vegan meals -- most are whole foods & low cost. Here's another great site for recipes: http://vegweb.com/index.php?action=recipes
  19. Welcome Gnat! You'll find this to be a friendly, supportive board.
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