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  1. Well, I'm all moved and mostly settled in. The place where I live has a gym but it's seriously lacking. I really wanted to avoid the extra cost of a gym membership but I think it's vital for me. I've been searching for cheap gyms near me. Of course, planet fitness is the cheapest. I really don't want to go there!!! I found another that is fairly cheap (about $19.99/month depending), I'm going to go in tomorrow after work to check it out and see what deals they may have.
  2. Well, it's been a long time since I last posted. I'm still working out- though not with the regularity I'd like. Things are looking up, though =) I'm moving in a month to New Hampshire (about an hour from Boston). Hoping to get back on schedule once the move is all said and done. I'll try to be a more active member of the community.
  3. So I'm beginning to settle into my new life and am gaining some of my motivation back ,looking in the mirror and not liking what you see will do that to a person, lol...but seriously, I'm disappointed in myself but know I can get back. I've decided to split my workout up and do cardio in the morning and go back for weights at night when I have more time to focus and get it in. The diet is under construction. I'm still trying to work out getting it all in around my work schedule and new financial situation. On another motivated note, I may utilize my company's tuition reimbursement deal and go get certified to teach in public schools as opposed to private- the money is better and I'd be able to utilize my Masters more I believe and wouldn't be limiting myself. I'm going to try to post more now to keep myself in check, you all need to give me hell!
  4. can just say how much I love this thread?!!? so glad to find my fellow vegan beer lovers!
  5. Sooo..... Its obviously been a while since I last posted. A lot has been going on personally in my life and social networks and working out (unfortunately) have taken a back seat. So, here's the deal: My husband and I decided to separate and are pending a divorce, I've moved out of the house and am living back with my parents in a basement apartment. I have a new job that I love. It is all for the best but it has been a huge adjustment and I am finally coming around to it all. I've been in the gym still but my motivation has not been the best and I'm adjusting to working out in the mornings- getting there early enough for a full workout and cardio has been a problem. Additionally, with my new job I've had to adjust the times I eat and what I eat. I'm teaching and am not allowed to have nuts before work and am not supposed to have food in the classroom. so thats been a bitch. Anyhow, I'm sure I'll be posting more later but I wanted to fill my vegan bodybuilding family in on whats been going on in my life.
  6. Forgot to mention that I may start training for one of these as well: http://www.spartanrace.com/index.html My brother (also way into fitness) really wants to do one with me. I hate running but I think it'll be an incredible bonding thing to do with my brother. So I'll also be focusing (more so than usual) on endurance and strength.
  7. Here are some recent photos from my Christmas in Fl. so I can track my progress better. I had one taken in the same suit on the same beach as a photo I had taken before I really started lifting- I'll try to find it so I can post it too. http://i39.tinypic.com/nwhoox.jpg http://i41.tinypic.com/xc9j02.jpg http://i40.tinypic.com/20ssyds.jpg http://i41.tinypic.com/hvpdn4.jpg
  8. I'll be starting my new program most likely next week. I was supposed to start it sooner but I was out of town for several weeks and sick all last week (and got a new tattoo- no gym with that, I don't want an infection!) I may put off starting the program for another week and do all the basics next week to get back in the swing of things. While I was out of town I took a serious look at my diet. After my surgery I let myself indulge a bit too much and its showing! I am beyond disappointed in myself But I know I have the power to get back at it. I function best when I have a goal and I'm making it my goal to make 2012 my bitch. I may not compete this year unless I see the progress I desire and if I do competing won't be until later in the year. Anyhow, here are my current Macros and what I'm aiming for: current weight: 150-155 lbs height: 5'8" Calories: 2,333 prot. 174/ day carb 291/day fat 52/day which is roughly prot. 34.8/ meal carb 58.2/ meal fat 10.2/ meal I like the idea of allowing whatever fits into these macros,so long as the majority is from whole foods, to go in. I think this will keep me sane and it seems like it would help to prevent disordered eating.
  9. I'll be heading to Fl. this week and may or may not have access to a gym. I will be swimming a bit and plan on doing some playground workouts. If anyone has a must-do outdoor/playground workout let me know. I have a few good ones (ie. swing ab pikes and sand sprinting) and will post about what I do.
  10. Me (figure)- I may compete sometime in March/April/June but nothing set in stone. I am really focusing on getting my physique up to par with where I want to be. Already a vast improvement from my 1st competition last August!
  11. Met with my coach this past week- he was in town for the holidays- and I got to train at a facility that some pro Ravens players train! pretty flippin' awesome!!! Also, my coach was training a figure pro when I got there. She looked so awesome and it motivated me a bit =) Still haven't been able to find a job and the pressure is really taxing my motivation to train and eat.Plus, we've had to deal with paying for a procedure our dog had to have since he was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor. I've been accepted into a teacher certification program (I previously worked with children and loved it!) problem is, I need to figure out how to pay for it. I can receive financial aid but not until I take the Praxis exam (which I am studying for and taking in December). anyhow... my coach and I are continuing to focus on rehabbing my hip and gaining strength in my shoulder (the one with TOS). We'll be focusing on doing one-legged exercises to really focus in on my weakness. I've noticed doing one-legged hip thrusts and split stance RDLs my glutes activate better and actually have to work. Whereas when I do regular squats and RDLS the strong side takes over and compensates too much. I've been really working at cleaning up my diet and not eating junk. I've taken to eating entire bags of salad (plain) on my drive home from my part time job. Its crunchy and I like it. though other drivers probably see the go vegan license plate cover and say, "see I told you vegans only eat salad!" Here is a more recent photo (sorry it's huge): http://i39.tinypic.com/2eg5r8p.jpg
  12. Ravens Running back (NFL) player Ricky Williams (some sources say he's vegan some say he's vegetarian).
  13. ahh man, of course they opened it after we left. Glasgow had some of the best vegan eats! Was wishing the other day that we sold that cider here in the states
  14. Hey Paige =D No competitions in the near future- I''m really trying to focus on putting on a considerable amount of muscle plus regaining the strength in my hips/legs from the surgery. But I may compete next year- assuming all goes well. I took last week off- the week before I was doing chest and got up 40lbs DBs and was doing great- the next night I couldn't raise my arm without my shoulder killing me. I figured I'd take the week and see how things were going. I'm glad I did, my shoulder feels better and I feel more mentally prepared. Sometimes taking time off is just as important as training.
  15. Yah! congrats!!!!! (ps. so glad to see you back on the forum =D)
  16. This is a tough situation. People react to veganism differently. When I was 12 I became vegetarian, my parents thought it was a phase and that I'd eventually come back to "healthy"eating. When my mom realized it wasn't a phase she said to me that she was fine with my eating as long as I didn't become vegan. She thought I'd be deficient in something. When I became vegan I made it my mission to educate both of my parents that veganism wasn't detrimental to my health. They've come to see that I was right and admire my healthy eating habits (If only I could convince them to become vegan...). Convincing them that my veganism is fine was easy for me since my family holds no strong cultural ties to our eating behaviors. It is interesting how strongly we are tied to the way we eat (it is actually what I wrote about in my Masters Thesis-regarding masculinity and meat). I wish I had better advice for you and I hope you find a helpful answer. In the meantime, the following websites may help: http://vegansofcolor.wordpress.com/ http://sistahvegan.wordpress.com/ http://africanvegans.com/ I know there a plenty more (these are just the few that came to mind). Also, maybe when you visit for the holidays you can bring a dish from the book Vegan Soul Kitchen (http://www.amazon.com/Vegan-Soul-Kitchen-Creative-African-American/dp/0738212288). Bryant Terry has some great veganized recipes of traditional southern food! If the food is something your family recognizes maybe they won't find it as weird (or even realize it is vegan) =D
  17. Maybe look at different gyms hiring in your area and see which organizations they want their employees to be certified with.
  18. haha! I just did some regular squats the other day. The first real attempt since the surgery. I actually was surprised at how deep I was able to go- not too heavy, but that's not really my main focus on those at the moment. I'm able to go a bit heavy on the sumo RDLs though. I tried changing up my grips (alternate hands) but everything but standard felt funny. Kind of like front squats..always awkward!
  19. Still rocking it in the gym =) I'll be changing it up again this week. The program will include a push day, a pull day, and a lower body day. I'll have a "primary" set to perform (such as lat pull down) each day- this set will be the same each week but my goal will be to outdo my previous performance. These will also be performed doing a 7-4-7 (the 1st 7 mid/heavyweight, 4- move the weight up 1- then the last 7 move the weight down 1 from the 1st 7. The 7-4-7 is one set.) My other sets those days will change each week (number of sets, weight range, etc.). anyhow, I wanted to post a few of my new favorites. Pallof Press side step with mini-band Anterior Lunge--people at the gym with think you are doing something wrong...but they're missing out!! Compound Row Sumo RDL- the best video I could find of this. Just about every other video I found was labeled RDL- but was actually just a sumo deadlift.
  20. Awesome on both accounts, GWU and your grandpa, 100- that's amazing-I'm sure he has incredible stories to share
  21. I'll most likely be there, not positive yet. I've gone the past 2 years and it's been great. plus, if your not from the area it's held near plenty of great sites.
  22. Took some photos and will post them asap. We have to flea bomb the house today so we'll be taking our boys hiking (if it isn't pouring) for the day. I've found that the gym is much less crowded on the weekends- which is nice! I did my A workout yesterday. I think I have a tight Psoas muscle, my right ab is beyond painful and I did something funny to my left hip flexor/quad. While I was doing split squats I was having a shooting pain. weird. Glad my B day has no legs in it! Did some RDLs too- which feels great since the surgery. My hamstrings were twitching away =D Does anyone else truly love the feeling you get doing a calf raise?
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