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  1. I'm not usually into this, but I am always into wolverine.... but isn't this is best commercial??
  2. I still think it's important to balance both cardio and weight training to get all around results, which is ultimately what anyone interested in fitness is looking for
  3. Haven't you seen "Super Size Me"? If not, you better rent it before you think this is a good idea...
  4. what about people with flat feet? barefoot can't be the best way...
  5. Okay... I'm starting to get board of my elliptical workout.. I try to go running when i can but i normally don't get home until very late and dont like to when its dark out.. Can anyone suggest some new and effective equipment that i can invest in to spice up my work out??
  6. Do any of you like facebook better?
  7. I will be celebrating like all Americans
  8. It's too bad but you had no other choice.
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