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  1. Yeah. I wish I had the energy to lift seriously, but I guess that I have time. It's not too late for me, etc. Maybe next year.
  2. Finland's all good. There are quite many vegan's here too. At least I know dozens of vegans all around the Finland. But I guess we're pretty well-connected then. I've never been to Denmark, but would love to visit.
  3. Yeah and how sad is this. Monsanto at least is well-known here for it's GMO.
  4. Welcome. Nice to see other Scandinavian here. Hope you enjoy your stay. Welcome!
  5. I have a spare +5 euros in my paypal account that I possibly could use for this. But since I'm in a bit of a financial trouble, I'll give it a day or two to think it over. But possibly yes as they've been standing there unused for a month or two and I don't have any urgent need for them.
  6. And fed you some too. Yeah, we ate so much even though we ordered just one pizza. As we could eat as much salad as we wanted and then we also ate so much bread with this crushed garlic gloves in olive oil. At least now we're not gonna get sick, I guess. Swine flu and all that. lol And today I felt myself like a coach, when I rode the bike after my man was there running next to me. And he wouldn't give up, even though I said that he could just ride the bike with me sitting on the back. And even took his shirt off just so that I could watch his bare pecs and back. And the stomach he says that looks like he's pregnant. I'll show you what pregnant looks like!!!
  7. I'm not gonna miss it. There's no way of justifying such a way of acting towards someone, who's there to train, not as their free sexual object. I don't tolerate being an object for a bunch of jerks, who just can't mind their own bussiness and keep their eyes on the weights or whatever they're doing. Women shouldn't need to feel themselves "proud" of serving men by being their free object of desire. Especially the latter I found the most disturbing and it took me _months_ to be able to go to that same gym. Gym that I loved so much. And not just being an object of desire, I was even photographed without my own permission or without even noticing this. And followed. I'm sure I'm not gonna miss, when the gravity starts kicking in. Nothing personal Joe, but I just get pissed at those type of comments as those kind of thinking patterns aren't really safe for anyone. In my teen years I let myself being badly abused for thinking like you adviced me to think.
  8. I hate it how when doing back extensions, guy's are staring at my ass (and on the other side my tits) and I hate all that "You should try a smaller weight" in situations, where I honestly know very well, what I'm doing - and get to prove those guys wrong. I also hate it how guys try to get me to sleep with them just by offering to teach some new compound excercises and after a while ask if I'm into it.
  9. Nowdays I'm better playing bass. But for not being in gym for almost half an year I guess these could as well be my new before pictures. Or just "process"-pics. Though I look like an anorexia patient. I was training with I'm Your Man a few days ago: Need to get my work-outs straight and going.
  10. I look so tiny next to you and your baby bottock biceps.
  11. In my elementary (and secondary) school years I was always teased about not having boobs and bum - at home as well as in school. And I was extremely thin, BMI 15 or even lower. Now I'm in a situation, where I have pretty nice pair of boobs but no decent bum. And how I wished I had more feminine (bulkier) thighs and all that jazz. So I definitely feel for you and I know what you're about. I feel myself totally anorectic for not having any curves or "jotain, josta ottaa kiinni" as they say in Finland. And Candyflip's bf is a wonderful man, who doesn't care about just tits and ass, mind you all.
  12. Menstrual cup wins tampons. One last for years and years and doesn't give you TSS.
  13. I took a nap few hours after reading this and had a dream where I was in the same situation you're facing now. I'm sorry to hear about your missfortune with pills. *hugs* and kisses.
  14. Joe collected all the ear vex from his ear and made a vax statue of himself (inspired by Madame Tussauds). Good to hear from you though I hate to hear you're not well. Hopes high and just chill out.
  15. *sooooooooo jealous* It's too bad we missed you guys and didn't get to arrange a meet-up, while in Helsinki. We (I'm Your Man and I) were there like two nights, one night in which I was working and spent one full day in my friends place in Espoo. It would have been a blast to get to meet you guys.
  16. And lets just add that there are many vegan dragkings in Finland. I just met a few when I was working in the drag king show. Guillaume should add some more protein into his diet. He eats too much raw fruits and veggies if you ask me. But it's been great, even though some happenings in my life have been disturbing both of our time it's supposed to be over now and I guess that maybe tomorrow or day after we're heading to the gym together.
  17. If I was you I'd just buy fabric with the pink camo you want it to have and try hooking up to someone who's able to make a nice pair of pants from it. Then you'd get it well made and even would help some student or unemployed by giving money to him/her and so your pants wouldn't be just camo pants, they would be fair trade pants without sweat shops (unless the fabric is made in one).
  18. I'm 21 and just got myself a skateboard. The very first skate board I've ever own or even tried out. Now I look a lot younger, when I roll around the streets of Tampere and everyone will want to have a piece of me.... *falls on her head*
  19. Oh my, you're so cute..... And impressive weight loss. I have been dealing out (wondering what would be the best way of saying this - now it sounds like from a drug dealers mouth)... Distributing... Giving out those very same flyers you have in your hands. Or then again they might be different as it was years ago... But non the less, you look great. Sorry about the drooling part, it's inevitable.
  20. Good to see you active. Sorry for my witty comment, but I have five pages of updated topics to catch up to. Just wanted to say hi. Keep up and you really had a nice present from your gf.
  21. You saw an car accident, I was in one. Or not really, our car's engine just fired up and there was smoke everywhere. An old car, etc. but it was funny to be on the very edge of exploading. And I too almost crashed with a pedestrian, who was walking her bike up hill. There was a huge birch tree ahead and she was on my side whiile walking and I was in a hurry. But didn't crash like you, luckily as I didn't wear a helmet. Gotta go now, talk you later, Gui! And do I need to say that your tan looks good? Macho, macho man!
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