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  1. Hello All.. My name is Mike Brazell, I use to work work for PETA... I recently departed the organization and am getting back on track with my life in the fitness world. I am a personal trainer at Gold's Gym, and I also teach Aerobics. The ride with PETA was a long one, but it opened a lot of doors, and I've met a lot of great people along the way (including Robert and Brendan). The new ride will be a great one. I now finally have time to prep for the March Bodybuilding season, and intend to do it on a raw diet. I'll also have more time to finally interact in the posts, and am excited about all the new opportunities and experiences. I find it funny that the first question people ask me about my PeTA departure is: "Are you still VEGAN?" I was Vegan before I went to PETA, and will be forever. Once you do it for the animals, and reap all the benefits for your health.. could you ever really go back? I look forward to reading all the posts, and as always its inspiring to see so many vegan fitness fanatics out there!!! Keep it up!! Mike Brazell CFT CSN MAT Certified Fitness Trainer
  2. yeah, that is my goal... i'm going to take it one day at a time and refine my training... we should def trade up info and how things are working and what not...
  3. I come to Richmond pretty frequently... So we will def have to be in touch. [email protected] is my email addy..
  4. Hello all... aside from doing bodybuilding.. I've been involved in martial arts for a little over 25 years now... I last competed as a non-vegan many years ago, and now have decided to put my bodybuilding on the back burner, and go after my passion for martial arts once again... Just looking to see if there are any other MMA fighters on the fourm, and what is working for you all: Supplements, training schedules, etc. I also do a ton of traveling for PETA, and am planning on posting my training journal on the fourm, and what cities i will be in. So if any one checks in and want to train while I am in town, it would def be appreciated. Hope everyone had a great holiday!!! Thanks
  5. We will be there to help promote the elephant ordnance.. and ringling will also be in town during that time that i am in Chicago... Ill be in touch when its closer to time.
  6. cool... haha... awesome... whatever you cant help but say "awesome" when you are on such a "cool" site... or vice versa...
  7. Awesome... i will be in town from November 11th-19th... just let me know....
  8. I will be there on a leafleting adventure for PETA, and would love to go out an help in the leafleting efforts if you are still embarking on them... you can email me directly at [email protected] I love shattering that image that some people have of vegans...lol...
  9. I am def not arguing with you, but I do not know what your background is, and I am addressing the issuse and concern you are raising here in this post. This is just an issue that we will just have to agree to disagree on. I apologize if you felt it as an attack, but I am just offering up the an explanation to issues you addressed.
  10. We do many of the things that you mention... We do contact TV stations, we do send out PSA's, we work with groups like veganbodybuilding to promote athletes (we have a new web feature called buff vegans coming out soon), and we do a lot of stuff behind the scene... We host Gala events that the celebrities attend and get to interact with activists... We host conferences that help individuals become better activists... Our focus is on Animal Rights. That is why there are amazing groups and organizations like veganbodybuilidng to focus on the nutrition, fitness, and athlete part of veganism. We send many people to this site and others if the concern or the issue is out of our scope. The idea, as noted before is that we have to get the attention of those who would otherwise not want the information. The women that we have at our demonstrations are all volunteers who love to do what they do for the animals. We are not just limited to having women do these demos, as we have had men in the same position (myself included). The idea is to get the message and the information into as many hands as possible. If we get one psa on PBS, x many people will see it... if we get a photo in New York Times, and then in an AP wire, it will be seen by millions- internationally. We have to approach this at what would be the best in getting the message out. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of these demos, I encourage you to do so. You will see it from a differnt perspective, as Robert noted earlier. We do appreciate your ideas, and keep them rolling...
  11. I def agree that it is a wonderful idea... There are so many things, that all of us can do for the animals... and we love it when we are given suggestions... I cant promise that we will use all of them, but you never know... and/or we can help get your ideas into hands that will use them... we have contacts all over the place, and I love hearing from activsts... Keep them rolling and thanks again for the ideas!!!!! Mike PETA
  12. If any of you want to follow what robert said on here: Mike Brazell PETA IGC-VEGAN 501 Front ST Norfolk, VA 23510 or you can reach me at: [email protected] 757-622-7382 is our office number.
  13. That is actually a very good idea... and I will forward that along... Thank you--- and you can also send ideas directly to me at [email protected] Mike-
  14. Actually Ingrid has done several demos "naked", and none of our activists are fully nuded. You can google Ingrid and Bird Flu... She did a demo in TIME SQUARE, where she layed naked in a coffin, in winter (which was pretty cold)... I myself have done several events for gay pride including make out demos, leafletting, and doing it as part of our "sexy" demos... We do what we do to get people to stop and listen, and the reaction that we get is far from what you are posing... if i were to stand there and leaflet in slack and a polo, most people would just walk by... and the media would not be interested... The idea is to get the message to as many people as possible, and we do a good job as spokespeople at keeping the issues on animal rights... I always offer up the the lines of communication to what people who DON'T like what we do to offer up what they think would be effective... A lot of people do not support everthing that we do, but we are always open to suggestions to make things more effective, or even incorporating new ideas... Too often we are criticized for what we do, but no options are given that would be a comperable way of getting the message out to the masses... What do you think would be effective... I try to be as active as possible on message boards, and have been on this on, addressing individuals concerns about animal rights, and what we do here at PETA... You can see my photos at: www.myspace.com/petabodybuilder
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