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  1. Not even close to losing your sense of humor! Keep up the hard work! In return, you have inspired me to workout right now. Thanks Dave, I was feeling lazy after work. Have a great day!
  2. BodhiDave, Awesome job!!! I haven't been posting for the past few months, but have been reading. I felt this was worth coming out of seclusion! I know you lost a lot of weight, but I hope you didn't lose your sense of humor. LOL!! ha,ha. You are so inspirational! Have a great and happy day! " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" />
  3. Get in my belly!!!!!!ha,ha Wow! Nice pictures! Those meat eaters got nothin on you Robert! Keep up the great work. You are all very inspiring! P.S. I am still vegan--I'm on a roll! YAY!!!
  4. VP, Wow, the beach sounds awesome right now. The New Mexico desert is getting a little old right now. It sounds like you and your ex have a good thing going with your daughters. yay!! you and SS and DV are so disciplined. I totally admire that! Keep up the great work! You know you have support at this forum whenever you need to vent!
  5. Hey VP, It sounds like you are in a helpless place of trying to please everyone. You might need to tell everyone that you need some space to just take care of yourself mentally and physically for a while. That is code for telling everyone to screw off!! It will be hard, but much needed. I am in a similar funk and it's a bitch!!! (of course, i am not at your level of fitness beginning the funk) I'm sure there is a reason you are still seeing your ex? He will have to just suck it up and have a little compassion and give you a break! Anyway, do what you need to do to make yourself happy. I am out of the loop in regards to beforewisdom's comments, so I am just going to not address that. ha,ha. take care of yourself. chalisa (i've still been watching, but not contributing to VBB)
  6. When discussing 80's music, you guys cannot forget TRIUMPH! Triumph rules !!(along with Journey, of course)!!
  7. Pamela, Hey, you look awesome! But, that would be so not fair! You are a weight loss pro!! I hope to be an "after" photo. What is your biggest vegan weight loss tip?
  8. I have been totally JONESIN' for this site. I've missed all of these posts for the last few days. I was worried. It is so good to see it back!!! Keep on Rockin' like you all do!!
  9. BodhiDave, You totally crack me up!!!!!! You spread joy wherever you go, do you know that?
  10. OK, i am a total ignorant newbee, soooooooo is there a picture of DV on this site anywhere? I am so curious now!! You guys are all so inspiring, it is great to see what everyone looks like.
  11. Hi Pink! I might have missed this, but how much water do you drink? That really helps to flush out toxins, excessive salt, etc. Also, if you look at how bodybuilders/figure comp. eat, they space out their meals--5-6 smaller meals throughout the day. This gives you a steady energy supply without the insulin spikes. Large meals eaten at one time, from what I've researched, cause you to release a lot of insulin which can cause you to store excessive fat. I do have to say that everyone is different in body chemistry so it might be trial and error for a while. Just some other things to try if you need to. One more thing I have experienced with myself, since I have not been weight training consistently for the past few months(maybe 1time/wk), my weight has not changed that much, but i am more flabbily (as i call it), so i know my body composition has changed. i concur with everyone else, in that, weight training should help tighten things up more. (i am speaking to myself at the same time) :0) You are very motivating and inspiring. You should be so proud of yourself for losing that amount of weight! It is really a struggle and not as easy as the magazines/media make it seem. Keep up the awesome work! i hope my tidbits don't come off as being rude or pushy. I am struggling with weight loss issues, so I can relate in some sense.
  12. OK Potter, you are right. Now I feel guilty for the observation! Maybe he will start a new trend.
  13. People watching is very fun. One time this guy had his headphones cranked and couldn't take his eyes off himself. He was totally pumping himself up (which is not a bad thing). Until.........he was doing bicep curls and actually KISSED HIS OWN BICEPS! I almost died laughing. I thought that only happened in the movies. His biceps didn't really warrant kissing, but whatever gets you motivated, I guess.(within reason)
  14. You can do it VeggiePrincess! You got me all pumped up, so I hope to rub back off on you. It's always good to have some mental down time, right? Keep up the kick ass job!
  15. I would love to participate in a before/after competition as well. Let us know if you get enough people
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