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  1. I love soaking my nuts (pfffffffffttt tee hee) and the way I do it they never get soggy or gross. Almonds are my favorite to soak, I soak them overnight in tupperware in the fridge, drain in the morning, and keep them in the fridge. They keep forever, and are STILL crunchy while being cool and almost refreshing at the same time. They are softer than regular raw almonds and way better on cereal and salads and such, but still fine for just snacking. Easier to digest and assimilate too! yay!
  2. Hemp protein is raw and alkaline, and I have never seen a hemp protein isolate ever (although I'm sure someone makes one, why bother).
  3. Steaz is ok, but NOTHING COMPARES TO...... AMAZON ENERGY (by Sambazon) http://www.sambazon.com/nutrition/amazonEnergy.jpg Best taste, all organic content. The boost is provided by reasonable amounts of yerba mate, green tea extract (Steaz brand), and guarana. Also, they are CHEAP, $1.50-$2.00 and twice as large as most tiny-ass organic energy drinks. I'm surprised someone didn't already post this. After one or two of these, I usually have to go out back to smash concrete and scream.
  4. Haha, I don't think this guy even knows where he is posting.
  5. I was pretty much by-the-book Thrive dieter when I started being a vegan, and I am very glad that it was my intro. I felt so fantastic eating this way that I was 100% convinced after a week that I would be vegan for life. I still eat pretty much according to the book, except for occasional vegan chinese food or soy-meatz. I love hemp foods of all kinds, and hemp remains my primary protein source. I buy Living Harvest and Manitoba Farms hemp products which are both reasonably priced in my area (New England). The book schooled me on some veggies and grains I didn't know too much about, and has a ton of great recipes.
  6. Great points DV. However, Sambazon is a great, responsible company with a fantastic line of high quality products....I cannot help but support them and indulge in their delicious treats from the magical jungle in a far-away land. Anyone not familiar with Sambazon and all that they do for sustainability and the land in Brazil, def give their website a look-see.
  7. I've never seen or heard of Gemma until this thread, is gemma similar to yellow pea/pea protein? Same thing?
  8. smoothies, daily, if you take VEGA daily there is no need to supplement anything. It's worth it, fantastic product, invest!!!!@$%#!%!!
  9. I'm sure you've seen the Bas Rutten XTREME STREET FIGHTING VIDEO?!?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQVaTEPOsTA (part 1 of 11) This shit is fantastic and hilarious.
  10. Crocop got let out of his contract by Dana White, something that doesn't usually happen. He is going to fight in Japan again for a while and says he has intent to return, but I doubt it. He recently got nose surgery to correct a condition that he claimed was seriously screwing his cardio by about 50%. He is getting older though, so the probability of him wanting to step back into the high level of competition the UFC is currently serving up is low. Hope he does though, I would love to see a few more head kick knock outs.
  11. Sucralose?!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo...............!!!!!
  12. I personally like most forms of hemp products EXCEPT for anything Manitoba Farms. For some reason, their products all have a distinct flavor that I just don't like, although I know it's a great company. I would try Living Harvest brand if I were you, their hemp protein has what I perceive as NO flavor, and you can get it in chocolate and vanilla as well. It's raw, cold milled and tasteless to me. I also like their hempmilk better than any variety, perhaps due to it being sweetened with brown rice as opposed to cane. You might also want to just try eating the shelled hempnuts, they taste so mild and are really easy to put down.
  13. I was eating tempeh last night, and I decided I don't like it nearly as much as seitan or tofu. I know fermented soy products are supposed to be better for me, but I think that is trivial. I usually ate the same brand you guys are talking about, either 3 grain, garden veg, flax, etc. But nothing is better than my General Tsao's Seitan. NOTHING.
  14. "I'm not a vegetarian[vegan] because I love animals, I am because I hate plants" - I forget the guy who said this. That's how I feel too!!! Stupid plants, trying to grow in my soil. I hope they DO feel pain, I'm going to go punch carrots right now. I like nothing better than to hear stupid nuts CRACK, and corn SCREAM when you rips it's husk off. HELL YEAH. DIE PLANTS.
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