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  1. I am standing with you Robert. If each of us put our hearts in the place of the person we are talking to, our compassion expands, there are no differences so great as to cause separation. Let us work together to be a large and very special family. With Deepest Bows to All, jonzen
  2. Welcome Duke! You've come to a good place. There are many fine spirits here who are ethically and physically dedicated to benefiting our planet. Welcome to the boards! I am looking forward to learning more about you. With Deepest Bows in Your Direction, jonzen
  3. So fine! The CD cover is marvelous.... and the painting (is it a painting?) is wonderful! The imagery is very moving to me. With Deepest Bows, jonzen
  4. I recently saw ZEITGEIST. A very powerful film! I think everyone should see it. Regarding the Z-Day actions: Are there any planned for Portland?? Maybe some of us VBB&F people could gather in one spot, like in front of Food Fight(?) and mindfully protest Mr. Bush's regime? Ideas? Robert? Jessifly?? At least we could be in solidarity mindfully wherever we are for a set time? Palms Together, jonzen
  5. Welcome back home JW! I returned here just recently myself. Good to see your name on the boards again! I think that witnessing a death is very powerful, and that it can cause one to think about one's own death and weigh the energy we call life. Perhaps you went deep into yourself and explored your feelings about the passing of your special canine companion... I honor you in this time and send you good energy in friendship. With Deepest Bows in Your Direction JW, jonzen
  6. jonzen


    It's nice to meet you Wot?! I think it is great that you made the step forward, to join in with us here on the boards. I think it is good to share experiences with one another and to make some friends with similar ethics and goals. You've come to a good place! Welcome! With Deepest Bows in Your Direction, Palms Together, jonzen
  7. BodhiDave85, Man, I am so proud of what you are achieving! I was also a "fat kid" in school, having to wear "huskies" and being made fun of by all the kids, so I know what you may have experienced. I think it is so good that you are focusing on your health and your body now! Keep it up! At the rate you are going, I can't wait to see how you will be looking in 6 months! With Deepest Bows in Your Direction, jonzen
  8. jonzen


    Welcome Emilia, yes I think you are correct in observing the tone of this forum. I have found the people here to be very supportive, instructional and friendly. Welcome to the boards, I look forward to learning more about you! Palms Together, jonzen
  9. Great idea Phil! Speaking of super heros......I just discovered a gaysuperhero page on myspace! Have you seen it? If you want, let me know and I can forward a link to it. There are some amazing images on there! I think superheros are hot! A triptych of superhero figures sounds like a great idea for a painting project!
  10. Gosh, Phillipeb, now you've got me wondering! A hole in my vegan lifestyle? I have not checked out my paints!!! I have been using acrylic paint on canvas or masonite or MDF panel since I started back in......oh, never mind...! ha! Anyway.... I generally use Liquitex, but lately like Golden, sometimes just Basic (I think that's a Liquitex product too?) or Winsor & Newton Galleria brand. Now I wonder if any of this is vegan? God, what if it isn't?? What would I do then? Oy Vey! I always use Daniel Smith gessos for underpainting panels and canvas and other foundations. It is the best quality I have found, but again, I do not know if it is vegan friendly! Anyone in our forum know about this??? I'd love to be educated on this subject, and soon! Namaste, jonzen
  11. Yes! I can definitely see that drawing interpreted into painting! I wish I was closer, I'd be happy to help you get into painting! If you have any questions please ask, okay? And thanks for the ADD on myspace and the comment about "The Guardian" painting.......that was one of the last pieces I did in California......I painted myself as a tiger in Napa Valley, and the starlings were all the new people flying into the valley, changing the way of life there. Now I know that this seems to happen everywhere! With Deepest Bows, jonzen
  12. Yep, what I've got here is a vegan built body. I am getting back into the gym again after about 6 months plus off, trying out yoga too. I feel fantastic and a lot of people think I am much younger than I am. So yeah! The Vegan diet and philosophy works for me! Deepest Bows, jonzen
  13. Hey Phillipeb! Your Squid Walk piece is really interesting! Is it going to be a painting? You've got a great understanding of form and dimension. Nice work! jonzen
  14. Okay, here is my workspace. No room for work though! ha! http://a976.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/125/l_1970de146235a9e93f92d8badae5b3f7.jpg
  15. jonzen

    Hi members

    Warmest Greetings Nigel! Welcome to the boards! Tell us something about yourself please? With Deepest Bows, jonzen
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