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  1. Standing shoulder press with PVC pipe filled with 22 pounds of water 3X12 super setted with Incline DB fly [email protected] (Helped manager move leg press, that thing is heavy as hell) Lateral Raises [email protected] ss Rope Tri press downs [email protected] Front raises [email protected] SS Tri kick back on elbow [email protected] Short and sweet!
  2. M1(5:15am ) .25oats, .25 lt soymilk, rice pp. Coffee, splash lt. soymilk 5:30AM boot camp. Mainly legs and hill running. M2 (8am) 1/2 bagel with 1 tbsp tofutti cream cheese, hemp pp, 1/2c unsw almond milk, 6 large strawberries. So far: Calories 538 Fat:16.5 Carbs 59.3 Pro 40.3 I am so hungry this morning! Hopefully it's my body repairing after my workout yesterday. My lats are very sore! Planned: 20 on elliptical or bike. I have boot camp this evening.
  3. Weights today, Back, Bi's light legs. Lat pull down [email protected] 75 superset (SS) with Reverse lunges 3X15 One arm row with leg extended [email protected] Rear delt cross cable fly [email protected] 55 ss Plie squats 3X25 Good Mornings 3X12 @ 45, 65,75 EzBar curls [email protected] 40, 30 Alt DB curls [email protected] 20...Having a tennis elbow flare, quit while I was ahead 3X12 Supine Hip bridge with leg curl on ball 30 minutes elliptical level 8-12. Not sure of macros today, at least 75 clean protein.
  4. 2-3 cups spinach or kale 1 small banana ~1 cup frozen berries 1/2 cup almond milk 1/2c +/- water Most days I'll add a serving of rice pp.
  5. Actually, they're really good! The texture is much like Morningstar Farm's chik strips.
  6. What about a list on the back: http://shop.cafepress.com/design/6130694
  7. Well crud. Sometimes this working Mom thing really cuts into my training time! I snuck in 20 minutes on the elliptical and started a weight training workout several times. *Sigh....tomorrow for weights. M2: 1/4c dry oats with water, 2 tbsp rice pp, 1 tbsp natty PB, 2 tbsp cocoa powder, stevia, almond milk. M3: PB on 1 slice ezekial bread M4: Roasted potato, carrots, onions, portabella mushrooms, garlic and olive oil. Added TJ's Chicken strips. Deelish!
  8. Last night I had 1/2 a bagel before work, then a salad with grape tomatoes, veg bologna and garlic red wine vinager. Also one glass of red wine. Today is another drencher here in ATL, so it looks like cardio inside. M1: coffee, soymilk. Green smoothie with spinach, mango, banana, 2 tbsp rice pp, almond milk and water. Planned workout: Light legs, back and bi's. 30 on elliptical.
  9. Today: coffee with stevia and soymilk 5:30AM Boot camp. We're dealing with Fay here in ATL, so class was a bit different today. 1/2 mile warm up, about 50 yards of hip opening dynamic warmups and then BOOM thunderstorm! We ran to the gazebo and did 20 to 1. 20 squats 1 push up 30-45 seconds Cardio. (we did jumping jacks but usually it's a sprint) 19 lunges/leg 2 v-ups Cardio( varied) Went until we did one lunge and 20 v-ups. A real crowd pleaser! Even if it wasn't raining cats and dogs we would've went home drenched with sweat. M1: 1/3c dry oats made with water, frozen berries, 2 tbsp brown rice powder and splash of almond milk. Blood sugar issues, 1/4 cup almonds. M2: Bag of TJ's vegetable hodgepodge, 1/3cup ww couscous Sauce: 1 tsp EVOO sauteed 1 clove garlic, 1 cup onions. Add about 1/3c spaghetti sauce, 1 cup diluted veg broth and add 1/3c veg pp (Naturade). Wisk together and pour over veg/couscous. (Good friend passed a variation of that on to me) It will take 2 sittings to finish it all. About 1.5 liters of H20
  10. Right about 100. I was relying on soy and processed "meats" which makes me feel yucko, so I started adding back rice and veg pp.
  11. Hi and thanks! My upper body is usually pretty lean, the weight I'm holding is in my lower body. Darned pear shape! At 5'6 I showed @ 135 (day of and dry as a bone) and today I weigh 144. Ideally I'd like to get under 140.
  12. Hi! I'm Janis from Marietta, GA. A little about me: I've been a vegetarian for years and about 3 months ago I made the switch to vegan. Can't imagine doing it any other way now. I'm a Mom of 2, married since 98, and I work as a personal trainer and boot camp instructor. I am a "semi-retired" FAME figure pro, my last competition was a pro show in November of '07. I say semi-retired because I am taking at least a year off from competion to focus on my family, rest my body and give my metabolism a break. To keep my pro status I must compete in a natural show at least once every 2 years. Maybe in May of 09 I'll hit the stage again- or maybe not! Here's a link to my myspace with some photos of past competitions: http://www.myspace.com/runjanisrun My current goals are to drop about 5-7 pounds (always those same stinking 5!) complete a half marathon in November, and continue to work on defining my legs. My current training schedule is: MWF 5:30AM Boot camp MW 7PM Boot camp. I don't usually do both, depending on the intensity of the first class, I'll usually just bark at the later class. T,TH,SA/SU: Total body circuit, between 20-45 minutes of cardio. I prefer to run outside, however I have a high hamstring pull that I've been dealing with close to a year now. Running hills exasperates it, so naturally I try to avoid that. During my circuit I stick to mainly compound movements for upper body using moderate/heavy weight and single joint or unilateral movements for legs. In boot camp we run about 2 miles worth of sprints/jogs and at least 200 squats/lunges and 50 push ups. I squat once every 2 weeks. Last week I did [email protected], so my strength is still pretty good despite the injury. Still getting the hang of meals. I am hypoglycemic and I usually eat 5-6 times a day. Typical day: M1: Green smoothie (spinach, banana, berries, rice pp, almond milk, a little flax seed oil) M2: Hummus, veg, sometimes a pita pocket. Fruit M3: a bag of frozen veg (something with green) tofurkey slices, a vegan burger, etc. Slice of ezekial bread with natty pb M4: nuts M5: seitan or trader joe's veg chick strips cooked with a bag of frozen peppers and onions, corn tortillas, salsa, avacado, sometime tofutti sour cream. M6: More hummus or white bean spread on wasa crackers, pita chips, etc. Glass of red wine I hope to continue to learn from you amazing athletes! (congrats if you read this LONG post! )
  13. http://cache.boston.com/resize/bonzai-fba/Globe_Photo/2008/08/15/1218854483_0452/539w.jpg Shalane Flanagan, 3rd in the 10K. She battled a stomach virus 3 days before the race too. Her mother is the former world record holder in the marathon and her reaction brought me to tears!
  14. Stadiums and sprints today! Seats: walk one, run 3 Stairs run 2 6X100 walk the turns for recovery Stadiums: seats, stairs, seats, stairs 2X200 meter sprints 200 meter recovery a little agility- shuffle, grapevine, skips. My legs said no no no so that was a wrap! Going to the gym for my weight training this afternoon. should feel greeeeat!
  15. It's a standing shoulder press,made more explosive by adding a light bending of the knees. http://www.biofitness.com/demo39.gif I normally wear the sequined bikini when I'm sitting on the bike so it doesn't ride up! [/img]
  16. Your times are great! Keep up the great work!
  17. Great work! I'm the same with regards to a binge- one tast of sweets and I throw in the towel on the diet!
  18. Welcome back from vacation and congrats on the weight loss!
  19. #1 2 tbsp rice pp 1/3c oats, 1/3c blueberries,coffee with stevia and soymilk #2 PWO 36g protein, 1 apple #3 2.5 rice cakes with natty PB and sf jelly, a few grapes Workout: push ups, wide db press, cable flies. Standing push press, single arm lateral raises. 20minutes on elliptical, doing another 20-30 tonight before I leave work. It will have to be inside because Atlanta is under a code red smog alert!
  20. I thought it was like the vegan version of EAS or MetRx...some type of protein powder that comes in kiwi flavor... Oh hee hee I just ate a kiwi and a plum.
  21. Thanks! I thought of a theme last night- Go GO Dancer a la Austin Powers! Schwing!
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