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  1. a frind of mine is doing thai boxing and his training looks pretty similar to yours. i guess this will be interesting to read. about the protein powder: if you used to supply some whey protein, why not using soy or rice protein now? and you still can use the creatin as long as it's monohydrate, it's vegan.
  2. i always mix my pea protein with soy protein, what works pretty well.
  3. your legs are becoming better and better. great to hear that you want to put on some mass!
  4. How do you mean? Because of training frequency of the muscles or what? no, all i meant was that filling up the glycogen stores is not the main thing a bodybuilder has to worry about.
  5. i recommend to do cluster reps with a pause of about 30 secs between every rep until you did 10x1 reps. short the pauses from workout to workout until you can do 10 reps in a row.
  6. i switched to pull-ups cause they're working the biceps even better!
  7. if you feel fine by working out on an empty stomach, there's no reason why you shouldn't do it. i disagree since i'm eating almost no carbs at all all day long and still have enogh energy to work out heavy. if you're a strength athlete then this is true but as a bodybuilder the carbs after the work out are not that important.
  8. that exercise is called pendlay rows. i agree with johan that you have to find out yourself in what angle you want to do the bb rows. it also depends on which muscles you want to hit mainly. the more upright you're staying the more you hit the trapezius, the more you bent over the more the lats are involved.
  9. i would never complain about guys who are lifting noisy. at least not as long as they're lifting heavy as well.
  10. Squats 60x5 80x5 100x5 115x5 127,5x5 Bench Press 45x5 65x5 75x5 85x5 97,5x3 (+2) Pull-Ups +5x8 +5x5 +5x5 Additional Exercises Crunches 4x20 + rotator cuff had to train early, what i actually prefer. i'm satisfied with what i did today. doing pull-ups now as it's recommended in starting strength: 3 unweighted sets on friday, 3 weighted ones on monday. all to failure.
  11. @Zack: do i see a muscular imbalance on the back shot or is it just the light? nice definition anyway.
  12. thank you! i still think the lats are my best part although that ing fat that sticks around my midsection is always freakin' annoying me cause it fucks up the whole picture. it's the right arm. but thanks! Skinny??? Looks good to me so far. thanks! thanks man! my shoulders are not really huge but i'm somewhat satisfied with how they finally started growing when i started with the military press.
  13. yeah ok, whatever. but only cause i like you and the idea of this thread so much. still skinny, still fat, still no muscles.
  14. i wouldn't recommend to do it anyway. most people wouldn't.
  15. Squats 60x5 85x5 105x5 120x5 132,5x1 100x8 Bench Press 45x5 65x5 75x5 85x5 97,5x2 (+1) 75x8 Pull-Ups 3x6 Additional Exercises Pushdowns 45x10, 45x10, 45x9 Incline Dumbbell Hammer-Curls (PITT) 17,5x~25 + rotator cuff trained in another gym today and found out that the bar that i use for squats, deads and military press is obviously not 5kg heavier as a normal bar. a trainer and another guy in my gy once told me so and i believed it. so you can take-off 5kg from all squats, deads and mp i did and of course also from my squat and dead pb's.
  16. i thought about doing cluster reps to get over that plateau, i'll try that next time i think. thanks for all your tips guys!
  17. dude this is so awesome! i guess i need to place an order soon!
  18. the push press i actually a good idea and i'm convinced that it's a very usefull exercise but when i did it a while ago i always had problems with pain in my wrists and shoulders. i guess it's just not my exercise.
  19. Squats 60x5 85x5 105x5 105x5 Military Press 35x5 45x5 50x5 55x4 Deadlift 90x5 110x5 125x5 140x5 Additional Exercises Crunches 3x20 Seated Calf Raise 62x15, 62x15, 62x15 + rotator cuff i'm making absolutely no progress at the military press. wtf?
  20. 1st: forget about that men's health bullshit. 2nd: read this. 3rd: go back to the gym and everything will be fine.
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