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  1. hahaha, thanks all. I really appreciate the warm welcoming. Endy... power on brother. You have a fighter's spirit. BOOO YAAH !!
  2. Hi everyone, I've been vegan for roughly 7 years, and one thing that's always bugged me is the sense of negativity the general populace looks at veganism. They'll look you up and down with incredulity and try to cite anything wrong with you as "because your vegan". "oh you're skin's dry, i don't want that, must be because you're vegan, veganism is unhealthy". I've had people look me straight in the eye, at the height of my fitness, and tell me veganism is unhealthy when they themselves were sporting a gut and hunched figure. It's like being a role model, everything about you has to shine. I say, "whatever it takes". So I'm building my physique to set a few points straight. I've been working out on and off all my life, and have seen what my body can do (vegan and not vegan). And I know that eating meat hasn't taken me any further in developing my figure than being vegan. Right now, I bench more than I've ever benched and I've only been working out for 4 months after approx 2 years off. When I went vegan I was 21, in my prime, actively working out, and pretty darn muscular. Going vegan (though I too was concerned at the time) didn't slow me down one bit. My goal is to pop unhealthy vegan misconceptions like a grape between thumb and index, just by the sight of me. I'll gladly be undeniably bigger better stronger and then poke people in the bellies if I have to . Looking forward to learning from each and every one of you! Cheers, Duke
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