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  1. Well, I just thought I'd leave an update on what's going on... I just recently had my period again, and I'm not sure if that's why, but it's quite an odd coincidence that I started craving greens and LOTS of them! lol. And oddly enough, when I eat greens by themselves, they don't have such a bitter taste to them (they usually do when I suddenly eat them after a long while without having them). So, anyway, I'm eating a bit more fruits and a lot more greens right now, as that's what my body seems to crave (probably due to the loss of blood and such). I haven't checked where I'm at weight-wise yet, as I don't care much about it. Though, I notice some more muscle forming, and my legs seem a bit more toned. I might decide to post some pics later, whenever I decide to start taking more pics. My mom's wanting me to send a pic to her, though, because she's so curious to see how I look after all the weight I told her I lost (I think she'll continue being doubtful about this lifestyle until she sees the results with her own eyes). Anyway, that's about it for now.
  2. Darn! Greg and I can't get into another place until our 6-month lease is up in March! Besides, I'm sure you're looking for a single person and not a couple. lol. Good luck, though!
  3. *tries to stop laughing* Sorry, that's just TOO funny! I'm picturing it in my head right now, with Lean & Green dancing around in the yard, dressed like a female hippie, and tossing flowers in the air! Hehe! Well, Greg and I don't have those issues. He doesn't care much about having male friends (he has online friends, and one friend not far away from us, that's about it). And he doesn't want to dance! Lean & Green, you two need to come visit us one day...maybe you can convince Greg to dance? lol. Ah well, one of these days he'll get in touch with his feminine side, right? I hope. It's been almost 2 years already, and he still refuses to dance. Well, at least I got a great guy, instead of one who thinks "real men eat meat" and acts all tough, right? I'll just be happy with that. Though, just because he won't dance, doesn't mean I'll stop dancing! And maybe one of these days he'll join me!
  4. Thanks! It's ok. That's why I felt I had to explain myself, incase it was all just a misunderstanding. Really, don't worry about it, it happens. And thanks! Wow...all these complements about my profile pic are really helping my confidence (don't worry, I won't let it all go to my head ).
  5. Really? Where'd you learn that? Because, uhh...unless my body's playing tricks on me, I swear I can't be going into "starvation mode". My pants have been getting looser at the waist. And my husband pointed out that my waist doesn't seem to be as big as before. Trust me, if my husband's noticing that I'm still shrinking at the waist, obviously that means weightloss, right? Therefore, no "starvation mode", and no clinging of fat. Thanks, Zack. That means a lot to me. Really, it does. Like I've said before, I'm not trying to force this on myself, and am just eating what/when I feel my body wants to eat. I wouldn't dream of going back to obsessing over food like I used to, constantly walking into the kitchen and wanting to eat just to have something in my mouth...what I'm learning from this experience is that my life doesn't revolve around food, and that when I'm truely hungry my body will let me know. I never said I'd go about it like this for longterm (like I guess many others may have been thinking?)...that all depends on what I feel my body wants. If my body pushes me to want to eat a lot more, I will...but I won't force food in my mouth when I'm obviously not hungry. It hurts me to feel that people might think I have an eating disorder when I don't (I don't obsess about my weight anymore like I used to, I don't look at food and think of how fat it will make me, I don't obsess over things like that, and my husband has been very watchful in making sure I'm ok and has noticed my more positive and energetic attitude). That's why I wish I had stopped posting my daily meals before this commotion...I'm paranoid enough about how people look at me and what they think of me, and I'm finally getting out of my paranoia and don't want to continue feeling that way forever. My husband has noticed my tremendous changes lately, and is very proud of me...I now love and respect my body (rather than hate it), I barely think about my weight issues anymore (and instead feel beautiful no matter what my weight will end up as), and I'm becoming more active than I've ever been. I think that that's definitely nowhere near an eating disorder.
  6. I figured you all mean well...that's why I didn't totally flip out, and instead kept my cool and explained my situation. Trust me, there's no eating disorder here. I'm doing perfectly fine, and listening to my body's needs. If I get any symptoms from my body showing me that something's wrong, I'll quickly work to fix it. But lately, I seem to only be getting healthier. I don't know if it's due to the more raw diet, or due to me not having such bad junkfood desires anymore, but my body just seems to have enough with the little food I eat. And being that I still have a lot of fat on me, maybe my body's wanting to use up more of the fat right now rather than get all of its energy from food? I think that might be what's going on. I can assure you I'm not depriving myself of food, though. I don't find I'm being strict on myself. I allow myself to eat more, but as I've said before, my body seems to not crave more food. Also, I think I'm still losing fat, but also gaining muscle, which would explain the scale not budging much between my last two weigh-ins...I noticed my clothes fit a little looser on me again lately, and have started feeling more stronger. I think, given time, the scale will budge more and we'll see more physical results. I've been able to walk a couple miles or so everyday, and been restricting myself to weight exercises every other day lately (despite my energy to want to do more). My husband finds that I'm now easily able to handle the shorter route to Costcutter (which has a higher hill), rather than the slightly longer route (which was easier for me to handle before)...and before, going up that higher hill would leave me breathless and in pain, whereas now it's a breeze to get through! I find I'm much more happier and less tired now. Oh, no worries! My women's vitamins that I'm taking has vitamin B12, along with a long list of other vitamins and minerals, and even superfood extracts (such as wheatgrass, spirulina, etc.). I'm not against eating leafy greens, but right now my body just doesn't seem to want that...I am starting to get cravings for nuts (perhaps cashews), though, so I'll probably pick some up at the store soon. As for the pears...when we started buying them, they were about average size, I guess...just recently, the ones we've bought were bigger. I know it doesn't seem like much food, and I was a bit worried about it at first myself...but I found that if I made myself eat what would be considered enough (calorie-wise) or close to enough, that I felt more tired and weighed down, and I just didn't feel right. So, now I don't give in to pressure about it and just let my body guide me. And since doing that, I've been feeling wonderful!
  7. You know, I've been debating with myself on whether or not I should keep posting here. I somehow knew I would not be understood. Even though I feel healthier than ever before, and am not restricting myself from eating. I've been worrying each time I post, wondering if someone would complain about my proteins or my calories or whatever...and it's happened, but I calmly continued on. Though it's just adding more stress to my life, worrying about people judging me and such. veggieprincess, why do you feel a fruitarian diet is not healthy? Because doctors think it isn't? Because our society thinks it isn't? Because of how you were taught? I'm not gonna follow along with what everyone else does just because they say it's the safest healthiest route and warn of dangers of steering away from what the majority believe. I mean, come on...that's like meat-eaters believing a vegan diet is not healthy! How is it any different? It's not! People usually like sticking to their one belief and not bother considering that another way is good too. I'm still getting nutrition, my body seems happy and healthy, and I feel like I'm in better shape than I've ever been! I'm not promoting that this way is for everyone, but I believe it's working for me. I'm only eating what I believe my body's telling me it wants...if it wants a certain fruit, I'll eat that certain fruit...if it later wants greens or nuts/seeds, I'll eat greens or nuts/seeds. I am getting more in tune with my body than ever before. I find that if I force myself to eat more calories just to please other people's standards, I feel sick and weighed down, so I only eat when I'm hungry and have small servings (which oddly, last for a long while before I get hungry again). I have lots more energy, and am starting to need a little less sleep at night. I could perhaps go to the doctor to get everything checked to prove I am healthy, but why? Not only can I not afford to, but I don't feel I need to prove anything to anyone. And you're right. Not many people are commenting on my post anymore. Obviously people here don't want to see something so very different from what they're used to. They like to stick to standardized things...like this much protein, or that many calories, or this, or that...etc. Obviously what I do scares them, and they don't think it's possible to be healthy like this. Why debate my lifestyle, though? Is it because it's unsafe? Impossible? Who says so? There's so much unknown in this world. I'm not about to trust what others think is the truth. Heck, so many people are brainwashed to believe lies, so how am I expected to trust what anyone says? The only (and most important) one for me to trust is my body. Our bodies have truely amazing ways of protecting us, communicating with us, and letting us know what's good and bad...if only we allow them to. Long before man wrote down standard ways for healthy living, I'm sure people already knew how to live healthy by listening more to their bodies. Why should we follow certain standard ways when no one knows our own bodies better than ourselves? For example, when we're sick, we take all sorts of medicine, but our bodies may be wanting us to fast until it can heal us on its own. When we get a fever, we take medicine to get rid of it, but it's our bodies' way of healing us. Our bodies have a way of knowing how to heal us from the inside without man-made medicine or doctors. Yet we rely on what we are told to do. I'm not trying to get on you about your response, but just trying to explain my point of view. Anyway, I've decided to stop posting my daily diet here. I'd rather not keep worrying what others think, and worry more about what my body wants. I may still keep posting around on the boards, though, and maybe post updates, but I'm done here.
  8. November 25, 2008 Breakfast: 1 Bartlett pear Snack: 1/4 pineapple Lunch: 1/4 pineapple Snack: 2 Bartlett pears Exercise: 4 mile walk
  9. Haha...go figure! I just told my husband what you said about finally getting it to work, and he was like "Oh, yeah, I remember that trick! I used to do that all the time!" I guess everyone who played video games knew that trick? Haha! Apparently I didn't, though. By the way, we stopped by the store tonight for a few things, so decided to pick up a papaya. It costed nearly $6 (it's one of the bigger papayas, and weighs 3 pounds), but I couldn't help staring at it this time when we passed by it. So I'll get to see what fresh raw papaya tastes like tomorrow! Exciting!
  10. Add sundried tomatoes; the taste is out of this world Really? I've seen recipes that mention using sundried tomatoes, though I've never tried it yet.
  11. That's why I hate technology...sometimes it can be a pain in the butt. We've been having problems with our phone and internet lately, and it's frustrating. Ah, yeah...I see your point. We can't seem to find GOOD watermelon here, though. It makes me wonder if it's just Washington, or if maybe we moved here too late in the year. We can only get the small expensive seedless ones at CostCutter (which are ok, but expensive), or the big cheap seedless ones at oriental-type markets (which are not good, you can tell they're too overripe). Papayas are a bit pricey, but we might consider getting some soon. I've kinda been craving them a little...just due to being curious of how they taste, though (I've had papayas in a salsa we once bought, but don't remember ever having them raw and fresh). Really? I hate that! They sell the papaya by the pound here, at least the bigger nicer looking ones. As for the pineapple, CostCutter (which we shop at often, due to their SWEET 10 pound produce deals) has them for $2.99 now. *blushes* Haha! Thanks. Yeah, and it's not just physical changes, either...I have had so many emotional/mental changes as well. My husband's very proud of me, my mom's jealous (which, she's overweight too, but loves her seafood and prepackaged foods too much to give up), and I have a whole new outlook on life! lol. If I could go back in the past to change all this, I wouldn't, except maybe to have started this sooner! lol. I don't even seem to worry about my weight as much anymore, and for the most part I'm so full of energy (except on many of these icky cloudy days ). I'm definitely gonna keep going, and keep showing great progress.
  12. Wow, cool! Thanks for showing that. I'd so like to try the raw organic candied apples recipe! *misses candied apples, and chocolate* Maybe I can get my husband to find some good raw carob powder for us to get, so we can make some after our cleanse. If I don't forget. We've been meaning to get raw carob powder for months now.
  13. Hey, Lean and Green! Nice to see you back again! By the way, my husband says it may be a problem with the cable. Maybe try reconnecting the cable and try again? Aww, man! You're making me start to want papayas and melons now! lol! I've been sticking mostly to Bartlett pears lately, because that's what I seemed to be craving. Though I'm about to switch over to pineapple, because I started craving it today. I'm also thinking of starting some green smoothies soon. Wow! Looks like Dani's quite the chef then, eh? I'm glad to see that ya'll are whipping up some tasty meals! Sounds delicious!
  14. November 24, 2008 Breakfast: 1 Bartlett pear Snack: 1 Bartlett pear Lunch: 1 Bartlett pear Snack: 1 Bartlett pear Exercise: 2 mile walk
  15. November 23, 2008 Breakfast: 1 Bartlett pear Snack: 1 Bartlett pear Lunch: 1 Bartlett pear Snack: 2 Bartlett pears Exercise: 6 mile walk
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