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  1. ^^^^ DOPE!^^^^ My parents used to make me go to church on this nite. But after i got to old for it, i never really went out. But the churchstill gave out candy and dressed up so i don't see what the point of going to the church was... I used to love candy alot.. then i stopped eatting it for like 2 1/2 years. Mainly cuz i got sucked in to spending my money one it. but now i eat it every now and then if i find somehting new that vegan (since they come out with new candies all the time) or if i really like it. but i don't by it often i went throu the same thing with soda too. but now i only drink caffinee free soda. but not often, cuz its pretty much just tasty motor oil. lol i can see the point of not wanting to giev your kid candy... its not healthy! but not letting your kidds have sweats once and a while can make life boring and dull in my opinion. maybe if you seperate all the vegan candy from the rest, give away the bad non vegan candy, like some of the other said, and save the vegan andy to give to your child over time. i dunno just i idea. if i had to give non vegan candy away i would tell every person: "this candy is bad and wrong and you might die from it one day." truth or not it won't wanna make them eat candy they might die from.
  2. yeah but he could make it dance. i was gonna get the same thing only in blond, and make her dance. be fun to watch while i was bored or watching i guess.
  3. wow wow wow you changed the whole set up around? i can't read that small. plus just saw the movie with ting in it like 2 days go. He deserves more fighting Abl. For real. hes got more moves then anyone i have seen on the charts!
  4. The guy that plays spider man is vegan. can't remember his name. he had to eat alot of tufo for the role.
  5. dang about 3 hours away. and if i had the cash to go i could always make the trip and then hang out with some friends i have down there. to bad i am poor poor poor! (aka broke) if i was still living in manchester nh then it would only be about a 40 minute drive in to the heart of boston.
  6. dang you did alot on the card today. but your still missing one person....
  7. word i would love to come but no cash on my part in my life right now. i was fired about 3 weeks ago for no reason. and i am just taking a break in my life for the first time. no skool, no work, no nothing. wish i could come along with you and rip. plus i'm not terrible at snow boarding just can't front flip like i used too. lol
  8. i see triple x tattoos! picks are wickedcool. i like the stances you took. reminds me of my dance gym class.
  9. on the fact that bat man deserved more fighting skills... he did train int high class martial arts full time. I love the way the cards are comming out. but i still don't see me.
  10. yeah i go up to canada all the time. For drag racing and watching over my friends when they go bar hoping. someones gotta be the striaght edge kidd for them. oh wait i am 24/7
  11. man i shaved my stomach once dry. wont do it again it burned later that nite.
  12. Riding motor bike skills, High school drop out skills, beat up guys skills, chicks skills, mechanical skills... where do those belong then?lol jk but good work on the upgrades
  13. the place in mass is in North Hampton. Its not all vegan but thye have a great selection. buts General T's tofu from around here all the time. Everytime time in the area down there i get some, and extra to bring home (but its gon in the 3 hour car ride usaully) i had it delievered from the place once! it was awsome!
  14. lol did you use wemens cream? it works best. (actaully i don't know) lol
  15. ok ok ok i see a need for a few up graded booster packs for some of these guys.... 1(The Fonz): I have seen him multiple times have the talent to get rid oif people. not to mention he has some powers, which are more like 'steez' but you canclaim them to be magic points. who gets more ladies and makes things work for free? 2 (the Grouch): saying he can use this trash can lid as a weapon is like saying some people like The Fonz can run people over with there motorbikes. His stealth is ok but everyone seems to know where to find him when they want too. but i think you should leave those stars right thurr. 3 (Lars): drumsticks as weapons? i got a water bottle does that count as a weapon? 4 (Power Rangers): they just deserve more credit! 5 (Murdock): hes kinda messed in the head with imaginary poeple and stuff that should be some magic (at leats one) point/s. 6 (me): YEAH WHERES ME! don't take this too serous these are great. just my opinion that if these where real card i would have to write the designer and manufactors of the upgradeable flaws of my choice. Shall we see more in the future?
  16. man since i have no job i should just pack up sell my cars and go with you. but not that easy on my part. plus i'm not as good at snowboarding as i used to. although the other day i was considering not getting a job again untill after winter and send all my time up on th slopes. hey maybe you can start a "Trip For Tropher Fund" got pay pal? Maybe some people can help you out with a few extra bucks! i know i would
  17. only good tofu i really have had that i like would be in chinese food places. and this one hippy type small place in town called Stone Soup... Very good Vegan Clubs, and cookies and muffins and stuff! been forever since i have been there thou... a lil costly. But even so some chinese food places have gross tofu. This place makes the best ever thou, its in Mass, and NH, they have sessime Chicken, and Orange Chicken, and a bunch of other stuff, THE BEST FOOD I HAVE EVER TASTED, and all vegan
  18. theres not enought food for me in there thou. nor enought space.
  19. nice ok cool. thanks for the info actually helps alot. SOrry to interpurt your thread
  20. hey tropher man, if i had my own place to stay i would say come up here and board in vt. i know we don't know each other very much at all, but one vegan to another, you know. Well the best to you. hope everything works out awsome. if you do end up in vt letme know asap i will take care of ya. danny oh also you can save money on oil changes by doing it your self. wicked easy... let me know if you want info on how to do it. its wicked easy.
  21. you in the navy? do they have vegan food to eat instead of non vegan food. (wow that sounds dump of me)
  22. Aim: Mazda Tokyo Racer or Girly Girl Racing hey what can i say alot of chick dig the second name!
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