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  1. hey and welcome roarie! nice to see another vegan gamer on the site, me and my girlfriend are also vegan gamers and 20 Good luck with the surgery!
  2. What about slugs? they wont leave my herbs alone, and obviously dont want to use slug pellets on them
  3. I have recently come into luck and been given an allotment, i thought this was a great idea seeing as us vegans eat lots and lots of vegetables, that was until i realised i know nothing about growing my own. anyone here grow any of their own food? can give me some advice? things like getting started, and how to go about it in a vegan way, i guess no pesticides is a given
  4. well i was thinking a the book covers being healthy it seemed ok, is there a book section? also does any one else know about the offer and delivery before i get them?
  5. I live in the uk and was wondering if its possible to get hold roberts book over here? If so, is the offer available for buying 3 books and getting all those goodies as i would love to get a couple for my friends also would i have to pay an extra fee for postage for each one individually or if they are sent together just one set postage thank you
  6. is there any way to watch this here in england? i'd happily pay for it
  7. dont worry spiderman 4 is going to have a different actor and possibly be a reboot
  8. 19th may 2010 handful of cashew nuts plate of beans/hash browns/fried tomato's half a box of salad (day in progress)
  9. monday 18th may some pasta in tomato puree with herbs and garlic oil 2 marmite and cheese sandwhichs 1 cup noodle snack 1 portion of chips Jeez i barely ate today :S
  10. Monday 17th may 1 banana Small bowl of pasta and tomato puree 2 handfulls of cashew nuts Footlong vegetable sandwich cup noodle style snack 3 Homemade Cherry cookies A sausage, a wholegrain bake, some mash potato and gravy a cheese and pickle sandwich
  11. Thursday 13th May 1 pickle sandwich a banana 2 marmite sandwichs 2 bottles of water 500ml a pear a packet of sweet chilli crisps a small portion of fries with barbeque sauce
  12. Wednesday may 12th 2 slices marmite toast 1 bowl of pasta with chickpeas and sweetcorn in a tomato sauce 1 banana 1 small grapefruit 2 slices of beans on toast 2 slices of marmite toast a big plate of cous cous, 2 vegeburgers , noodles, chips and assorted vegetables
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