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  1. I'm sorry, Soymilk is a human refined milk made of another plant species. I have already answered that raw cow or goat milk is a a better option than Pasteurized milk when breast milk is not an option ( eg : The mother is sick ) .
  2. What you're saying was more like a common sense to me. I was in no way suggesting that ppl should just eat nuts all day to replenish the omega 6 and 3. Moderation is always the key when it comes to healthy food.
  3. The general understanding that our diet is over abundance on the real functional Omega 6 is disputable. You just have to open your mind and read the article below. http://www.brianpeskin.com/efa-analysis.pdf Skin ( 1000 : 1 ) Omega 6 : Omega 3 Brain ( 1 : 1 ) Omega 6 : Omega 3 Fatty tissue ( 25-35 : 1 ) Omega 6 : Omega 3 Muscle ( 6 : 1) Omega 6 : omega 3 unprocessed organic raw nuts and seeds (I'm eating some now . hmm) are good source of EFAs . Seventh Day adventist http://news.adventist.org/data/2001/06/0995375716/index.html.en
  4. There are plenty of Quakery related articles agaist vegetarian, so what's the point of bringing up Quackwatch here ..... ? http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/vegan.html
  5. As a Ex Vegan myself ( almost runied my health going on low fat high carb diet) i'm here to share some critical information that would help fine tuning the vegan diet so that less ppl are falling ill. So dont accuse me of trolling here . http://www.cancer.org/docroot/NWS/content/NWS_1_1x_Can_Vitamin_D_Prevent_Cancer.asp http://edition.cnn.com/2000/HEALTH/cancer/08/22/vitamin.d/index.html Dont shut yourself down to "The china study" or " Eat to live" Sunlight is all you need to get Vitamin D.
  6. Well raw milk is definitely a better option for those who are Lacto Ovo Vegetarian. You dont want to call them insane, do you ?
  7. You would not function without Polyunsaturated fats like Omega 3 and omega 6. Both PURAs are needed for life .
  8. Sure , that's why human breast milk is still the ideal choice for infants. Say no to soy milk and Pasteurized cow milk. There are both bad for infants. Take anima,l raw milk instead if breast milk is not an option . http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/health/healthmain.html?in_article_id=399520&in_page_id=1774
  9. That 's what a functional PURA supposed to do, Absorp oxygen/get oxidized and provide the energy that your body needs. It's unfortunate that oxygen gives us life but also oxidize/age our cells via the production of free radical . This is the nature of life . That's where the antioxidant /free radical scavengers offered by vege, fruits and animal organs come into rescue. If you want PURA that does not oxidize, Pick a margarine or trans fats. There will not go rancid or oxidized under exposure of heat and light for years. There are guarantee to "boost" your cholesterol level with the formation of inflammation on the arteries. . Weston price Foundation
  10. Bad fats ( Trans fats and the commercial vegetable oil) causes inflammation while the unadulterated and functional EFA fats heal. http://www.yes-supplements.com/yes-efas-art/oil-processing-chart.jpg
  11. http://www.mercola.com/1999/archive/low_cholesterol.htm BTW , Dr mercola (That famed natural health 'guru' )had the same cholesterol issue and he used Biotics that called Beta TCP to normalize his Cholesterol to 175.
  12. Everything you need to know about Vitamin D http://www.vitamindcouncil.com/ Yes, Vitamin D promotes powerful anti tumor activity. 10 -15 mins daily exposure to summer sunshine appears to be enough as according to experts. ( Requirement appears to be higher for ppl with darker skin ) Combine that with Essential fatty acids (The missing key fats that heal in the over processed modern food ), adequate exercise, rest , the food pyramid recommended by Udo Eramus - The founder of Udo oil blend. http://www.udoerasmus.com/pyramid/pyr_index.htm We can only predict a comprehensive victory over the war of Chronic illness.
  13. 116 is too low, Low ( and high in bad cholesterol composed of damaged polyunsatureated fats ) cholesterol level has been linked to stroke , depression and cancer . Why cancer ? Because Cholesterol is composed of mainly the anti-cancer polyunsaturated fats (if it's not damaged ) and your body needs cholesterol for conversion to VITAMIN D (Another Anti cancer nutrient ) Via sunshine. http://edition.cnn.com/HEALTH/9902/06/strokes/ http://www.vitamindcouncil.com/ http://www.cholesterol-and-health.com/Vitamin-D.html I would recommend that you see a doc to find out the cause of Low Cholesterol . ( Eg : Dyfunctional Gallbladder and etc )
  14. Pasteurized Cow Milk is bad because it is Pasteurized and heated at high temperaure. As a result of processing, most of the nutrients and healthy fats are denatured by high heat processing. The hormone and antibiotics that get added to the commercial milk make thing worse. You would see the same adverse effect if human milk is pasteurized before it's fed to the babies. Avoid pasteurized milk and processed soy milk at all cost . Try clean Raw milk (especially goat) instead if you're Lacto -ovo vegetarian . ( of course nothing beats the raw human breast milk if u are able to get it ) I dont drink milk myself because i find it nauseating . so milk is not of my concern . Why Raw Milk? http://www.karlloren.com/aajonus/p15.htm
  15. I did not say it's guess . It's scientific discovery established by numerous Otto 's work on the metabolism of cancer. The discovery continues to be confirmed and verified by modern day scientists .
  16. You cant explain the problem of Osteoperosis any better than Weston price foundation. They addressed all the contradiction well with great explanation and reference http://www.westonaprice.org/mythstruths/mtbones.html
  17. Otto warburg was a noble prize winner for his contribution in Biochemisty back in early 20 century. So equating his finding to such a childish fantasy is a little disrespectful to community of science . Lack of physical activity is one . There are other major causes of Osteo like alcohol abuse, lack of Calcium, lack of Protein, refined sugar, coke and etc
  18. The 300 million in overall estimation is a big figure. It's almost equivalent to the entire population of United state . So that "not really" doesnt really fit into logic that high protein causes osteoperosis.
  19. To me Excessive Grain (es refined) + sugar + Trans fats ( Margarine ! ) + Sedentary lifestyle = Diabetes and chronic illness Animal fats + EFAs + Vege + nuts + some fruits + exercise (for insulin/blood sugar control ) = Longeivity
  20. AlMost all of my relatives and friends who had 100% cure of Diabetes ( 100% remmision ) stopped/limited the consumption of grain, trans fats and refined sugar (+ exercise of course ). Egg, Animal food, vege and some fruits are main staple of diet for them . YOur grandfather is a very special man
  21. Dont you think it's bad ? It completely contradicts what you have believed in the first place.
  22. how can 300 million is not really that bad Hahahaha. ......
  23. Here is what you need to do to shut off those so called "diabetic gene" of your future offspring, a low grain/low refined caborhydrate diet and plenty of exercise. I supposed you are already doing with your vegan diet . http://www.mercola.com/article/carbohydrates/scientific_evidence_low_grains.htm Diabetes has nothing to do with animal fats . If you are afraid of saturated fats , then you should be more afraid of Carbohydrate because it's readily converted to saturated fats by insulin when in excess .
  24. I do not know where you get your common sense from . But Osteoperosis is a pretty big problem in India . http://www.frontlineonnet.com/fl2101/stories/20040116002010400.htm http://annals.edu.sg/pdfJan02/LauEMC.pdf Protein vital to fight osteoporosis
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