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    Here's my typical day: I wake up around 5-6am within first hour of day: 1 tall glass fresh oj, grapfruit or lemon juice, sometimes with agave @20 almonds soaked and peeled around 9-10am 1 Vega shake usually with some tablespoon of coconut butter & 2-3 dates 1-2pm, sometimes even later, after I realize I'm still working and haven't eaten a fresh green smoothie: 1 stalk celery a bit of parsely a bit of cilantro 1/2 green chile 1 leaf kale or chard 1/2 cucumber 1 whole lemon peeled 1 whole avocado 6-7pm one serving of each: rice or pasta beans or dahl vegetable: zukes, squash, carrots, etc. no junk food - all organic no tv or sitting around 1 hr brisk bike ride/walk almost everyday snow skiing in season 3-4x a week bed around 11pm my work is in front of computer, intense mental focus 6-8 hours/day, author/nerd/techwriter great energy most of the day, especially when I remember to drink water tall, thin and no upper body at all lean machine -- decent tone for what I have, which isn't much yet
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    Hi, by way of intro, I'm 52 years old and have been a vegan for 33 years. I'm 6'1" and 130-135lbs since high school. My goal is to gain 10-15lbs and do a triathlon by the end of this year. I love to snow ski, bike, walk/hike/run and do some yoga here and there. Anyone know of a good vegan trainer around Palm Beach and/or Napa county areas? I'm back and forth between the coasts 2-3x a year - and currently in Palm Beach through mid-July. I need help getting on a good routine of exercise/weights/diet. Thanks! Glad to find this website.
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