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  1. Working figuring out a workout plan that is a good mix of cycling and weight lifting. Did my 2nd race this past weekend. Didn't do so hot but I still finished and had fun. Stepping up my game now.
  2. Well... I have been lazy once again. Not hitting the gym consistently or riding my bike like I should be. I have only put in maybe 50 miles in the past week or so on the bike. The weather is much nicer now so that is going to change. I am also getting back to the basics with my lifting. I pulled out my copy of the encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding and am started the basic program in there. A couple of years ago I followed this and start getting huge then fell off again. I have a real issue with that that I need to work on. Anyway here was my workout today... DB Bench 15x45 12x55 8x60 8x65 Fly Machine 15x90 12x105 10x120 8x150 Incline BB Bench 15x45 12x75 10x85 6x110 Bent Over BB Rows 15x65 12x85 10x125 8x145 Lat Pull Down 15x80 12x110 12x130 12x170 DEADS 10x135 6x185 3x225 Crunches 5 sets of 25 Food wise I kept things simple. Protein shakes, oats, 1 banana, NOW Carbo Gain, seitan, broccoli and sweet potatoes. I still have a salad to eat today and a protein shale before bed. Arms and shoulders tomorrow.
  3. The Kris Gethin plan is awesome. I was doing it earlier this year and it was awesome. Sadly I fell off at week 9-10 and never got back on track until now. Keep up the great work dude!
  4. have you had a lot of experience with this website? it seems nearly too good to be true. I have been ordering from these guys for the past year or so. Top notch stuff.
  5. So I fell off the wagon a bit. Between wanting to eat regular food and being busy being a dad things just got carried away. Ihave been riding my bike like a maniac (about 450 miles so far this year) when the weather permits but the gym was kind of put on hold. But not anymore! Monday I restarted my 12 week workout plan from day 1. Starting to eat better in general (not as strict as before but still clean/healthy). Just ignore the two donuts and 7 ginger o's I ate tonight. To be honest I feel better after a solid workout and eating good as hell. Tonight I am just not feeling that. That's what I get for eating some bad stuff today. Anyway... My weight never went high or anything like that. This morning I weighed in at 212.4. I sadly lost some muscle mass and gained some fat from when I was at my peak. A couple of other things I am changing... I am actually going to take days off and let my body rest properly. I won't eat like crap (like I did today) but just carry on with my regular day. All of my cardio will be cycling based. I love it too much and I have a goal of 1500 miles to meet by the end of the riding season. So here are my workouts from the past two days. 04.23.12 - 01/84 Legs Leg Press 20x90 20x90 20x90 12x180 12x230 12x230 Lying Hamstring Curl 15x30 15x30 12x60 12x60 12x60 Leg Extensions 20x60 20x60 20x90 16x120 Leg Press 15x180 15x180 15x180 15x180 04.24.12 - 02/84 Chest / Triceps DB Bench 10x40 10x45 10x50 10x55 10x60 7x65 Incline Fly 15x30 12x35 Pullovers 12x40 10x50 Rope Extension 12x90 12x100 10x100 Behind Head Cable Press 12x60 12x70 12x90 Overhead DB Extension (seated) 12x30 11x40 8x50 04.25.12 - 03/84 Rest Day Ran some errands around town. Really wanted to ride the bike but the it rained all day.
  6. 03.22.12 Evening LBS group ride - 24.1 miles in 1:27:55. 16.4 mph average.
  7. 03.22.12 SUPERSET Cable Row 12x90 12x100 12x110 12x130 Decline DB Bench 12x40 12x45 12x50 12x60 SUPERSET Bent Over BB Row 12x95 12x115 12x135 Incline DB Fly 12x25 12x35 10x40 Cable Crossover 12x40 12x50 10x60 Lat Pulldown 12x105 12x135 12x150
  8. 03.21.12 Another solid 20 miles in 1:14:14. 16.1 mph average. Feeling good. Need to get faster.
  9. 03.20.12 Biceps / Triceps Twists (before and after lifting) - 150 Each Side (300 total) with an 18lb medicine ball SUPERSET Preacher Curls 12x40 12x50 10x60, 10x40, 10x30 Dip Machine 12x80 12x110 10x125, 10x95, 10x80 SUPERSET EZ Bar Curls 12x50 12x60, 12x50 10x70 Tri Pushdown 12x80 12x100, 12x90 12x120 Hammercurls 12x15 12x20 12x25 Tri Behind Head Press 12x50 12x60 12x65 Notes: Feeling good. Bummed on the few pounds I gained since being off my program. Getting back into the swing of things with cycling as my main focus. I need to figure out a good weight training program that goes along with the cycling. One week till my race!
  10. 03.19.12 Put in a quick 20.2 miles in 1:14:27 with an average of 16.2 mph. Slowly getting faster/better. Only one week till my first race!
  11. 03.15.12 Group ride with the local bike shop. 20 miles in 1:16:18 with an average of 15.7. Good ride and had a great average going until we hit some tough hills. Brought down my average but I need to ride out those hills to get better.
  12. 03.15.12 Back / Biceps SUPERSET Cable Rows 15x100 12x110 12x120 12x140 Lat Pulldown 15x90 12x105 12x120 10x135 Deadlifts 3x10x135 Hammer Curls 20x15 12x20 10x25 Bicep EZ Bar Curls 15x40 12x50 10x60 6x70 DB Bicep Curls 15x20 12x25 8x30 Spent most of the day yesterday doing yard work. So that was my workout for the day. Doing a group ride with one of the local bike shops tonight. Stoked!
  13. 03.12.12 Chest / Triceps Decline Bench 15x45 12x50 10x60 DB Bench 12x50 10x65 6x70 Incline Fly 12x25 10x30 10x35 Tricep V-Bar Pushdown 15x90 12x120 10x140 Behind Head Cable Press 15x80 12x90 10x110 Notes: Worked out at night instead of the morning today. Didn't feel like doing anything today and got pissed at myself for not doing anything so I went ahead and sucked it up and ended up having a great lifting session. Weather has been amazing lately. Going to get out on the bike again tomorrow. Probably knock out another 30 miles tomorrow, weights/hard cycling Wednesday and then a group ride with the LBS Thursday.
  14. 03.11.12 Bike Ride 31.2 miles in 02:01:17. Avg of 15.4 mph
  15. 03.08.12 Biceps / Triceps SUPERSET DB Bicep Curl 15x20 15x25 12x30 10x35 Tri Cable Press 15x50 15x70 15x90 12x110 SUPERSET BB Curl 15x40 15x50 12x60 Dip Machine 15x75 15x95 12x110 SUPERSET Hammer Curls 15x15 15x20 12x25 Tri Cable Push Down 15x80 15x100 12x120
  16. 03.06.12 Hit the gym hard today with a chest and back superset. SUPERSET Lat Pull Down Machine 50x45 40x60 30x75 20x90 10x120 Incline DB Bench 50x25 40x30 30x35 20x40 10x45 SUPERSET Cable Rows 10x120 20x100 30x80 40x60 50x40 Cable Crossover 10x60 16x50 25x40 35x30 50x20 A few hours later after a decent pasta, beans and broccoli meal I went out on the bike and rode the following... 34.8 miles in 1:53:36 with an average of 18.3 mph. I had a great tail wind behind me most of the ride which was nice when it came to climbing Got up to a top speed of 34.2 which is now the fastest I have ever been on my bike.
  17. Easy 35 minute spin on the trainer. Going to hit the gym and do some interval training on the trainer tomorrow.
  18. Switching things around a bit... Signed up for my first cycling Criterium race at the end of the month. Instead of saying "I am going to train hard and make next year the year I start racing" I just went ahead and signed up for USAC and a race. So stoked! I only have a couple of weeks to bust my ass and train. My goal is to trying to finish in the top half (50 racers). It's a cat 5 race geared towards beginners. As long as I finish the race I will be happy. Have to start somewhere.
  19. Week 11, Day 2 Ventured out into the cold and road for 11.5 miles. MPH sucked but oh well. Just wanted to get out.
  20. Wow... Fell behind on updates... Week 10, Day 6 Took the whole day off to just chill. Week 10, Day 7 Spinned for 50 minutes on the trainer. Week 11, Day 1 Biceps / Triceps SUPERSET DB BI Curl 12x20 12x25 12x30 10x35 Tri DB Press 15x40 15x45 15x55 15x60 SUPERSET BI EZ Bar Curl 12x40 12x50 12x60 Tri Cable Pushdown 15x90 15x100 12x120
  21. Thanks dude! Yeah I was gone for a bit but now I am back in action!
  22. Week 10, Day 5 Legs / Shoulders 25 Minute Cardio before and after lifting Twists (before and after lifting) - 150 Each Side (300 total) with an 18lb medicine ball Leg Press 20x180 (legs at Bottom of plate) 20x180 (legs at Middle of plate) 20x180 (legs at Top of plate) 15x225 (legs at Bottom of plate) 15x225 (legs at Middle of plate) 15x225 (legs at Top of plate) Military DB Press 10x30 10x40 10x45 10x50 SUPERSET Side Lat Raises 12x20 12x25 Front DB Raises 12x15 12x20
  23. Week 10, Day 4 Cardio / Rest 50 minutes on the bike trainer in the basement. Notes: Goddamn do I love cycling. The trainer has become less boring since I have been so stoked for cycling this year. Not sure if this will be the year I actually start racing but I am taking my training to a whole nother level. My diet has been goodish. I have to stop the little bit of snacking on these super tasty chips we got from costco. Been very very light on the sugar. Kind of dying for a pb&j. The carbs I am playing pretty cool with also. Protein is still good. Adding some more variety has been awesome. Beans, tofurky products and stuff like that has been so delicious. Fat is good. Putting light amounts of tahini, the occasional almond milk and avocado in things. I know I have gained a little bit of weight back but I am ok with that. I am still lifting hard as fuck and now that I am cycling I am sure I will be fine. Or atleast I keep telling myself that. Lets see what happens in the next few weeks.
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