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  1. Holy Crap! It's been said before but I truly think that this is the most amazing transformation I have ever seen! INCREDIBLE! Fantastic job After seeing your progress, my motivation is renewed! Thanks!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! and to answer some specifics: Lean and Green: Yeah, "Mele Kalikimaka" is 'Merry Christmas' in Hawaiian. Catchy tune~ hsorlando: I found being vegan to be pretty easy here so far though I don't know if it's easy or hard relative to other places. Yeah there's plenty of really fresh fish here but I've never liked any of it much so no great loss there. I haven't been to a Luau in ages. It's mostly a tourist activity anyway though... in fact the only times I've ever been to a Luau was when there were out of town guests that wanted to go. Dawgbert: "Tsuji" comes from my last name "Tsujimura" which is Japanese
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    Hey everyone! My name is Jason and I'm typing this from Hawaii I've been vegan since December 1st 2007 and I'm loving every second of it! After spending some time getting really out of shape, I've finally managed to get myself on a 6 day "on" / 1 day "off" workout routine. I'm still searching for what works for me and I've already discovered that Bikram Yoga is not for me hehe. So far I'm mostly using my own body weight for exercises but I'm interested in incorporating more weight lifting into my workouts. I'm on the lookout for some vegan weight lifting gloves. Any recommendations? **EDIT: Oh Duh... I just looked around for 30 seconds after my initial posting and saw the ones from newgrip.com that are listed under "Products" on the main page. I think I'll end up ordering a pair of those.** I actually found you guys because I was searching for a good vegan supplement and I ended up looking at Robert's thread on Vega. (I've already received my shipment from Foodfight and I'm quite happy with the products.) Interestingly, a few days after reading about Vega here at the forum, I heard that Brendan Brazier was going to be in town to give a talk at our monthly VSH (Vegetarian Society of Hawaii) meeting. How cool is that? Anyway, great community you guys got here! I look forward to sharing my progress with you guys. Aloha, Jason
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