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  1. Squats 55x5 80x5 95x5 110x5 122,5x5 Bench Press 40x5 60x5 70x5 80x5 90x5 Pull-Ups +5x7 +5x6 +5x5 Additional Exercises Crunches 4x20 + rotator cuff
  2. yeah, ratm was THE band of my early youth. still love them and you made me listen to their stuff for the first time in years now.
  3. Squats 55x5 80x5 95x5 110x5 122,5x3 95x8 Bench Press 40x5 60x5 70x5 80x5 90x3 70x8 Pull-Ups x10 x6 x7 Additional Exercises Pushdowns 47,5x10, 47,5x8, 47,5x6 Incline Dumbbell Hammer-Curls (PITT) 16x20 + rotator cuff forgot to log fridays training. was okay so far. squats still a bit too heavy for my taste but bench was quite easy.
  4. congrats!! dude it's scary how you make absolutely no signs of slowing down. great to see your progress going on and on.
  5. Squats 55x5 80x5 95x5 95x5 Military Press 25x5 30x5 35x5 40x4 Deadlift 85x5 105x5 115x5 130x5 Additional Exercises Crunches 3x20 Seated Calf Raise 62x15, 62x15, 62x15 + rotator cuff was okay so far but the deads felt way too heavy.
  6. is that true? do you have any studies/papers to proof the statement? and would you say that it is needless to take carbs after workout?
  7. Squats 55x5 80x5 95x5 110x3 110x3 Bench Press 40x5 60x5 70x5 80x5 87,5x5 Pull-Ups x5 x5 x5 + rotator cuff wasn't able to do more squats today. my legs are so sore that every rep hurt like hell in my quads.
  8. oh, good to know that. i usually took mine like 30-45 minutes before my workout. i guess i should bring my shaker to the gym and drink the EAAs right before the training.
  9. sorry, but this is so stupid. if you ever feel pain in your joints it's probably because your technique sucks and you're fucking up your joints in the gym.
  10. vega with water? i tried that once and it tasted horrible.
  11. i always mix my protein powder with water and i see absolutely no problem with it. i actually think it tastes better than with soy-or-whatever-milk.
  12. same here! but i always sucked at all kinds of bw exercises, no matter if it was pull-ups, push-ups, dips or whatever.
  13. thanks man. yeah, 100kg bench press. it took me a damn long time to get there so i should be happy that i finally made it.
  14. thanks man, that's really sweet of you! i lol'd about the "soycheese"!
  15. Squats 20x10 60x5 80x3 105x1 125x1 140x1 (PB) 145x0 Bench Press 20x8 40x5 60x3 80x3 90x1 100x1 (PB) 105x1 (with help, no PB) Deadlift 65x5 105x2 120x1 140x1 160x0 160x0 150x1 (PB) all in all this was an disappointing day. couldn't reach my goal for this year, which was a total of 400kg. had some problems with my stomach at the deads but no excuses, for some reason i wasn't able to go all out today so it's my fault.
  16. i love the low bodyfat dude! i wish i could get there once in my life.
  17. thanks dude! after reading this i ordered a kg of EAAs again.
  18. it seems you're doing a lot more than i'm normaly doing. i only do the standing cable extern rotations for three sets of 12-20 reps and that's it already. if training and rest don't i think you should defenitely see a doctor.
  19. i never had serious injurys but experienced rotator cuff pain a while ago. just to rest for a week or so didn't help. the only thing that really seems to work is to train the rotator cuff. if you're not it already you defenitely start with it. google for it to get some information about exercises and how to do them. now i work my rotator cuff after every workout and whenever i forget about it for a longer time the pain comes back and reminds me to do the rotator cuff training.
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