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  1. I tried one cycle of it, to no noticeable results. The reviews are far too mixed for me to commit to it again. What you said is interesting, however. I had no idea this stuff had a history.
  2. Hello, I was reading up a bit on HMB and one of the more commonly referenced benefits is that is decreases the catabolism and breakdown of protein and skeletal muscle tissue during strenuos exercise: "HMB has a pronounced effect on decreasing the protein breakdown induced by resistance training along with increasing nitrogen retention by the body, resulting in a subsequent increase in lean muscle mass and strength." SciFits product description. Now, I thought that the result of working out was to create small tears throughout the muscle fibers or in effect "damage" the muscle. The subsequent protein intake and healing, of course causing the muscle to grow and strengthen. Wouldn't inhibiting the muscle breakdown during lifting have detrimental effects on the flipside, meaning healing and growth?
  3. As the thread title suggests, I am looking for a high protien supplement shake mix that is cruelty free... As always, thank you for any help.
  4. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone would share their knowledge/opinion on creatine caps versus creatine powder in regard to quality, uptake, effectiveness, etc? As always, thanks!
  5. Hey everybody, Wondering if anyone has had a good experience purchasing leather free shoes either via the internet or mail order. A reference helps with this because ordering clothes sight unseen always carries the risk of poor measurements, quality etc. Thanks!
  6. Good stuff. Thank you. I am probably going to switch over to dumbells for flat bench. I recently swithced from incline press with dumbells to barbell then back to dumbells and that first day back with dumbells felt so friggen good. Also, as a note I purchased "Ultimate Workout Log" by Suzanna Schlosberg. Good for tracking a keeping a record day after day.
  7. Hey everybody, I've become really familiar with the Smith Press as I use flat bench as a burnout when doing chest. I can't always find a spot (or trust the other members ) so this machine is ideal. When calculating the weight lifted, do you subtract the entire weight of the bar, due to the machines compensation? For instance, 45 lbs weight on either side of a traditional bench equals 135 (45 + 45 + the bar, 45). Would that only be 90lbs on the Smith? Thanks!
  8. Thank you everybody and Rob, thank you for the props on the tunes. I have already learned a bunch from surfing around. This is an awesome forum. I look forward to picking your brains for tips!!!
  9. NYSC Pros: I can walk there from work as it's literally across the street. Spotlessly clean. Showers are great, towel service is great, staff is friendly Good free weight section, enough benches to go around. Equipment is fairly new, not too beat up. Company pays for it!!! Cons: Well to do neighborhood so the people are a little snotty. WAY to many kids over the summer months throwing weights around and not reracking. Way to expensive if you haven't got a corporate deal.
  10. Hey hey.... Thank you so much! I look forward to getting to know all of you!
  11. Hello. Hoping I can get some feedback in this forum. I am trying to put together a full days eating schedule with the maximum number of clean meals I can fit and good timing for optimum absorption and metabolization. I work around the confines of an office clock (9-5:30) so I have to be creative. I was thinking of the following: {9:00am} Replacing traditional breakfast with the MyVega meal substitute. I am assuming that I will assimilate the protein more effectively based on what I read about the product. By eating the carbs and fats that are in the shake early in the day I also hope to burn more and more effectively through the day. {10:30am} NoFat, Fruit Yogurt - 6 oz cup. {12:00pm} Clean lunch, whole grain breads, lean foods, green veggies. {2:30pm} - Protein Shake - low fat/carbs (non meal replacement) {5:30pm - 7:30pm} - Workout, cardio. {8/8:30pm} Dinner, lean, clean and prepared light. Salad, veggies and clean carbs. Now, I've read that maximum protein uptake occurs one hour after the workout. Whereas I'd like to time the protein shake immediately after the workout, I lift in the evening so I can't (that's dinner time). I feel eating the high protein dinner, along with the shake at the same time might be overloading and inefficient. Drinking the shake during the day will still allow good absorption while contributing to keeping my metabolism up while seated in my office. I hope to get some good feedback/suggestions on this as it's my first real stab at writing out a nutrition plan for maximum efficiency.
  12. Hi everyone, My name is Jordan and I new to the board. I've been training since I was 17 (am now 26). It wasn't until last year, however that I got very serious. I decided one day, one moment, to take each visit to the gym, each set, hell even each rep more seriously and I'll tell you, it made all the difference. I've made more gains in the last year than I did in the first 8 combined. I strive mainly for "cut glass" definition with overall, annual gains in muscle weight and mass. Cardio and diet are two things I've become MUCH more strict about and in addition to a better physcial appearance, I am internally stronger and mentally more fit today than ever. I am here to ask questions, learn and continue my development. I am however, not vegan or a vegetarian. Fresh fruits and vegetable do make up a large part of my diet and I am careful not to use health and beauty products that engage in animal abuse and testing. I hope it is OK that I continue to post and inquire as I am a firm believer and highly aware of the benefits of vegan supplements and nutrition and am looking to incorporate more vegan supplements into my routine.
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