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  1. Progress pictures are posted here - viewtopic.php?f=48&t=27610
  2. Day 43/84 - Week 7, Day 1 Shoulders / Calves / Abs 25 Minute Cardio before and after lifting Twists (before and after lifting) - 150 Each Side (300 total) with a 18lb medicine ball DB Shoulder Press 10x30 10x35 10x50 7x60 Notes: Pushed hard as hell on that last set. 60 might be a PR. Side Lat Raises 10x15 10x15 10x20 10x30 10x30 Notes: Someone was using the 25's so I had to two do sets of 30. Struggled but knocked it out. Front DB Raise 10x15 10x20 10x20 10x25 Standing Cable Delt Raise 10x20 10x30 10x30, 10x20 Notes: Can't remember the last time I did this one. Pulled hard as hell but couldn't break 30 pounds. Wide Upright Rows 15x40 15x40 15x40 12x50 12x50 12x50 12x50 Notes: Nothing exciting here. Calf Raises (on leg press) 20x270 20x270 20x270 Leg Raise Crunches 3x20xBW Final Notes: Felt awesome after todays workout. My progress pictures are going up today. The difference from when I started to now is incredible. Can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks brings.
  3. Yes it is! Blue Raspberry is the best. Using it on a regular basis has really helped my recovery. And it tastes delicious. Right now I am doing 3 scoops on a gallon jug and drink that while I lift and sip on any leftover throughout the day and if I get tired of plain water I will have another scoop with 32 ounces of water.
  4. Day 42/84 - Week 6, Day 7 Rest/Cardio Spent the day at SoxFest! No cardio but the meals were on point. http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lyl574Svbj1qb8ozqo1_1280.jpg Shoulders, calves and abs tomorrow!
  5. Blue raspberry Xtend rules. Get a tub of that.
  6. Just had a small conversation with myself (sounds crazy but I swear it's not) while prepping meals for tomorrow and doing dishes and I came to this conclusion... I need to treat the next 6 weeks like contest prep. No more of the jumbo franks. Very limited salt. Proper sleep. Extra intensity at the gym. Keep the minimal chit chat even tighter than it is already. I didn't lose 15 pounds by doing all of those things. Kicking these last 6 weeks into a higher gear. Not sure if I actually lost any weight this past week but we shall see what the scale says on Monday. I need to keep a "warrior" mindset for the next 6 weeks. Un-fucking-stoppable
  7. Day 41/84 - Week 6, Day 6 Back & Biceps 25 Minute Cardio before and after lifting Twists (before and after lifting) - 150 Each Side (300 total) with a 18lb medicine ball Lat Pull Down 10x90 10x105 12x130 12x135 10x150 Notes: Went up 15 pounds on this. Very stoked. Focused on good slow reps and my form since I have gotten sloppy with this recently. One Arm DB Row 10x20 10x25 12x35 12x40 10x45 Notes: Another workout where my weight went up. Bent Over BB Row 10x65 10x85 12x105 12x125 12x155 Notes: Went up on this one also. Had to use straps on my last set. Grip still sucks. EZ Bar Curl 10x40 10x60 10x70 7x80 Notes: Haven't done 80 on this in a long time. Felt awesome. EZ Bar Concentration Curls 15x30 15x30 15x30 15x30 12x40 10x40 10x40 Notes: Was supposed to do machine preacher curls but I hate the machine we have at the gym. DB Bicep Curls 10x20 12x25 10x30 10x30 Notes: Last set was rough. Had to do a quick rest (a couple of seconds) halfway through in order to finish. Final notes: VERY pleased with my performance today. Put on some more tiger balm after my shower today. Food notes: I am dying for some sort of cheat meal during the middle of the day lately but I haven't broke. Started eating some Worthington Jumbo Franks as my protein here and there. Just to change things up. I am drinking 1.5-2 gallons of water a day so I am not really too worried about the sodium content and the fat content is only slightly higher than tofu. It's a good way for me to "cheat" without really cheating. Tomorrow is a rest/cardio day. Won't be able to do my cardio till later in the day because the wife, boy and myself are going to SOXFEST (Chicago White Sox) in the morning. I want to get there nice and early in order to get certain autographs (total baseball nerd). I plan on prepping my meals here in the next couple of hours and try to be in bed early. WEEK 7 starts Monday. So goddamn stoked. Just need to stay focused and keep the diet in check. Weigh in and probably some progress pictures coming on Monday.
  8. Day 40/84 - Week 6, Day 5 LEGS 25 Minute Cardio before and after lifting Twists (before and after lifting) - 150 Each Side (300 total) with a 18lb medicine ball Squats 10x95 10x135 8x155 8x155 Notes: At the point was neck was still very sore so I played it safe. I probably could have gone heavier but my quads were burning up either way. Lying Ham Curls 10x45 10x60 10x75 Notes: Nice and slow reps. Good Burn. Leg Press 12x90 15x180 15x180 15x180 Notes: Need to work on this and get my weight up higher. One Leg Leg Extensions 20x45 10x55 5x70 Notes: I switched my legs with almost zero rest. Felt awesome. Leg Press Machine 25x165 25x190 25x190 Notes: Burn burn burn. Final Notes: I spent the night before nursing my neck. Lots of switching back and forth between heating pads and ice packs. Helped for sure but not as much as the Tiger Balm I bought at CVS. That stuff works wonders.
  9. Day 39/84 - Week 6, Day 4 Chest/Triceps/Abs 25 Minute Cardio before and after lifting Twists (before and after lifting) - 150 Each Side (300 total) with a 18lb medicine ball DB Bench 10x25 10x40 8x65 5x75 Notes: First two sets were really light just to get the muscles warmed up. Some bouncing the weight to get things loose also. Decline DB Bench 10x25 10x40 8x55, 8x45, 8x35 Notes: Haven't done this one in awhile. Could have gone up another 5 pounds on each drop set. Incline DB Fly 10x25 10x30 10x40, 10x35 Notes: Felt awesome after that last drop set. Cable Crossover 10x40 12x50 10x70, 10x60 SUPERSET Skull crushers 10x30 10x40 10x50 Bent Arm Pullovers 10x30 10x40 10x50 Seated Tri Press 10x30 (standing) 10x35 (standing) 10x45 10x55 Notes: I had one more set to do but on the last set @ 55lbs I pinched a nerve at the base of my neck again. Same thing happened a week or two ago. This time it hurts more. Hopefully I can get rid of this soon. Machine Dips 10x60 10x90 10x105 Notes: Was supposed to be bench dips but I couldn't pull it off with this pain in my neck. Crunch Machine 15x45 12x60 12x60 Final Notes: My neck hurts like hell.
  10. What are three healthy things you do every day? Take my multivitamins Spend quality family time with my wife and son Lift weights like an animal
  11. Day 38/84 - Week 6, Day 3 Cardio/Rest Between driving all over the place today, dealing with stupid family drama and being sick I only put in 30 minutes of cardio today. Sick or not I am getting pumped for a good chest, triceps and abs day in the morning.
  12. Day 37/84 - Week 6, Day 2 Shoulders / Calves 25 Minute Cardio before and after lifting Twists (before and after lifting) - 150 Each Side (300 total) with a 18lb medicine ball SUPERSET Side Lat Raise 10x15 10x15 10x20, 10x15, 10x10 10x20, 10x15, 10x10 10x20, 10x15, 10x10 Front Plate Raise 10x25 10x25 10x25 10x25 SUPERSET Dumbbell Military Press 10x20 10x20 8x30, 8x25 8x40, 8x35 8x50, 8x45 Bent Over Delt Raise 10x15 10x15 12x25 12x25 12x25 Dumbbell Shrugs 20x60 20x70 20x70 SUPERSET Seated Calf Raise (on leg press machine) 12x225, 12x195, 12x165 12x255, 12x225, 12x195 Standing Calf Raise 2 sets of body weight till failure Final Notes: Weighed in at 217 today! Stoked as hell on that Switched tomorrow and today so I would not have three days off in a row. Felt really fatigued today. Especially on the lat raises. It's interesting that I really felt this today but on the videos that go along with the program that was covered today. As much as it sucks the video stated that it is a positive sign. Using stored fat as energy for the workouts is good because it is burning the fat but sucks because it is a poor energy source (hence the fatigue). Either way I powered through. Pretty pleased with my last set of military presses. Felt like I could have gone up another 5-10 pounds.
  13. Day 36/84 - Week 6, Day 1 Cardio/Rest Woke up feeling under the weather today. Still kind of feeling that way. Going to pump myself full of vitamin c to hopefully kick this out of my system. Went to the gym and knocked out only 30 minutes of cardio today. Wanted to do more but this cold is taking it out of me. We have a bunch of leftover cake and food (falafel, hummus and lentil soup) from yesterday. It is kind of driving me crazy that it is all in my fridge and I can't eat any of it. 5 weeks without a single cheat meal so far sometimes really wears on me. Oh well. Shoulders and calves tomorrow. Should be a good day assuming I kick this cold.
  14. Day 35/84 - Week 5, Day 7 Cardio/Rest Today was the party for my son. So I did not hit the gym for cardio. All of the running around and setting up and tearing down wore me out enough. Decided not to have a piece of cake at the party.
  15. Day 34/84 - Week 5, Day 6 Back/Biceps/Abs 25 Minute Cardio before and after lifting Twists (before and after lifting) - 150 Each Side (300 total) with a 18lb medicine ball Lat Pulldown Machine 12x105, 12x90 12x120, 12x105 12x135, 10x120 Notes: Had my straps with me today so I used them on the last drop set. I wish my gym had a proper Cable Lat Pulldown. Cable Rows 12x90, 12x70 12x100, 12x80 12x120, 12x100 Notes: Could have one a bit heavier. Another thing I wish my gym had was a seated cable row set up. I make it work though. SUPERSET Bent Over Barbell Rows 12x95 12x115 12x135 Hyperextensions 12x10lb medicine ball, 12xBodyweight 12x10lb medicine ball, 12xBodyweight 12x10lb medicine ball, 12xBodyweight Notes: Interesting superset but I enjoyed it. I play it safe on hyperextensions since I pulled something in my back last year and it made it very difficult to do anything for about a month. SUPERSET DB Bicep Curl 10x25 8x35 8x35 Overhead Cable Curl 8x40, 8x30 8x50, 8x40 8x50, 8x40 Notes: Awesome superset! Should have started lower on the overhead cable curls but oh well. I had to do a couple of rest pauses to power through but I made it happen. Cable Bicep Curl 12x50, 12x40 12x60, 12x50 12x70, 12x60 Notes: Biceps were burning up at this point. Struggled but powered through like a champ. Weighted Sit Up Machine 15x45 15x60 15x60 Notes: Easy/basic stuff. I prefer hanging leg raises but this is what the plan called for today. Plus it's good to change things up as we all know. FINAL NOTES: Man I love back and biceps day. It's right up there with triceps as one of my favorites. Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day. We are throwing a "baby welcoming party" for our son. We didn't do a traditional baby shower because we think they are lame and we didn't know what we were having so we didn't want a bunch of neutral clothes. We are having a friend who owns a Mediterranean joint in town cater so I will be surrounded by hummus, falafel and all that tahini and olive oil. We are also having 3 different types of cake, a carrot with Bavarian cream filling/frosting, a white cake with cream cheese frosting and blueberry filling and finally a yellow cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting and strawberry filling. I plan on preparing all of my meals first thing in the morning and bringing a cooler so I can stay on track. I will also bring my gallon jug of Xtend (I am sure the family will look at me like I am crazy) to stay hydrated / sane. I might allow myself to have a small piece of cake though. It is a celebration after all. Monday starts week 6 of 12. I am going to continue killing this thing and keep working to get in the best shape of my life. It's lame but here are some pictures I took right after my workout and before my final cardio. Pretty pleased with my arms right now. And please ignore the stupid faces I am making. Trying to flex and take a picture with your left hand is tricky business. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y194/xChrisZx/20120121_120206.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y194/xChrisZx/20120121_120340.jpg
  16. Glad that you're okay after the fender bender - hope the car faired just as well. Jealous of you getting tattooed - I haven't had the money for it in so long. And, in the grand scheme of things, what really matters is that you met your calories/macros so I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm impressed with how heavy you go after doing cardio and that you do even more after lifting. My legs would probably fall off. The car is bent up some. Mostly broken plastic. Sadly it won't be cheap to fix. The guy who tattooed me is my best friend so that helps. I technically fell a meal short but I doubled up on my evening shake and added oats just for good measure. Even though I usually don't eat carbs like that after 6 I said fuck it. I needed something more than just my protein shake. The cardio is pretty much just walking at 2..9-3.2 mph. So it's nothing like running a couple of miles. There are times that I have to force myself to do it after a heavy legs day though.
  17. Triceps It's one of the muscles I am the most proud of and I love tearing them up at the gym to where I can barely put a shirt on
  18. Day 33/84 - Week 5, Day 5 Chest / Triceps 25 Minute Cardio before and after lifting Twists (before and after lifting) - 150 Each Side (300 total) with a 18lb medicine ball Lying Leg Curl 10x45 10x45 10x60, 10x45 10x60, 10x45 10x60, 10x45 10x60, 10x45 Romanian Deads 10x65 10x65 18x95 18x115 Notes: Wish I had my straps with me. Grip started crapping out at the end of those last two sets. Leg Press (narrow stance) 10x90 10x90 20x180 20x180 Notes: Did these on the regular leg press instead of the leg press machine. Felt great. Leg Extensions 10x60 10x75 20x90, 20x75, 20x60 16x105, 16x75, 16x60 16x120, 10x90, 10x60 Calf Press (on leg press machine) 10x180 16x225, 16x195 16x255, 16x225 16x255, 16x225 Final Notes: Still stoked to have my Xtend back. My meals were off again today. I ate the right foods but between getting up late, getting into my first ever fender bender on the drive home from the gym, having to run errands to beat the snow and then getting tattooed last minute things were just off.
  19. Day 32/84 - Week 5, Day 4 Chest / Triceps 25 Minute Cardio before and after lifting Twists (before and after lifting) - 150 Each Side (300 total) with a 18lb medicine ball DB Bench 10x35 10x45 8x55 8x60 6x70 Notes: very pleased to put up 70 pounds Incline DB Bench 10x25 10x30 10x40 10x45 10x45, 8x35, 8x25 Fly Machine 10x75 10x75 8x90, 8x75 8x105, 8x90 8x120, 8x105 Tri Pushdown V Bar 10x70 10x80 12x90, 12x80 12x90, 12x80 12x100, 12x90 Notes: Struggled hard with that last set. Really starting to love the V Bar more than the rope. Overhead Cable Extension 10x50 10x60 12x70, 10x60 10x80, 10x70 10x90, 10x80 Close Grip Bench (ez curl bar) 12x40 12x50 12x60 Notes: I had two more sets to do but I had my bench stolen from me when I went to get a drink. Final notes: Very stoked to have my Xtend back in my regular rotation.
  20. Got in a solid lift today. will have a proper update in the morning. Had a very busy day today.
  21. Awesome progress! Creatine: I highly recommend kre alkalyn. It won't make you bloat like monohydrate will. Aaefx and sci fit brands of kre alkalyn powder are vegan.
  22. What motivates me to exercise regularly? This little guy right here http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxz79bHKGR1qb8ozqo1_1280.jpg I always want to be a positive influence on him and never be a typical "fat dad".
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