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  1. thanks, his name is Franky. It took about a week mulling it over, but it seems to fit him.
  2. Thanks! I hail from around the Peoria area.
  3. I am very new to veganism, since visiting this site convinced me I can give up dairy and eggs and still look and feel fantastic (you all are such inspiration!!) I've been a 'sloppy' vegetarian for about ten years now, and I'm pretty inconsistent with eating healthy. I'm even less consistent with working out, but I've done so much research about nutrition and fitness that I have no reason not to go all the way. Currently, I workout about once every week and a half. My ultimate goal is to workout daily and drop to a bodyfat of 16%. Last I checked I'm at 24%. I'm working on my second degree and have one more year before becoming and RN. I love the outdoors, gardening, watching films, cooking, reading, and DIY projects. Soon I'll post some pics of what I have to work with (physique-wise). Hopefully, you'll help me keep accountable.
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