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  1. Hey there! (thanks for the email, I really appreciate it!). Do you usually eat around 1830 calories? It could be because you are eating too few calories (I know this from experience) in combination with exercising to the point of burning out (if you are working out everyday with little to no rest). You should NOT loose your period. Check out a calorie calculator to see how many cals you should be eating to maintain your weight. http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm I would suggest going to get blood work done to see if you are deficient somewhere. Also, I've never experienced a tickle after eating. Is it after you eat all the time or only when you eat something in particular? could be an allergy.
  2. Looking awesome! When you do decide to compete post the info here, I'd love to make it out to show support!
  3. Most likely...but I'm not certain yet. But chances are good!
  4. So a bit has changed since I last posted. I have a part time job (not the greatest...but I am desperate for the money to pay off some serious debt..which has me beyond stressed! add that to not finding a full time, well paying job it's really made me a bit depressed and has had a bad impact on my motivation in and out of the gym). The part time job has me working sporadic days and hours...usually 2-3 days a week each about 12 hour days. I quit my old gym and joined one in the City to save on the gas money and to make it more convenient to get to. On the plus, this gym has more to offer (like a pool). I'm still getting used to where things are in this gym-- the equipment isn't as new, but it works. Still not sure about the people that workout there...seem to be a few assholes (but I guess you get them in any gym, lol). My coach also changed my program, more focus on gaining strength (and muscle) then rehabbing at this point. WORKOUT A - Legs/Calf/Abs BB RDL Band Pallof Press Split Squat (same leg) SB Crunches w/ reach 1L Squat Pumps w/ DB's SB Roll Out Leg Extensions Calf Raises WORKOUT B - Pulling / Biceps Lat Pull Downs (Neutral grip) 1L Anterior reach 1A DB BO Row Compound Row T-Rolls (no push up) - we're working on spreading my scapula and strengthening my shoulders DB Biceps Curl Rear-Delt Flys WORKOUT C - Push/Tri's /Hips SB DB Press Miniband Lateral Shuffle Box Push Ups + Hand Step ups3x1-3 + 20-30sec (again with the shoulders and scapula) DB Anterior Lunges (same leg) DB Lateral Delt Raises Trceps Extensions Bench Hip Thrust Skull Crushers Basically I do 4-5 days/week- 5 days on 5 days off- my choosing, I pick up where I left off. Example, A B off C A B off start again with C..you get the drift Still doing the diet (Getting a package from TrueProtein today), I'll be taking some up-to-date photos today and will post them. My coach suggested taking creatine Monohydrate...and thoughts on this from anyone is appreciated. Also what brands do you use?
  5. Still no job yet- I've applied to about 20 now. I did come across one that I really wanted (Child Life Specialist at a Hospital) and found out that I need to complete an internship and stuff before certification (which is required for the position). So I've been thinking about pursuing it and finding a few part-time jobs in the meantime so I can do the required volunteering to be accepted into the internship at Hopkins. Workout related- I'm watching my parents house for a few weeks and therefore I'm a bit too far to drive to my gym everyday. Luckily, my dad has a semi-gym in the basement and has just about everything I need. I've been sticking to the above posted program and will change it up next week when I meet with my trainer again. Diet- I've enlisted the help of Kelly Lynn Nauyokas (who is awesome by the way!!) with a bulking diet. I will post more about that later- but essentially I am eating more rice and beans and fibrous veggies. I've uped my protein to about 30 grams at each meal (hello True Proteins, lol) and cut the bananas out (but sticking with an apple a day). Because I'm at my parents and have little money at the moment I'm eating as close as possible to this diet, once I get home and back into my routine it should be 100%
  6. Hahaha I know the feeling!! At my first show last August I was shocked to see people eating candy bars and I thought I'd feel weird walking around in next to nothing too, but I wasn't at all! I was super proud of myself for getting there and I wanted to show it off. I also went out to eat at a nice place in D.C after the show with friends wearing my crazy tan, fake lashes and black tracksuit...to everyone else I looked insane! But it's true, where else will you find these people? plus, so many supportive (for the most part) women? congrats on competing! would love to see photos (you look amazing in your avatar!)
  7. Just wanted to post this since my TOS (http://www.atosa.org/thoracic-outlet-syndrome?d=1310495176542) has been acting up. TOS is an often overlooked issue (I had to see about 4 doctors before it was ever discovered that I had TOS caused by a cervical rib (-"A cervical rib is a supernumerary (or extra) rib which arises from the seventh cervical vertebra. It is a congenital abnormality located above the normal first rib. A cervical rib is present in only about 1 in 500 (0.2%) of people;[1] in even rarer cases, an individual may have two cervical ribs. Cervical ribs are sometimes known as "neck ribs"" (Wikipedia). Like other chronic pain issues, TOS is something I will always have to live with...but I won't let it hold me back. I guess I'm posting this to inform others about TOS (since it is often overlooked and believed to be a made up condition by some doctors...yea, some doctors are stupid). And to inspire others with any chronic pain condition that you can workout and reach goals, you just may have to adjust how you reach them. alright, cheesy rant done.
  8. haha! yea, I'm not great at keeping this up to date (i'll try to be better). Thanks MaryStella! after seeing some of his other clients (pro figure girls, NFL and NBA players) I'm stoked to see the changes it brings in my physique. Talked to my coach and we will stick with the routine I posted above for 3 weeks. I uped my cardio a bit this week to around 30-40 mins. My in-laws are in town starting today and I will try my best to make it to the gym early morning (wish I could afford one closer to my house). My TOS has been acting up a lot this week and I therefor my neck (left side) and shoulder are in constant pain. I'm doing my stretches I learned in physio and am icing it. unfortunately TOS is something I will always live with (and therefore will almost always have to pain and will have to alter my workouts to accommodate the pain). not workout related: I've been applying to jobs like crazy since graduation (10 or so thus far) and no bites yet. Hell I even applied to Toys R Us to make some money in the mean time and they wont even hire me! starting to really stress me out since I owe quite a bit of money (credit cards, student loans...)
  9. I haven't posted in awhile: here's what I'm up to. Working out with Nick Tumminello (if you don't know who he is, google him). He has me on a 2 week "break in" program. Essentially it is a more intense version of my physical therapy. We are working on getting my legs back up to par and used to working out again. So far so good, I notice each time that I'm able to do each exercise better. Also, I've been really good about doing each of my stretches given to me by my physio. and have been bringing my foam roller to the gym so I am warm while I do it. Here is the 2week program Coach has me on: Ashley Boss – 6-30-11 Workout Goal – Gain Muscle Injuries/ Limitations – Hip Theme – Break In Program Length – x2 weeks Frequency – 4-5x per week Day A – UB Pulling + Legs 1a. 1A CBL Row (standing Tall but slightly sqautting) 3x12 1b. Rev Lunges 2x 20 2a. TRX Row (using smith machine instead) 3x 15 2b. RFESS 2x 12-14 es (one leg on bench) 3a. Rear-Delt Fly 2x15 3b. 1L Pumps 2x20 4. Pallof Press 2x 15 es (with a cable, pump from your heart. works hips and abs) Day B – UB Pushing + Glutes/Hams 1a. Band Chest Press (spilt stance) 3x20 (x10 es) (doing a standing shoulder press instead) 1b. Anterior Lunges 2x 16 2a. Push Ups (HOB) 3x max (-2) 2b. 1L Reaches 2x 15 es (working on those legs and balance) 3a. Front+Side Delt Fly (Alternate) 2x20 (x10 e) 3b. 1L Hip Bridges (floor) 2x20-25 4. Hands Free Side Plank 2x 10-15 es Also, working on that bulking/clean diet thing....as always.
  10. We actually went there for the buffet it was great!!! I was surprised to see that just about everywhere has a vegetarian option an that it's all labeled! Wish the states would catch up!
  11. Haha thanks for posting that photo sucks to be back to reality! Seriously if you ever come to the states your guaranteed a place to stay in Baltimore!
  12. Oh man those sound awesome! I've tried the miracle noodles before but wasn't a fan of the texture. But to find something with 20g of protein is awesome!
  13. Oh man! I'll have to recommend those to my husband. He loves hot food- even those ghost peppers!
  14. Make sure to get lysine in your diet (this is what my mom always suggested growing up). Good vegan sources are legumes.
  15. Is your form spot on? try lowering the weight and really focusing on form- Thats what my focus has been since I've been rehabing from surgery- it can be very interesting to see where I thought I was doing something right and I'm not quite there. Also, have you tried foam rolling or anything similar (like a rolling pin)? I get pain in my knee (IT band) that is caused from my hip issues (impingment and surgery for torn labrum), it could be caused by a bunch of things. Just a thought, I saw a guy doing these the other day, may be a good alternative to the leg press:
  16. This show is so freaking funny! http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/index.jhtml?videoId=388013&title=bodybuilding-competition
  17. Thanks! the Veggie Red Lion looks awesome, though I'm not sure we'll make it out that way. Who knows though, we have the rental car and are fairly open with our travel plans. I love the name of that place in London! (it's the name of one of our dogs, Pogo )
  18. Damn!! was hoping to meet ya! The weather has to be better than here, its been hotter than hell!!
  19. Week 2 back at training legs (and 5x's a week in the gym). I think I may have over done it a bit last week- my hip is a bit sore today (of course I worked my quads a bit so that may have something to do with it). Also, while it was good, I could barely move properly after my leg workouts last week despite foam rolling. Also, I met with my new coach/trainer today who will help further rehab my hip (and other injuries) plus write a program for me in preparation for figure. He's awesome and definitely knows what he's talking about: http://nicktumminello.com/
  20. Its quickly approaching!! We've got the rental car booked, and our hotel in London- everything else will be spur of the moment sorta. The plan so far: London- for a few days (3-4days) Cardiff- 1 night Liverpool- few days Manchester- an afternoon or so York- 1 night Glasgow- rest of the trip
  21. You can officially call me Ashley Boss, MA! =D seriously though, I'm done with school and on the hunt for a job. Now that school is out I'm back in the gym 5x's a week and have added 30 mins of cardio at the end of my sessions as well as some stretching-still need to up the stretching time. Diet is also getting back in order- no more sweets, alcohol or anything fried except for the occasional cheat. This week was my first official week that I was cleared to do leg stuff- tuesday I did hams and glutes and friday I will do quads and glutes. Here are a few photos to show some progress. the photos on the left are prior to my 1st show middle- a few weeks before the show last pictures are current I've gained a considerable amount of body fat, especially in my lower body, but thats what ya get when you combine hip surgery, no leg workouts for months, stress, eating like crap and not doing much for cardio. Hoping to start working out with a trainer soon- and of course always working on editing the diet to see what works for me. http://i56.tinypic.com/xf599d.jpg
  22. I go to a place called RetroFitness- I pay around $20 a month. nothing fancy, but everything works. You may also want to see if your college offers memberships, I know mine does (but the gym is crap and nothing works which is why I don't go there). I'll be looking for something closer now that I'm done with school and thought about checking out a university that is within biking distance from where I live now.
  23. Workouts and diet have both been crap! Since school finished this week I figured I'd get back on track. No more stress over graduation. But of course all that stress ( and poor exercise/diet) put my immune system to the test and now I have a cold I'm taking it easy for a few days and getting my diet somewhatit check. I'll see how I feel and am shooting to go back to the gym Wednesday if Im up to it. I graduate Friday and want to be well for that. In other news I think this is my last week of pt so I can start training with my new coach asap- think I'll wait until we get back from the UK.
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