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  1. Lots of talk about TrueProtein.com on these boards right now. I'm definitely going to check that out as soon as they get back to me on something. In the meantime, does anybody know a good place to buy protein powders in Canada? Right now I buy brown rice and hemp powders in the local Whole Foods, which costs about $20/lb. A Google search has yielded lots of online storefronts that don't actually carry anything vegan. Is there anything out there? I'd love to try this Gemma things everybody is talking about...
  2. Yeah, it does sound like a further-refined form of gluten/seitan -- just with extra branding so they can charge more for the same thing.
  3. Sorry about the confusion. I wasn't actually talking about replacing fruits with protein powders. The way I get my protein right now involves semi-whole foods that are also heavy on complex carbs. In taking more powders, I would be removing some of those cooked carbs from my diet in favour of fruits and vegetables. I suppose the big unknown is whether my body would actually be any better off from an arrangement like that. Unfortunately, I have few hard numbers to give. I'm 6'1" (185cm) tall, 180lbs (81.5kg), train heavy (still a little sore from Sunday morning). No idea how what my body fat % is, or how many calories I consume in a day (I just go by appetite).
  4. Hi there. Long time lurker, first time poster. Big fan of the show. I've been lifting weights for some time with little result. Recently, I started tracking my protein intake, and realized that I was getting up to 50g of protein on a good day, and as little as 20g on a bad day. So I ramped up my intake to 150-180g/day starting 6 days ago (I weigh 180lbs, to put that in context). This basically involves a mixture of lentils, beans and tofu, with some seitan and rice protein powder on the side. The big downside is that it involves so much calories that I only have enough appetite for 1-2 servings of fruits per day, and that's it. Don't really ingest anything else. So the question is: should I be taking more protein powders to reduce the calorie load? I'm not sure if eating so little fruit or raw vegetables is going to come back and bite me later on. At the same time, I just gosh darn don't like powders. Lowering protein intake is an option I don't want to consider quite yet, because I want to see how much of a difference it makes. Most forms of feedback on this issue are highly appreciated.
  5. Tofu guy here. I find tempeh to be pretty foul (cooked is better than raw, but not by a lot). Tofu, on the other hand, takes on any flavour you give it, and is easy to work with.
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