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  1. Your avatar looks good. Welcome!
  2. It's nice to see that there are quite many vegans living in Israel. Welcome! Hope you enjoy yourself.
  3. Nice to see you joining in to our forum. Welcome!
  4. For me animals are everything. I feel so connected with all of them - those in the wild and domesticated. My fascination towards them isn't just related to whether they are hairy, hairless, big or small. It doesn't matter in my book. I've always had animals around me (my family had pets even before I was born) and so I've learned to be around them and I've come to understand them more deeply than most others I know. Though I still got a lot to learn from them. You have to learn how to be a top dog and still let your dog feel the need of loyalty towards you. My dog's from a rescue shelter. It was found wondering in the woods as she was just a little puppy. It obviously had been beaten by it's master(s) and so it had ran away. Or she could have also been left there for the lack of interest. Who knows. Forming a pack with a dog is a complex thing when looked through the eyes of a animal-friendly vegan. But what some might not understand about teaching dogs is that they're just like little children without any understanding about these so-called unnatural things like cars and such. My relatives' dog wasn't properly trained and got killed as she wasn't obeying my relatives commands and instead run to the freeway and got hit by a car. I have to leave now - to put my dog on a leash and dominate her by taking her for a walk.
  5. You have such a beautiful body Marcie, don't take her words to your heart. Some people just don't have the social skills to be able to understand how everyone else feels and usually they're the ones talking most brutally and bluntly. They just are just completely lacking of empathy - to understand how everyone else feels and so their social skills are very monotonous as they treat others the way they themselves think they should be treated. You did a right thing to stand up for yourself and I'm SO proud of you sweet heart. Rock on my rocking beauty! <3
  6. There's no intention for me to show off with my body to anyone. Would it be another vegan or a meat eater. I go to the gym for my own pleasure and my aim isn't to be a living, walking example of anything. But I can also ensure you that I'm not one of those, who are stuck in that Barbie-image and I promise to lift heavy again, when I get better and have the energy levels to do so.
  7. Wikipedia: With frets, you have to buy new ones some day as they tend to fray in use, but there seems to be a nylon alternative to this one as well, though it says that: So I guess that besides the glue the other parts are okay. Or am I wrong?
  8. This spammer has already posted over 61 posts... Could somebody please stop him?
  9. Happy birthday strawberry delight... Oh, I meant riddic. Hope everything goes well for you. At least for today.
  10. Hi, I'm glad to see that your training is going so well. I don't come here as often as I used to, but just wanted to say hi and all that. Treenirikasta kevättä!
  11. My year 2009 hasn't been starting well. So this blog is going down until I'm healthy again. And I might have to stay away from this forum because of some things that get me upset about it. I don't know, when I'll return. Those who want are able to reach me through Facebook or email.
  12. Tasted the chocolate one but didn't like the taste.
  13. I guess that xjohanx and others would be happy, if abortion was banned and women started to do DIY-abortions with iron wire hangers etc. Or if the rate of starved or abused children would rise as those, who would have chosen abortion, didn't get it. If some dude gets me pregnant and I don't want it, I'm more than happy to give the embryo to him so that he can carry it, give birth to it and raise it as his own. If that's what he wants.
  14. Whatever you consider the baby to be (a bunch of cells, a life etc) you sure harm "it" when you abort it since "it" dies. Well is there a soul in this embryo or why is it so important? What about when they make test tube babies? They put in the tube more than just one egg and more than one usually gets inpregnated and is "it". Then some of them are thrown away and some implanted into their mother-to-be's body. That's a weird way of putting it. "Forced" to become a parent, they had sex and they should deal with it in a humane way. If they really aren't ready to be parents there is always adoption. Forced is a right word for it. Enviroment, culture, friends and family. Even if they won't be saying it out loud, they have an opinion and it comes out in some way. I'll continue later on.
  15. Omg, Giacomo really put all the effort in it. Dani, I just want to say that you're still really pretty although you're slightly older now. I remember how thrilled you were that we're both born in feb and so "close" to each other. Hugs and I hope you have a wonderful day, happy b-day.
  16. Pro-choice as I know enough about the developement of an embryo to say that it doesn't really harm them. And I don't think that everyone should be given the right to be a parent and if someone is forced to it, it becomes even worse. Oh and did you know that over 70% of miscarriages happen within the same weeks as the medical abortions are done. I guess that in Finland this is better than in the US as here there's sex education so there're less abortions. Though I'm not sure about the numbers of abortions made each year.
  17. Lol, that's awesome. Maybe someday you'll be able to do this with me : 145lbs Yeah, maybe. I've already done calf raises with my ex-bf on my back and he weighted the same as you do. Today I noticed that in the meds I got there's lactose and gelatin in them. And I have to eat them for a month. Sucks big time, but I guess I'll have to eat them as I already bought them and it would be a waste to throw them away now. Yesterday I met an omni guy who helped me a bit. We talked about weight lifting and all that and he was like "Yeah, there's this one vegetarian guy who only recently won SM (Finnish Championship) in weight lifting". And so we talked for a moment about all those vegan and vegetarian athletes we (I, mostly) know and he gave me some advises on my diet. As his father is a weightlifting coach and this friend of mine has been lifting weights for as long as I've known him. And that's since I was 15, though I had heard of him before too as he's my first boyfriend's friend. So one could say that I've "known" him for 7 years or so. I'll have to go to bed now, ciao!
  18. You can easily make yourself one. I remember when I was a little kid that we made a playhouse between rocks in our near-by forest and made the roof out of boards (that were thrown away into the forest) and moss. To keep it safe from the rain. And the moss we put on it lived and thrived as well as kept us dry if it started to rain when we were out playing. Of cvourse if you make it yourself there will be all kind of creepy bugs, ants etc. So I don't recommend it. Though you can froze it first and that way deal with it. lol, DIY or die!
  19. it's a good sweetener, but some people don't like the after taste of it. Is there products containing stevia sold in Finland (like Vega) or this is banned too? At least there's hemp in Finland I know nothing about stevia... Yeah, you get hemp from Finland in some forms but it's expensive and rare.
  20. My b-day just goes on, on and on. Thanks a lot you guys. Kisses and hugs to all of you! e. And to all of you with the funniest pictures ever: You really made my day.
  21. I've been working out at Nääshalli for half an year but I'm thinking of going to Wolf as well. Next week I'll see how it's like there as me and my friend are taking the free "tour" there. Now I've been slacking of doing mostly cardio at home or went to Nääshalli and visited Fressi once this week as they gave a free one day ticket to me the other day. Hey, maybe if I'm changing to Wolf we could become training buddies?
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