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  1. So some of you may have heard of this, but this is my first time hearing about this and I'm a bit confused now. One of my professors is really convinced that humans are carnivores and has told me a bit about the Paleolithic diet. What really shocked me was that beans, seeds, and grains have natural pesticides which protect the seed from being eaten. These antinutrients in turn cause us more harm than good. When humans started eating these foods they used to ferment their grains to get out most of the toxins and apparently even quaker oats used to say to soak the oats overnight before preparing. So he says humans aren't meant to eat beans grains or potatoes. I'm curious to get the other side of the story and if anyone has any information on this I would greatly appreciate it. He says vegans can't "thrive" without eating meat or eggs. I am not easily convinced. I have NO desire to eat meat or eggs, but I hope you guys can give me some information to help me out. Thanks
  2. Well I have a pretty small frame and I've been the "skinny guy" my whole life. Been lifting weights for the past 9 months and made some good gains, but now I really want to try to maximize my gains. I'm pretty sure I got the diet down, but I just have one question...should I still do cardio? Should I devote one day to ONLY cardio? Right now I've been doing cardio with every workout sometimes high intensity, sometimes low...but I've been reading that it could be affecting my gains....so now I'm just confused since I'm not really trying to lose a ton of fat. Should I still do cardio if I want to bulk up my little frame?
  3. Haha veggie house rocks. Although I haven't been there in ages!!! But I am so thankful there are plenty of vegetarian/vegan places to eat here in phoenix. We even have 2 ethiopian restaurants, an all organic middle eastern restaurant with a vegan menu and even vegan desserts, an all organic bistro/wine bar/yoga stuio...and much more. wow im hungry now. i too have thought about opening my own little vegan cafe. im mexican so maybe i should do vegan mexican. haha i dunno. itll all work out
  4. Hmm It looks like I can save a big chunk of money if I buy hemp protein powder bulk online does anyone suggest a good, reliable site. I wouldn't want my hemp to sit out in a hot truck for a few days because I hear it should stay cool. I dunno, what do you guys think?
  5. Hate to say it but Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About. It made me realize I need to take my healthcare into my own hands. Also, working in the pharmaceutical industry, I could understand completely how screwed up healthcare is. I don't agree with everything Kevin Trudeau says since he doesn't promote vegetarianism nor veganism, but without it I wouldn't be vegan lol The book, World Peace Diet, actually made me go vegan.... and... OH! and the book Supernatual by Graham Hancock is AMAZING. It talks about altered states of consciousness and how it relates to the origin of religion and....ooh, too much to say! you can read about it here http://www.grahamhancock.com/supernatural/
  6. I'm leaving to go to California tomorrow and I can only bring a little cooler with me. So I'm packing a loaf of Ezekiel bread, "raw" almond butter, a bunch of sliced veggies, a 48 oz fruit/hemp smoothie (in an insulated cup), some rice cakes and nuts, my biggest tupperware full of stir fry veggies tofu and brown rice. I'm so paranoid I'm going to run out of food (I will, its inevitable) and end up having to settle with some kind of greasy restaurant/food. Unfortunately I'm not the one driving. I leave tomorrow morning and don't get back until Monday evening. If you were wondering I'm going to the Electric Daisy Carnival in LA. Would you rather starve or give into nasty food??? I would NEVER give into eating meat or any animal products, but I don't want to eat any of that fried junk. Especially since this thing goes from 4pm to 4am. My friends want to stay for the WHOLE thing. I don't know what to do!!
  7. I absolutely love both but I can't find a place that sells tempeh in phoenix since the closed down the whole foods (wild oats) here. ARGHH!! The tempeh "bacon" is really good too hehehehe
  8. Mock meats are cool for people starting out with veganism. I personally don't like them because they are highly processed, give me mad heartburn, and they taste all too real sometimes. I had the soyrizo and some mock chicken salad and it made me sick! I'm not a big fan of the TVP. One's diet shouldn't center around them since they aren't that nutritious in my opinion. I dunno... I mean "chicken" with a "bone"....that's taking it too far lol. I love plain tofu though, the smell of it gettin nice and crispy in my stir fry. Mmmmm. I wouldn't have it any other way!
  9. My name is Jesse and I'm 21 years old. I haven't eaten meat in 18 months and cut out all animal products 10 months ago. I got a gym membership in December and starting in March I began to get a bit serious about weight training. Not so much that I want to be a competitive bodybuilder, but I would like to gain some mass for health, strength, and aesthetic reasons . Before that I was just doing pushups and situps at home and ran around the block a few times whenever I felt like it. Everyone here is a HUGE inspiration and I would like to one day be featured on here . I've discovered this forum about a year ago and have been reading it on and off. I decided to finally join and introduce myself. I was born and raised here in Phoenix, Arizona! I would love to one day be a holistic vegan nutritionist and plan on going to school to learn more about herbalism and other holistic therapies. I'm tired of being the skinny guy and I want to also prove to others, and more importantly myself, that vegans, too, can be healthy, happy, and fit!
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