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  1. would be better than nothing i guess.
  2. sorry dude, didn't see that you posted here! @bronco: thx! short info on my current training: can't do deads and squats at the moment so i switched to a push/pull workout again. doing most exercises PITT-Force style except for bench press. hurt my knee a little while ago and can't train legs at all since then. the little bit of training i can do at the moment is going pretty well actually. after a pause i worked up to a new rep-pb on the bench and other than that i'm doing weighted dips with 20kg now, which is pretty good for me i think.
  3. started light yesterday but felt pain in my back again. i googled a bit and think i know pretty much what it is but not what i can do about it so i guess i'll see a doctor soon. i won't stop training but will do lighter weights..
  4. i'll be aback in training on monday. i feel much better now since my back doesn't hurt anymore and the sickness is over, too.
  5. good idea. dude! our arms are about the same size but your legs are almost 20cm bigger than mine!
  6. i'll order the same one soon. what are those measurements in cm? i really don't get the inch/feet/whatever stuff. makes absolutely no sense to me.
  7. don't know exactly. my back started to hurt a bit a week ago or so but it got better after every training and was almost gone last thursday. on thursday i was already sick but decided to go to the gym anyway. afterwards my back started to hurt really bad and of course i got sicker, too. seems like it was a pretty stupid decision to go training while being sick.
  8. can't train at the moment cause i'm sick and hurt my back. i don't know when i'll be able to get back to the gym again.
  9. dude i can't say anything cause i'm too jealous right now.
  10. Squats 60x5 85x5 100x5 100x5 Military Press 35x5 40x5 45x5 50x5 Deadlift 90x5 110x5 125x5 140x5 Additional Exercises Leg-Raises 3x15 + rotator cuff finally!
  11. Squats 60x5 85x5 100x5 115x5 127,5x5 Bench Press 40x5 60x5 75x5 85x5 92,5x5 Pull-Ups +10x7 +10x4 +5x5 Additional Exercises Crunches 4x20 + rotator cuff + 30min cardio i'm actually satisfied with today's work out. i managed to let the lat work more at the bench press but therefore the pull-ups were a bit weaker than last weak.
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